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K-Fed Pulls a Britney -- Almost

11/23/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, he didn't flash his privates. Britney's unemployed baby daddy went shopping for electronics on Thanksgiving, after getting most of his mop chopped off. He's almost got the Britney buzz cut!

Does K-Fed look hot or not with this new 'do? You decide!


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from Canada    

He looks clean, new clothes, and probably smells nice. In contrast Brit the skank hasn't changed or washed her hair in months!

2523 days ago


i always thought he was cute!!!...too bad hes not gay...

2523 days ago

TMZ reader    

#81...I'll buy that....but Federline made her a bigger mess. My memory may be faulty, but he was the one that made her get rid of her management people. That's been her biggest downfall. She needs a stylist, a publicist and a manager. And you must remember that she was WITH Federline during most of the Chaotic tapings.

2523 days ago


He is a mess, Britney what did you ever see in this Loser.....Was his relationship with Shar and his other Children not enough, When he was having an affair with you behind her back, was that not a red Flag? Well I can honestly say at least I am glad you woke up....

2523 days ago


Why doesn't he shop when Briteny has the kids ? You know the quality time like God forbid Brit shop.

2523 days ago

TMZ reader    

#74 Kitty, few heterosexual men would try to be a rapper, (as you suggest) especially if they are of the white race. And not every hetero. male would "hit" Britney Spears, if they had the chance. And finally, the prenup gave him a sizeable settlement. You make it sound like he walked away empty-handed. That's not so. I don't recall the amount that he got, but it made him a millionnaire. Too, just being married to Spears has given him a lot of name recognition to pursue endorsements and paid appearances. He also was getting sizeable alimony through November. Child support will continue his money-train. Kitty, you may be deluding yourself, but the rest of us realize that Federline is an opportunist.

2523 days ago


he actually looks good in that photo.

2523 days ago


He's such a douche bag.........

2523 days ago



2523 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It doesn't matter how K-Dud wears his hair. He is, and always will be, a lazy money mooching, uneducated, nasty, lowlife, retard, no talent BUM ! Has there every been a bigger gold digging piece of crap ? K-Dud is a nasty dipstick after Britney's money. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. He makes me sick !!!!!!

2523 days ago


This a$$hole and Shar Jackson is both living off of Britneys money , I think they had it all planned out from the beginning

2522 days ago


Theres nothing this loser can do to help his looks. He really needs to be a real man and get a job as most men/ fathers does. All he wants to do is be a lazy butt hole and live off a womans money. Hes just mad because Britney did realize what a piece of crap she was with and filed for a divorce and got rid of his nasty looking self. The only reason he is fighting for the kids is because he knows his money was gonna run out and by keeping Britneys boys he knows he can collect child support. After all Britney has been supporting all of them including ugly Shar and those kids of hers too , Its all about money for K Fed and Shar >>>> Britneys money

2522 days ago


who pay's for his purchases?

2522 days ago


When it comes to grubby gold-diggerz, you better look on the inside, otherwise you have no idea how stupid you look, when defending Papazao and all of his pathetic existance!!

2522 days ago


women have been living off famous and or rich men in divorce/childcare settlements since time began. This is no different. Somebody needs to parent the babies who isn't going to endanger their live via automobile or pools.
Kev-Pop seems the more stable of the babies parents. His new 'do will be most appropriate at kiddie parks, and preschool bake sales.

2522 days ago
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