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Blows into New York

11/23/2007 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That infamous intern, Monica Lewinsky, reappeared this week -- spotted lugging her bags through a New York airport. Clinton 2008!

If Hillary becomes president, will Monica get her old job back?


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#7, also. Seriously, can we just email that straight to Bush? He needs someone to help him get a clue, why not the informed public from TMZ?

2523 days ago


I guess Hillary can find a nice warm place to put her finger.

2523 days ago


"If Hillary becomes president, will Monica get her old job back?"

Yeah, I am quite sure Hillary would rehire the same young woman who was sexually involved with her husband. I also read that Mary Jo Buttafuoco is opening up a flower shop and will be business partners with Amy Fisher. Do you TMZ reporters ever research before you print something?

2523 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Looks like..Seinfeld's wife.

2523 days ago


Wow #12 you are hateful.

2523 days ago


I don't come here for the comments by the TMZ writters. (Some) of the readers have better comments than the (paid) writers.

** I like the Clinton screwed an intern, Bush screwed a nation. ****

How true.

2523 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to stoop to sophomoric headlines and lame jokes. Really, who cares if Monica is in New York. She's ancient news. We know it's a slow day but this is bottom of the barrel along with April Lavigne shopping at the 99 Cent store.

2523 days ago


She may not be the most attractive woman on the planet, but she's far from the ugliest. She's got beautiful hair, that's for sure.

2523 days ago


Yes she will get he old job back, except she will have to learn how to love the smell of "Old Rotten Fish".

2523 days ago


It has been said that he likes brunettes. I remember when he came to Boston he looked like a kid in a candy shop, in the North End, looking wide eyed at all the Italian women, canole in hand. Too bad he's lost his fleeting sex appeal. His testosterone level is probably at an all time low. Now who's the poor thing.

2523 days ago


Actually I think she is an attractive woman, although this photo isn't the most flattering. But then, TMZ is not exactly known for making celebrities look good, are they? However, if it's a picture that shows every wrinkle, sag, or just makes them look like slobs, they'll print that without giving it a second thought.

I don't quite understand why her arriving in New York is news, but whatever....

2523 days ago


Wow, she looks pretty chunky.

2523 days ago

Bob From Chi Town    

Bill Cinton uses the White House to cheat on his wife with a women younger than his daughter and President Bush gets mentioned. That's not right-or is it left?
Wake up folks-But vote for Hillary and geive Bill another chance.

2523 days ago


Quite frankly, I think she looks terrific. Very natural and calm. She's lost weight since the last photos I ever saw of her. Her hair is shiny and healthy, her face isn't slathered in make-up and she is wearing a respectable outfit.

When is it ever going to be good enough for you vultures?

She fell in love with a married man and made the biggest mistake of her entire life. But that's what it was: A MISTAKE. I find it very hard to believe none of you have ever screwed up on a grand scale, and then regretted it terribly. Let's face it: If it were anyone other than Bill Clinton she slept with, people would have forgotten about it in less than four months.

It's not like she murdered someone or injured an innocent child. Please leave the poor girl alone and let her get on with her life.

2523 days ago


#7 says it all - should be a bumper sticker

2523 days ago
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