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Hulk on Divorce: "Holy Smokes"

11/24/2007 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganWrestling star Hulk Hogan didn't learn of his impending divorce from his soon-to-be ex wife Linda -- but rather from a reporter in Florida. Whoa, brother!

As TMZ first reported, Linda filed the papers on Tuesday. But when called for comment by a St. Petersburg Times reporter, Hulk simply said, "Thank you for the great information," and hung up.

The Hulkster called the paper back five minutes later and said, "I'm kind of shocked ... You caught me off-guard. Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me."

The couple went through problems on their VH1 reality show, but eventually reconciled.

Francis Fears for Life in Florida

Joe FrancisA day after it was revealed that Joe Francis accused Oklahoma Grady County Jail guards of torturing him, the "Girls Gone Wild" founder is now making similar claims about his stay in Florida.

Francis, who is currently in jail in Reno, Nev., tells Page Six, "I fear for my life if I have to go back there ... I think I would have been dead or I'd be drooling in a cup." A tad dramatic, no? Francis tells the paper he was denied toilet paper or meals, and said, "They treated me like I was a terrorist," he said. "They'd put my food just out of reach and laugh with each other, 'Oh, I guess Joe wasn't hungry today.'"

Joe is awaiting trial in Reno for federal tax evasion, then it's on to Florida to face charges he used two minors in a sexual performance -- though both girls later admitted to lying about their ages.

Terrence Hustles His Way to Broadway ... Sony Ordered to Pay $5 Mil to the Man Who Discovered Meat Loaf

Oscar nominee Terrence Howard is set to make his Broadway debut in February as Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." According to Gatecrasher, the production might also star Phylicia Rashad and James Earl Jones ... Steve Popovich, the man who first signed Meat Loaf and released his classic "Bat Out of Hell" album, must be paid $5 million in damages after Sony Music didn't include his company's logo on re-issues of the album.


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Why is Joe Francis allowed to speak out to the media all time? Privileges in Nevada, huh?

It's hard to believe what he says, he lied so many times in the past and played "innocent" though there are the tax evasion charges and he became rich by dumb, drunk and immature girls who hope to become famous... but were paid with shirts and panties only.

2494 days ago

LT Dan    

Joe Francis is in the same category as Usama BinLaden, nothing but a terrorist through and through. One wants to see America crippled and annihilated, the other one is crippling America through the annihilation of our country's morals. May we be so fortunate that they both meet the same end and reside for eternity in the raging fires of hell.
Joe, you are a catfish mouthed greasy looking leach. Don't ever get on a witness stand because all I see is lies written across your stupid looking face. You web site is good though, you come across as an immature whiney little fart whistler which is exactly what you are, so Kudo's to you old boy, lest get you back to Panama City as soon as possible.

2494 days ago


I think it's been coming for awhile, because why else would they put their home up for sale?

2494 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

The Hogan's were willing to have every embarrassing detail of their personal lives exposed on a weekly TV show when they were paid money to do it...Now, when it's their turn to pay money, they hide out, refuse to go before any cameras, and want no part of the lime light. HYPOCRITES!!! The boy is in a coma, he can't speak for himself or defend himself... HOGANS: PLEASE STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT THE makes you look REALLY low and really pisses people off.

2494 days ago


I suspect the Hulk Hogan divorce is a red herring, designed to throw the press off the other stories and to hide/redistribute assets from lawsuits stemming from Nick's car accident.

The guards need to treat Joe Francis like any other inmate. He has not yet been convicted of any crimes, and in this country you are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Nice try, Sony. Glad to see you didn't get away with it.

2494 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

Divorce in Florida doesn't protect your assets from things your minor kids did while still living with you. She'd still have limited civil liability (mainly for property damage) and criminal responsibility (mainly restitution). I suspect the divorce is for the ordinary reasons.

2494 days ago


This just means that the Hulk doesnt read TMZ. Dang. All my wasted comments in hopes of him taking my advice.......


2494 days ago


They sold their miami home and moved back to the other one. Seems Brooke's contract was cancelled and all she can get are mall jobs, so with mama she went to LA.

Oh well Hulk, now you can try and get your spoiled rotten son off . Good luck.

2494 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

I would have worse things to say about Linda except she's somebody's mother. She lied thru her teeth when asked about her comments on street racing. Thats why nobody likes politicians so if u dont want to be liked Linda ur doing a good job. I say trade this one in for a new one Hulk. This lady seems like she's been taking things for granted for a long time now. I used to be a little Hulkster BROTHER when I was young. But now how they're trying to blame this kid in a coma for not wearing his set belt, Its just as low as u could go. I say throw that punk in jail he has a false sense of realty just like his mother. You guys a starting to look like DIRTBAGS. Lets see if the rich brat thing works in court. The Hogans have fell off in my book.

2494 days ago


#53: Thanks. I agree.

2494 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

'A legal mind' and 'truth101', unfortunately, as you probably know, a well done LLC and some aggressive asset protection, especially done overseas can often make it very difficult to get to the money sometimes. I am not a lawyer, but a friend of mine ( not a close friend) is an asset protection attorney and has made a mint hiding people's money form lawsuits, even justified one's like this. It's all he does and his clients are Very Happy about his work. I hope they nail their asses to the wall though! At minimum, Mr. Graziano should be taken off the taxpayer's bill and should be given the finest care possible, if he even survives- I hated even saying that! Then they can start talking about the pain and suffering that was caused by this stupid and preventable loss that was caused by the extreme negligence on the part of the Nick and his Idiot Parents!

2494 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Might have gotten the names on that last one wrong. Ooops, you know who I'm talking to, right?

2494 days ago


Still wonder if the Hogan dealio is some sorta way to keep Hogan's assets hidden and to shake off the other story? Meh, prolly not.

Posted at 9:46AM on Nov 24th 2007 by Nelson
2. Hulk to Linda: "Divorce me so you can take 20 mil. I take 20 mil. John's family will sue us for 20 mil instead of 40 mil."
3. This is simple math, people. Wake up. I hope that the lawyers on the opposition are on this like flies.

Posted at 10:12AM on Nov 24th 2007 by Duh People
These were and are my immediate thoughts about the whole Divorce thing with The Hogan family .They are too tight knit to just fall apart this way ,than again they are human and I very well could be wrong .Either way I hope it all works out for them ....they are not bad people just have made some really bad and albiet grave decisions lately .Just my opinion ...

2494 days ago


Joe Francis is such a drama queen! Nobody cares about you Joe or your time spent in prison! You are a fugly loser who made money by exploiting women! Too bad you weren't sodomized in prison. Poor baby was denied a blanket.....SCREW YOU JOE!

2494 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

in response to posting #51 above: yes, the Hogan's do read these blogs on TMZ: they are the ones using false names to post blogs defending Nick and criticizing the victim. Please read the blogs attached to the other TMZ announcement first reporting the divorce yesterday. There is actually someone going on there repeatedly saying that John and his family caused this accident on purpose so they could sue the Hogan family for everything they have. What kind of an idiot would believe such a thing.....unless, of course, it's a member of the Hogan family using a fake screen name to turn the tide of public opinion, which currenly favors the victim and views the Hogans as selfish, lying, money grubbing, sell-outs, who now only come out in the light of day to drag the comatose victim behind their souped up race car and through the mud. They are re-vicimizing the victim and only adding insult to injury. How low can you go?...apparently to the bottom...if you are a bottom feeding Hogan...........

2494 days ago
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