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Modeling Geographic

11/21/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodel Helena Christensen was spotted leaving a restaurant in New York yesterday.

We're just sayin'!


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Ratta !    

Is this like one of these images don't belong? The National Geographics cover and the Bizarre Fashion pics all look dramatic and cool to me. The old woman who lives in a shoe on her cell phone is a sleeper.

2526 days ago

Ratta !    

Sorry # 5 Tam, I should have quoted you in my last comment, but that pic does look exactly like the old woman who lives in a shoe. LOL

2526 days ago


Sorry, they both are fugly. If I saw either one of them walking down the street, I wouldn't look twice.

2526 days ago


oh yea i remember 2 or 3 years ago,,,those nerds at national geographic had a full out seach for that native woman on the right,,,just becuase of her blue or green and who cares...guess they were running out of shows...

2526 days ago


dont know much about helena christensen, but the woman seems to be dress down and without make up,,,she aint ugly,,,ill take her over any of you broads with make...whats with the negative comments...?

2526 days ago


she was in the chris issacs video for wickedgame and was also a vic secret model

2526 days ago

ME TOO    

Models are human beings people..yesterday was bitter cold and rainy in NYC..and there is a nasty bug going around here..they can't run around in strapless gowns and ten pounds of makeup like they are walking the red carpet every minute of the day when they are out running their errands!

2526 days ago


For you youngin's....The girl on the National Geographic mag is a young Afghan women photographed well over 20 years ago. It is a very, very famous photo, mostly because it captured her poverty and very rare bright, green eyes for her ethic group. She was recently tracted down by National Georgraphic and it was a big story when they did. Show some repect, TMZ. She isn't a celeb and doesn't deserve this making fun of and her expense.

2526 days ago


OMG!!! I didn't know the woman on the left was the girl in Chris Issacs video.

I saw a television program about the search for the girl on the right. She is a woman now. That picture was taken after she had witnessed some of her family being murdered in Afghanistan. The comparison is really in poor taste TMZ.

2526 days ago


Give the girl a break. Tomorrow, (11-22) is 10 years since Hutchence dies. She's probably emotional and feeling down.

2526 days ago


no way.. that national geographic chick is WAY hotter

2526 days ago



No, only very few girls can be high fashion models (think those who walk runway for Chanel and get contracts with Gucci), no matter what no make-up pics show. To get my point - go to a one single open call at a decent modeling agency if you live in NEw York (Elite, Ford or IMG) and you will run away before the doors will even open after seeing all the mile long legs, fresh unusual faces, 6-footers and high cheekbones. It takes a very particular set of looks for a girl to be a high fashion model. It's a common mistake that it's all about airbrushing - in the world of celebs -yes, few years ago so many people were fooled into believing Britney was gorgeous (although I always saw her averagness if not uglyness through all the make up), or Fergie on the cover of Allure - I mean the woman is like 40, with sagging skin with the looks of an alcocholic trailer trash, yet they made her look like Lolita.
But with modeling if you dont have what it takes (and one out of I dont know 10000 model wannabies has) nobody wants you anywhere near modeling agency, what for? Agencies make their money by selling girls' looks, not their dreams of becoming a supermodel.

2526 days ago


What I see in my girlfriend's fashion mags makes my skin crawl, these models are so downright homely and they all look emaciated and only drugs will keep these girls that skinny. They are not sexy in any way and I can't imagine snuggling up to those bony bodies. I doubt any of them can even find a date, they are so unappealing and ugly. Women may envy them, but men are not turned on by stick-thin, fugly-faced Amazons that treat an extra pound and a pimple as life-threatening diseases. It's like the fashion industry is actually afraid of women who look like women, and all they want and use are women who look like skinny, pre-teen boys. Air-brushing is way too over-used, even the TV Guide is afraid to show what actors really look like, all you get are eyes, nose and lips on a totally blank background, it's so lame. These people must hate themselvces every time they look in a mirror.

2526 days ago


I don't think they look at all similar!! However I will say that the so called "celeb" looks just like YaYa on the Big Fat Greek Wedding!

If I saw her in a food line,I'd let her have seconds.

2525 days ago



You went too far. Completely unethical.


2525 days ago
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