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Quaid Twins Medical Screwup -- How it Happened

11/21/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and TwinsSources tell TMZ that a pharmacy technician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mistakenly stocked a massive dose of a drug that ended up being given to Dennis Quaid's newborn twins.

Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace are in stable condition. But a well-placed source at Cedars tells us they are "still very concerned because of the bleed out," adding they won't know for another week if the mistake will cause "longterm effects."

Sources tell TMZ that pharmacy technicians stock the drug Heparin, used to prevent clots and flush out IVs. The drug comes in vials -- 10 units for babies, up to 10,000 units for adults. Protocol at the hospital is to keep the different units separated, but a technician accidentally put 10,000 units in the drawer where the 10 units were stored.

Last Sunday, both infants -- born November 8 by surrogate -- were each given two, 10,000-unit dosages. They began to bleed out just before midnight and were transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Cedars issued a statement last night, acknowledging the mistake and calling it a "preventable error." That's highly unusual. Also, the hospital claims seven patients were given the wrong dosages. Our sources say 13 patients got the wrong dosage.

Klum Loves Her Bazooms

Heidi Klum: Click to watchIt looks like all the guys who drool over Heidi Klum's fantastic rack aren't alone -- Heidi likes playing with 'em too!

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi made an amazing video, showcasing the hidden talents of her two best assets.

She would have made a great Fembot!

Dr. Adams Won't Talk, Neither Will Oprah

Harpo Development: Click to watchThe doctor who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died bailed on Larry King last night, but his reasons for walking off the set don't add up.

TMZ has broken story after story, showing Dr. Adams has had multiple malpractice lawsuit filed against him, sexual battery allegations, three DUIs and a domestic violence restraining order.
The director of the Medical Board of California is currently going after his license.

So when Dr. Adams told Larry King the West family didn't want him talking, in reality he had plenty to talk about that did not involve Dr. Donda West.

Discovery statement: Click to watchAnd speaking of not talking, TMZ has been hounding Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health for more than a week, asking if they did background checks before putting Dr. Adams on the air. If they did, they would have discovered -- for starters -- that he's not a board certified plastic surgeon.

Oprah's company and NBC, which featured Dr. Adams on "The Other Half," have been completely unresponsive -- not a word. Discovery Health, which put Dr. Adams in a starring role in a plastic surgery series, finally responded yesterday claiming they did a background check but refused to say what it turned up.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

68 years after "The Wizard of Oz" hit theaters, the Munchkins finally got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. What's a little person gotta do to get some respect around here?!
The Munchkins from
Seven of the original members, all well into their 80s and 90s, followed the yellow brick road to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to receive the 2,352nd star on the Walk of Fame. There's no place like home!

Let the joyous news be spread! The wicked old witch at last is dead!


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Ronni---Fake is fake no matter if it is water or fat--either way, it feels like trying to hold Jello until it is implanted.

2492 days ago

chunkie loves deen    

i hate it when guys just stare like dogs at womens boobs....thats so disrespectful!!! at least if they would look once and then go about their bussiness, but they cant even do that! im a woman with pretty big boobs and i hate the attention, men think that all women are dying for the attention, the nasty looks, and everything that they do. real men dont act like freaking animals they act like real men!!! so please stop!!!

2492 days ago


I am always so amazed at how much trust people but in celebrities or the media itself and thing because so and so is endorsing this or that person that they just have to be the voice of reason and they just got to be right about who ever they are 'showcasing' etc.....

Did it ever occur to anyone that these people we hold on pedestals are in the game for what it brings them, putting that quack on Oprah only was for Oprahs ratings and to that end she could care less about the underbelly..........she champions people of color and doesnt seem to go any further than skin deep ...........any person of color who "makes it' is set up as an example for everyone else of color and all the crap under the facade is negated or not ever is a totally false presentation of a persons achievements and people have got to realize that, .......

That quack has killed people, KILLED people, lied about his qualifications and falsely presented himself, hyped up by Oprah and others in th media to be the be all and end all of the experts and masters of plastic surgery............had those poor people stopped and did their own investigation of the mans credentials regardless of Oprahs undying praise and kudos for this jerk they might still be intact and or alive.

