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Hulk on Divorce: "Holy Smokes"

11/24/2007 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganWrestling star Hulk Hogan didn't learn of his impending divorce from his soon-to-be ex wife Linda -- but rather from a reporter in Florida. Whoa, brother!

As TMZ first reported, Linda filed the papers on Tuesday. But when called for comment by a St. Petersburg Times reporter, Hulk simply said, "Thank you for the great information," and hung up.

The Hulkster called the paper back five minutes later and said, "I'm kind of shocked ... You caught me off-guard. Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me."

The couple went through problems on their VH1 reality show, but eventually reconciled.

Francis Fears for Life in Florida

Joe FrancisA day after it was revealed that Joe Francis accused Oklahoma Grady County Jail guards of torturing him, the "Girls Gone Wild" founder is now making similar claims about his stay in Florida.

Francis, who is currently in jail in Reno, Nev., tells Page Six, "I fear for my life if I have to go back there ... I think I would have been dead or I'd be drooling in a cup." A tad dramatic, no? Francis tells the paper he was denied toilet paper or meals, and said, "They treated me like I was a terrorist," he said. "They'd put my food just out of reach and laugh with each other, 'Oh, I guess Joe wasn't hungry today.'"

Joe is awaiting trial in Reno for federal tax evasion, then it's on to Florida to face charges he used two minors in a sexual performance -- though both girls later admitted to lying about their ages.

Terrence Hustles His Way to Broadway ... Sony Ordered to Pay $5 Mil to the Man Who Discovered Meat Loaf

Oscar nominee Terrence Howard is set to make his Broadway debut in February as Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." According to Gatecrasher, the production might also star Phylicia Rashad and James Earl Jones ... Steve Popovich, the man who first signed Meat Loaf and released his classic "Bat Out of Hell" album, must be paid $5 million in damages after Sony Music didn't include his company's logo on re-issues of the album.


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2522 days ago


I have watched the show a few times and noticed that she is not attracted to him anymore. It happens in many marriages. They went to counseling to try to get help. They were supposed to do nice things for each other 1 day a week. Hulk ran her a bubble bath and tried to get in with her and the look on her face said it all. He had egg on his face right in front of the cameras. It was hard to watch but my first thought was the marriage is over. When a woman feels she has become a piece of meat to her husband and not a partner in the's over.

Who warns someone when they file for a divorce? That would give them a chance to file before you can file your paperwork. I caught my ex-husband off guard at work. That’s what you have to do when you are filing.

I really don't thing this is about her trying to keep money because of Nick’s situation. It's about her and her only. Why stay in a marriage that is not making you happy. I did notice that once they moved to Miami everything changed. They lived in a secluded area in Los Angeles so maybe that was the big mistake.

I guess the show is over because no one wants to see a show with a couple going through a divorce and a son who should be in jail. A Dad whose heart has been broken and a daughter just trying to get her career started. The family is ruining Brooks’s life at this time. She really seems like the only sane on in this family. Thank God, she is in charge of her own money. I hope that her mother will not try to be her Manger just to use her daughter.

2522 days ago


blah blah blah.... blah blah

2522 days ago


hulk needs to continuing wrestling and forget that fat ugly bitch...

2522 days ago


i watched that tv show,,,i know they are edited a certain way....but there are things producers cannot alter...ill reserve my comments after they reveal the reason she file for divorce....

2522 days ago


i see your point #69 but if he wasnt watching her,,,you know she wouldve been more wild than paris and the other sluts..

2522 days ago


# 15 you are so right !! good thinking you must be a woman (smart)..

2522 days ago


Linda is pretty sorry to do this right now,she needs to be thinking of her son instead of herself!

2522 days ago


I agree with Commentor #15. Terry and Linda are following the advice of their attorneys and separating assets so that the Graziano's can only sue "The Hulkster" and get half of the family's money.Linda trots off with the other half (or more) and sobs into half-gallons of Haagen-Daz ice cream until the lawsuit clears and then "tearfully reconciles with true love, Hulk", thereby restoring his finances and becoming the heroine of the Bollea family. She's trailer trash, but she ain't stupid. However, if she's smart. she'll doublecross Hulk and latch onto some man-eye-candy that isn't steroid-wasted and go for the brass ring.

2522 days ago


The Hulk divorce is a publicity thing, stunt or maybe otherwise. They might be getting a divorce, but it's for other reasons. Don't believe it's for real folks.

2522 days ago

Who cares about that? Gossip.

2522 days ago


The Hulk lives. The problem is the bitch, the slut Linda-his wife. Shame on you GOLD DIGGER. I am not a Hulk fan. Let alone a wrestling fan. However, the Hulk is genuine and sincere on MTV. The problem is Linda. She is greedy. You girls suck. You can not tell a men in the face that you want to divorce him. SHAME ON YOU. After some 20 years and suddenly you cry for divorce. I have no pity on you. I see nothing wrong on the MTV reality other than kids looking spoiled. Driving expensive cars. The Hulk doing his part as a father to keep his daughter in control. Yet she wants this and that. I wish you the best Hulk. I say dump that bitch-Linda. What are her grounds for divorce. She suddenly wants to become a movie star? Give me a break! A true female broad-slut. SHAME ON YOU. Your hubby was nice on the show. You were a real, real bitch. You obv iously did a bad job watching the kids. You son and you were speeding on the show and in video out-of-control. Who to blame-Linda. She should be jailed! Live the Hulk alone.

2522 days ago


Joe Francis should be jailed for good. I understand that he was raped in his Beverly Hills mansion by an intruder. Did he not learn? You make money off innocent girls who in the midst of having a good time, suddenly take off their clothes. I have no simpapthy for you. You deserve what you got. I hope that somebody rapes and beats you up in prison. You deserve it. You were show boating your wealth on tv shows. You want to show boat now? Did you give any of your questionable millions to the homeless? Have you donated anything to charity. Your sucess is an example of what is wrong with capitalism. You took and stole from innocent people. You never gave back. You deserve to stay in prison for years to come. You are guity as charged. By the way, I am not jealous of your money. I am mad that you are not making your money from the discovery of a disease but the breasts of innocent girls who are out to have a good time and you TEMP THEM. The girls in your video need to be compensated appropriately. Push come to shove they are acting. Thus, in conclusion, you need to stay in prison for the next 10/20 years.

2522 days ago


I think after 2 children and years of marriage, Linda should have told him she was divorcing him. Not Cool. I think Nick's actions have torn the family apart. Now Nick has destroyed 2 families. I think Linda is spoiled and likes to have her way, and when things aren't going well she blames Hulk. When the going gets tough, Linda doesn't stand by her man.

2522 days ago
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