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Hulk and Wife

Headed for Divorce Court

11/23/2007 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

HulkTMZ has obtained a document from the Pinellas County Court website which states that Hulk Hogan's wife has filed for divorce.

According to the document, Linda Marie Bollea (Linda's married name) filed for divorce on Tuesday, November 20 against Terry Gene Bollea (the Hulk's legal name).

The document we have does not state the reason for the divorce. The news first appeared on WTVT, the FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay, Fla.

By now you know that last August, their son Nick Hogan crashed his Supra, and his passenger/good friend remains in a vegetative state. Prosecutors have filed reckless driving charges against Nick.


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2491 days ago


I met Hulk back in the 90's and he was a bully, I am shocked it took Linda so long to catch on to him. I hear that money problems is the cause but I bet it isn't money that caused the breakup.

2491 days ago

wendy weyandt    

well hulk always let nick do stuff and not broke she is like a little kid to her dad

2491 days ago

Laura =]    

Here Min It Is Well Harsh I Think They Was A Well Cute Couple And I Feel Well Sorry For Brooke And Nick. I Will Be So Hard To Get Though =[ I Think They Should Get Back Together And Try Sort Things Out Because They Use To Really Love Each So I Think They Should Be Together =] !!!!!!

2491 days ago


Sorry for you Hulk, he is a family man and adores his family.

2491 days ago


Florida is a homestead state..........That is why OJ moved there. The ONLY way they can save both of their mansions in Florida is to divorce. As for the Las Vegas Condo......the only way that cannot be taken away is if it is in Brook`s name. Brooke is the only one in that family that cannot be sued in this case.

Nick was an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately for his parents, it can easily be proven in court that they not only should of known this but could of prevented it by simply taking away the keys after the 1st speeding ticket.

Watch that tape here on TMZ of Linda not only condoning and praising street racing but doing it herself with Brooke in the car. That is just so awfully wrong on so many levels. On top of that she blew any credibility she may have had in front of judge and jury by lying about it. Linda`s "street racing video" will be the new "clown video". It certainly will not be taken lightly.......especially by the Grazianal family.

In some states licensed minors cannot legally drive with another minor in the car unless there is also an adult riding along. There is a good reason for this.

People can blame the victim all they want but that can only hurt Nick and his parents legally.......especially when it comes from their own mouths or their spokespeople, lawyers etc...... You have to also remember and factor in just who the victim is and how he fought for our country. He is the sympathetic character here. Blaming him is just defeating their purpose by rubbing salt into the injury. The more the Grazianal family suffers.............the higher the judgement.

2491 days ago


Linda is a douche.

2491 days ago


I think its funny that she wants child support, nick turns 18 in July....

2491 days ago


What a bitch

2491 days ago


Well, well, well, Hulk can always go back now and work for Vince... Let's see how wild "Hulkamania" will run now... Flair is still wrestling at 58 and Hogie's only 54, so what the hell??? Vince will take him down a few pegs if he can't earn $$$.. Brooke will hook up with some African American rapper and Nick, well he can always get a sex change and be Hulk's valet... As far as Linda, she can always go back and work at Hooters in Clearwater... I thought they were smarter than this.... Does the phrase "Media Creation" ring a bell?

2491 days ago


How is it that after such a long marrige , can you simply look at a person one day -- say you suck , i don't like you and I'm leaving you.
Don't peple realize that the word COMMITMENT IS JUST THAT?
In the day of qick marriges and even faster devoices , makes me look at my husband of seven years , and say your a challange , I love you .

2491 days ago


These people are human beings, and just like everyone else, they make mistakes. I am sorry to hear of Terry, and Linda's problems. I'm sure that Linda didn't intend for Terry to hear of the divorce the way he did. I hope the children didn't find out the same way. I also believe that marital problems are private, the media, and the public should back off. I
wish for nothing but the best for all involved.

2491 days ago


This is totally sad to learn that this couple who has been married for so long, to give up so easily. Marriage takes work, who says it was easy anywaz? If they can do it for the past 24 years, why do they need to give up now? Divorce should be allowed if there was any abuse or ongoing unfaithfulness in the marraige. That ain't healthy but other problems can be solved if both are willing to commitment to take what it takes to make it work. I hope Linda didn't give up. She has 2 beautiful kids who thinks the world of their parents and this is gonna be hard on her kids. I won't be surprise if they make bad choices in the long run, only because they are covering up their pain and anger. It's just a complete natural way on how kids grieve. I think Hollywood is full of temptation and fantasies where couples forget looses reality of their moral values. They probably believe that something better is out there for one of them but they're only foolign themselves. They can make it work, they just chose not to. That's what sad! I hope Linda will think twice about this and not give up. Why waste all those years of hard work, sacerfices and commitment is now suddenly going straight to trash? :(
Linda, if you're reading this, don't give up! No one is perfect, who is going to love your all other than Hulk who knows everything about you and loved your imperfections? Im sure you've put up with a lot of Hulks career but you were the chosen one and the strongest one who could handle him. Why throw that special place away? You're willing to do this all over again with another person? Deal with your kids anger? You will miss Hulk and you will start to appericate your love for him and him as a person, after you have experience life without him. It's healthy to take a break, but it def not healthy to get a Divorce. God bless.

2491 days ago


STOP DEFENDING THE HOGANS - there is somebody lying in a peristant vegitative state right now because of the ENTIRE family's stupid decisions.! They made their bed, now they have to deal with it.

2490 days ago


After watching the show, she should be kissing Hulk's ass. She's lazy, and far to high maintenance. She got lucky once, but I see her getting DUMPED several time's then wanting to go back to the Hulkster.

2490 days ago
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