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Quaid Twins Medical Screwup -- How it Happened

11/21/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid and TwinsSources tell TMZ that a pharmacy technician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mistakenly stocked a massive dose of a drug that ended up being given to Dennis Quaid's newborn twins.

Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace are in stable condition. But a well-placed source at Cedars tells us they are "still very concerned because of the bleed out," adding they won't know for another week if the mistake will cause "longterm effects."

Sources tell TMZ that pharmacy technicians stock the drug Heparin, used to prevent clots and flush out IVs. The drug comes in vials -- 10 units for babies, up to 10,000 units for adults. Protocol at the hospital is to keep the different units separated, but a technician accidentally put 10,000 units in the drawer where the 10 units were stored.

Last Sunday, both infants -- born November 8 by surrogate -- were each given two, 10,000-unit dosages. They began to bleed out just before midnight and were transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit.

Cedars issued a statement last night, acknowledging the mistake and calling it a "preventable error." That's highly unusual. Also, the hospital claims seven patients were given the wrong dosages. Our sources say 13 patients got the wrong dosage.

Klum Loves Her Bazooms

Heidi Klum: Click to watchIt looks like all the guys who drool over Heidi Klum's fantastic rack aren't alone -- Heidi likes playing with 'em too!

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 4, Heidi made an amazing video, showcasing the hidden talents of her two best assets.

She would have made a great Fembot!

Dr. Adams Won't Talk, Neither Will Oprah

Harpo Development: Click to watchThe doctor who operated on Kanye West's mom the day before she died bailed on Larry King last night, but his reasons for walking off the set don't add up.

TMZ has broken story after story, showing Dr. Adams has had multiple malpractice lawsuit filed against him, sexual battery allegations, three DUIs and a domestic violence restraining order.
The director of the Medical Board of California is currently going after his license.

So when Dr. Adams told Larry King the West family didn't want him talking, in reality he had plenty to talk about that did not involve Dr. Donda West.

Discovery statement: Click to watchAnd speaking of not talking, TMZ has been hounding Oprah, NBC and Discovery Health for more than a week, asking if they did background checks before putting Dr. Adams on the air. If they did, they would have discovered -- for starters -- that he's not a board certified plastic surgeon.

Oprah's company and NBC, which featured Dr. Adams on "The Other Half," have been completely unresponsive -- not a word. Discovery Health, which put Dr. Adams in a starring role in a plastic surgery series, finally responded yesterday claiming they did a background check but refused to say what it turned up.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

68 years after "The Wizard of Oz" hit theaters, the Munchkins finally got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. What's a little person gotta do to get some respect around here?!
The Munchkins from
Seven of the original members, all well into their 80s and 90s, followed the yellow brick road to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to receive the 2,352nd star on the Walk of Fame. There's no place like home!

Let the joyous news be spread! The wicked old witch at last is dead!


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I think that the hospital fessin' up to their mistake is a good thing. It would have come out eventually anyway. The media attention of celebrities and the assumption that all stars are "loaded," puts the hospital in a corner. If they didn't come clean, the media would make a heyday of it, and the Quaids wouldn't stand by and take it--they'd hire the best lawyers! God bless the little twins. I hope they will come through this completely healthy.

Re: Fake boobs
I am small-chested and have been my entire life. I have envied women who have larger breasts, whether they are fake or not. I think it makes them look very feminine. I've never had enough $ to pay for fake boobs, but after seeing what my sister has gone through with her fake boobs for the past 30 years (implants bursting, infection, calcification, etc.), I'm not so sure that I'd want to do it. While I wish that I had bigger breasts, this is what God gave me, so I'd better accept it and hope my daughters will be lucky! Even if they don't, I'll love 'em through and through and make sure they are comfortable with how they look.

2528 days ago

Ed Daly    

And the Phoenix Suns prevail 97-42

2528 days ago


I wanted to respond to the post where it asked why women "hide" their breasts. In one simple word, MODESTY is the reason why. There are enough problems in this world with men trying to objectify women by their body parts. A lot of women prefer not to put them on display. Men are much more visually stimulated than women, and women know this. Some choose to "show off" their breasts and get the attention from men that they like. Others prefer to cover their breasts because they are comfortable with who they are and how they look.

