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K-Fed Pulls a Britney -- Almost

11/23/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, he didn't flash his privates. Britney's unemployed baby daddy went shopping for electronics on Thanksgiving, after getting most of his mop chopped off. He's almost got the Britney buzz cut!

Does K-Fed look hot or not with this new 'do? You decide!


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rock I.Q    

He is whitetrash, he left shar prego and with a child at home to go party in a club and meet Britney in the first place. Its terrible and Ironic at the same time he did the same to Britney. while Britney was at home a new MOm with JJ and sean P. He lacks compassion and empathy and this makes me think he could nt be the father of the year...
What father of four, goes out to clubs to party with strippers. I still believe most Of britney's crazy antics including her reefusing to listen to her managers/ parents advise, FIRING staffers, Not hiring security and drivers and constant need to be out In the public had something to do with something this dirtbag either put in her head or she is trying hard to PROVE a point TO him....

I cant not imagine, Britney who spent years enjoying fame/ fortune and celebrity would just drop and dismiss all the important people who got her there on her own. I really think he planted a seed in her head by minipulation or reverse psychology and yes she was stupid enough to eat it up... But , Im sure its pretty easy to convince her of something even negative, when she is not at her best emotionally Or mentally and still very much in Love with the person who is dishing it out.

2495 days ago


He can shave everything he has if he wants to and you will see that he is still a low life, no good, unemployeable piece of crap. The only bright star in his resume was that he was able to make Britney marry for every what reason so she can keep his sorry butt up . You don't see him putting up much of a fight for his "other" kids do you? One reason, there's no money there for that "ex" to pay him. He doesn't have a job, and can't get one.....enough said!!

2495 days ago


This is NOT K-Fed.

2495 days ago

Mama Says    

Day-um! What's next, a mullet?

2495 days ago


HOT! I'd totally do him...despite it being K-Fed

2495 days ago

it's melissa, bitch.    

I don't think Kevin would want any kind job. He could get one if he really wanted to, but apparently he doesn't want to. That's what happens when you're white trash.

2495 days ago

just wondering    

Penny #63 Yep.

2495 days ago

it's melissa, bitch.    

The only thing Kevin has skill at is smoking pot and making babies.

2495 days ago


I read the comments from last year in the old stories, and it was really interesting to see how the tide of public opinion has changed in just one year. I’m sure the correct decision will be made for Sean and Jayden on November 26th.

2495 days ago

Jusst saying    

His look is perfectly normal, and appropriate for his age and activity. Now, if he were to shave his head and glue on ugly extensions, or dress in trashy clothes and expose his private parts, I could understand the criticism.

2495 days ago


Personally, I think the guy gets kind of a bad rap.
What hetero guy among you, at the time it happened, would not have dropped everything you were doing to hit Britney Spears?
Federline's big mistake was signing a pre-nup (which kind of kills the idea that he was a golddigger, there is no gold to dig, obviously).
What father would not try to gain custody if the Mother is behaving the way Britney is?
Media outlets like TMZ have made this guy unemployable. He has to live somehow. Being a "baby's Daddy" is pretty good work if you can get it. Britney should just give up and let him have the kids. She makes 750 grand a month she can certainly afford to pay child support. The kids may have half a chance at normalcy with him.
The only really lousy thing the guy did was dump his other gf to marry Britney, but again, how many of you guys wouldn't have done the same thing (at that time of course when she was still the hottest star around).
I say give this guy a break. He's also young. Lots of young men are immature.
He was an aspiring rapper, again what young hetero guy out there woudn't have tried to be a rapper? He really wasn't very good, but at least he tried it.
I say, give the guy a break for the sake of the two kids.
At the risk of sounding like the K-Fed version of Chris Crocker...LEAVE KFED ALONE!!!!

2495 days ago


Wasn't he suppose to have the kid's on Thanksgiving Day? Why was he out & about spending Britneys money when he should have been home with his kids(all 4 of them). How does a person make $7000.00 a year afford to raise 4 kids? I'd like to know what his child support for his other 2 kids cost him( I mean Britney). Why doesn't TMZ dig up those papers. He is such trailor trash... He is such an ugly guy.

2495 days ago


He is a waste of space. Go Brit, find all the dirt you can on this loser.

2495 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To #58, Anon: So he’s doing his best friend’s girlfriend? Figures.

To #72, Ellen: The way he dresses is age appropriate for a 29 year old father of four??? Most 29 year olds that I know are out of college and/or grad school, are gainfully employed and business casual is the most dressed down they get Monday-Friday. I guess this might be typical dress for a 29 year old, unemployed, low life piece of trash. He’ll be 30 in four months. At what point does he lose the white t-shirt and baggy shorts? And (ek gads) the sneakers – one with a lace and one without. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

To #74, Kitty: He is “young” and you feel sorry for him so we should cut him some slack? Again, he’ll be 30 in four months! At what point does the maturity gene kick in?

And … about the haircut? It is obvious that his hairline in receding and he is trying to downplay the thinning areas. He looks ridiculous and downright hideous. Loser.

I bet the paps hate covering this piece of shiit.

2495 days ago


I know people would like to blame him for Britney's downfall but her Vegas marriage proved she was messed up before she decided to PURSUE him. Their CHAOTIC show, proved that she was a mess. She always has been a mess she just had good management that kept a lot of it hidden

2495 days ago
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