It is just sad that we give such power to a cellebrity, they are nothing more than human bveings with inflated egos and obscene salaries, they are definitly NOT the be all and end all of reason, and one needs to take the responsibility of doing their own check of the individual whose services they seek and not rely on the words of clebrities with a false sense of entitlement and creditiblity

2492 days ago


to the person that listed all the hospitol mistakes, well said, but I have to disagree with the one about the woman whos husband took her off the feeding tube..ONLY because the hospitol had no choice in the matter, the husband had all rights to that if he wanted to, so no the hospitol did not let him murder his wife, he did that on his own. the hospitol couldnt do anything about it, and there is a dispute about the Katrina victims, because there was no power and they were flooded in a building on the upper floors, and were suffering and slowing dieing horrid deaths. if anyone was to blame for that matter its the ones who left them there in the first place, they should have been evacuated. but yeah thats still murder, even if its called a mercy killing

2492 days ago



2492 days ago


So sorry to hear about Dennis Quaid and his wife's babies, whom were overdosed a certain medication... A lot of that was happening here in New England with a chain of pharmacies called "CVS." They have become nototrious for royally screwing up medication around here in Mass. I actually changed pharmacies after getting strange looks from the pharmacists, technicians, cashiers, etc, regarding the posture of my neck.
I have a neurological disorder called "Cervical Dystonia," so sometimes my head will be a little more to the right than usual, nothing wicked seriously bad looking, I don't think! Well with the disorder came pain and with the pain came pain killers, which is MS Contin and is basically morphine sulphate. when a lot of people think about Morphine, they most usually think about "the morphine drip." This is intraveinously done, and I certainly don't even go that far. I just take a 12 hour lasting tiny pill. Anyway, CVS screwed that up so badly one time. Good thing I noticed it before ever taking any, b/c it wasn't what it was, and I still don't really know what they gave me... That's scary!!

About the pics: For the most part I liked TMZ's selection of boobs, and they even gave comic relief by adding male actors that can act like a "boob." (Basically an idiot, moron or jerk.)

2492 days ago


I'm not a fake boob "hater" as one poster stated, but I think they look ridiculous. If women who have them, really think they look real, then they are sadly mistaken. Fake boobs are so obvious & quite frankly I'm amazed that men think they're attractive. I guess I don't get the fact that women would have themselves cut open to look fake & unnatural.

2492 days ago


I always have been a sucker for a nice set of boobs

2492 days ago


The employees of Cedars hospital are at fault in this incident because, being a nurse, I know that when you give a medication, no matter what the usual storage system is, you read the order and the label before you administer any med. There is no excuse you can give for this med error that makes it OK. They did it wrong and deserve to be sued and or discharged.

2492 days ago


Heidi is an embarrassment to all Germans. She is always saying something or referring to about body parts. Maybe she does'nt get any, that's the problem. This is sad coming from a person who from the looks of it has everything.

2492 days ago


The pharmacy tech may have stocked the meds wrong, but as a nurse, I know the importance of reading labels. The person who gave the meds is to blame. READ THE LABELS!!!!!!!! Thats what happens if you are not careful!!!!

2492 days ago


why is Oprah being blamed for this???

stop the madness

2492 days ago

pharm tech in NY    

I am a pharmacy technician and it is required by law that ALL work done by a technician be checked and rechecked by a licensed pharamcist. If the pharmacist or doctor read the label of what they were administering to the kids, it could have been avoided. I am sure the dosage was on the label. The blame falls on both the pharmacist and the technician.

2492 days ago


The person administering the medicine should have double checked the bottles. Sure pass the blame on to someone who is faceless instead of the nurse or doctor holding the hypo. Why did the babies need this medicine anyway? Couldn't they have survived without it? Sometimes I think they overmedicate new babies. Poor little things. I pray they'll be OK.

2492 days ago


Dr. Jay West, who di dthe nip and tuck for Donda West, has his surgery centre in a strip mall. There is Kinkos/Fed-Ex below his surgery centre, and there are also several fat food places in the same building!!! Why would ANYone go to a stip mall for such a major, major surgery?

I am sad to say that Ms. West, although had a lot of book sense (she was a college professor as well as the Chair of the English Department) clearly did not have common sense.

I feel sad for her and her family.

2492 days ago
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