2528 days ago

sick of trump    

I know that mistakes happen at hospitals, but this one is ridiculous. The nurse not only did not look at the vial once, but twice. Quaid's baby's were given 2 doses each! There should be different colored labels or tops on the vials for the different amount of units in the vials. That may help, but it seems like the nurses and techs might not look at that either! People in their positions should be a lot more detailed orientated. This is serious that someone doesn't double check this before administrating the drugs. Maybe there needs to be a checklist when something is taken from the drug drawer that forces the people to look and sign off that they did! There has been no mention what is going to happen to the tech and the nurses that gave the drugs to the patients. Let's hope that there is some sort of punishment for such stupidity!

2528 days ago


Heidi only has larger breast right now cuz of the baby ! and thanks to victoria secret! and don't have fake, man-made breasts, anyone with a baggie and jelly can pretend to have larger breasts!! no fakes

2528 days ago


To all the lovely well endowed ladies out there, if you want to be taken seriously, consider "full coverage". To alot of people a large bust equals bimbo no matter how intelligent you are.

2528 days ago

I. Hutton    

On the mix up with the drug and the twins. The tech should have payed more attention, but whom ever the RN was that actually gave the drugs, should have checked and double checked before giving the meds.
In the medical field we have a thing called the 5 rights of medication.
Right Patient, Right Dose, Right date, Right Route, Right Drug,
You check, You double check and then check again , this prevents just this type of event from happening.

2528 days ago


#12 Sherry---DAH, this board IS FOR PEOPLE TO STATE THEIR OPINION! Like I always can take a horse to the water, but cannot make him drink.
p.s. I too have no clue why men are attracted to fake boobs especially the ones that look sooooooooooooooooooo fake. It makes no sense to me. Would a woman be attracted to a man with a fake penis? I think not!

2528 days ago


By the way, that remark about black women had nothing to do with any of these stories and was totally uncalled for not to mention making you look what's under a horses' tail.

2528 days ago


What about Men's Bazooms?
Get real America. Are we still in this ultra primitive stage culturally. Old people drool too and so do babies. And, babies get to see all of the Bazooms they want. Please!

2528 days ago


Why don't guys ever look at our eyes? Boobs are no fun. They just hang there. Sheesh. My ex told me it was cause guys don't have them and they're mysteriously "attention-getting". Gimme a break.

2528 days ago


Well, to each his own. I love the female attributes -- natural of course. Nothing else in nature has quite the same effect on my blood pressure.
Regarding Dennis Quaid's debacle -- nothing new. Thousands of people die in hospitals, not only as a result of incompetence; western medicine has highly questionable protocol in general. Their best asset -- emergency services and diagnostics, almost nothing else.

2528 days ago

Uh, scary    

oh and yes they are real too.

2528 days ago


This is a secret of the hospital. Most hospitals give the infants a blood clotting agent right away so they don't bleed to death (they say). It is usually Vitiamin K and given in whole doses. Because one child might have died out millions and then the hospital got sued, all hospitals give the infants Vitiamin K injection (this is not a harmless vitamin) and don't even ask permission. Read up on it in your state. Someone I knew took a religious exemption not to get it done. Babies die all the time, but the hospitals tell them that it must have been sids or just aren't sure what happened. This is what I have read after researching exactly what is done to a newborn. I was told by a hospital worker that she sees more babies getting sick and dying from the shot then the few mothers who babies don't get it because they find out ahead of time that this is done, and their baby's blood clots fine. Its just another protection from being sued and money in thier pocket to give this shot just like the heptititis B shot they give at birth unless you don't agree to it. because of religious beliefs.

2528 days ago


You know? Now that I think of it..... the word Bazoom could be used to describe anybody. ie. He had the IQ of a Bazoom. And, Shiver me Bazooms! Instead of Shiver me timbers. And, last but certainly not least..... Damn the Bazooms, full speed ahead........ And!?

2528 days ago
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