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11/24/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted the still chesty, 54-year-old Colleen Camp at Koi Tuesday night.
Colleen Camp
Colleen married the son of Sam Goldwyn, producer John Goldwyn in 1986, leaving Professor Plum in the library with his candlestick!


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Kathie is a phony    

Just remember you immature little are ALL going to get old some day...IF YOU'RE LUCKY! Can't wait to see what YOU look like then! Or NOW, for that matter!

2491 days ago


She looks great. She married very well, so probably doesn't have a money care in the world. Probably has lovely kids too. I'm sure she gives a flip what we TMZ critics think about her...right.

It's so weird, if she were thin people would be making lipo jokes and anorexic jokes. She really doesn't look morbidly obese, or unhealthy in the least. She's pretty and looks nice and happy. What's the problem?

2491 days ago


Actually, she's a producer now. She's done numerous projects at various studios and production companies all over the U.S. - Fireworks entertainment, Crusader Entertainment, HBO, and a producing partner at Seven Arts Pictures. She's partnered with the Zuckers, Tom Cruise, Wagner, Mel Gibson, etc. She's always worked hard. She's quite simply, successful. So all you haters eat your hearts out! Haha!

2491 days ago



2491 days ago


she had her time in the spotlight, and married well. cheers to you, Colleen.

2491 days ago

Ed Daly    

WalMart expands!

2491 days ago


She was in Wayne's World, playing the wife of a music executive. It was either Wayne or Garth or one of their crew who says "And may I say, your wife's a babe ! " That was in 1992. She looked pretty good then.

2491 days ago

Jo Blo    

Let's give an example - Nicolette Sheridan, who JUST turned 44 a couple of days ago, STILL looks awesome; and only 10 years this slob's junior. I bet 'cha ten years from now Nicolette will STILL be hot and this louse will be a BIGGER and FATTER sow!! Damn - this chic had it going on and now look at her-oopha!!

My point with Nicolette is that any woman with looks, a rack and a pretty face should keep their figures and make sure their husbands ALWAYS enjoy their bodies. That way they DON'T stray. That is why I brought Nicolette up-I know 20 year old guys that would LOVE to get just a little nibble of those tasty thighs and breasts Nicolette has. MMMMM YUM!! WAY BETTER THAN El POLLO LOCO!!! Ay Carumba!!

Damn lady - mix in a salad or a lean cuisine why don't 'cha! OOPHA!!

2491 days ago


I doubt any of you male commenters are going to be prizes either when you're 54. Forty straight years of video game playing and trying desperately to get a chick to date with you really ages a person.

2491 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

I guess Sam Goldwyn, Jr., can always look at her old DVDs.

2491 days ago


I think we all know what the problem is here. The little pouty girl haters who couldn't wait to jump in with the fat comments are sitting at home in their stinky little tighty whities with more skid marks than the track at Taladega, scratching their bald little heads, eating Fruit Loops and bemoaning the loss of their one and only girl friend in Junior High 1964. Poor little twerps. Monday morning, back to the box factory.

2491 days ago


To all you insecure critics, what the hell is your version of Female perfection...."Twiggy" or a modern day version who looks the same. It's very obvious that none of you guys have ever had a successful relationship with a woman and are very resentful towards them. My bet is that you guys who have this "use them and leave them" attitude are the one's that are heavy smokers, heavy drinkers and drive big mombo pick up trucks to make up for your inadaquacy as a real man, you are also the kind of jackasses that make it hard on the good guys out here, me among them. I doubt very seriously that you would be considered a catch to most woman and that will probably not boot, you will always be ugly inside unlike our 54 year old ex starlet who I still find attractive and voluptuous. and in the event that she chose to lose a little weight and had the benefit of hollywood make-up artist again, she would be absolutely stunning. I also doubt that she went out and put on make up expecting some photographer to be taking her pictures for national exposure for comparison purposes of then and now photos. It's no wonder why young girls go out of their way to look like walking skeletons in order to prevent criticism from guys like you, fix your own judgemental issues before making narrow minded comments like those that you continue to make, it only confirms your shallow minded stupidity and inner ugliness. I prefer women that do not obsess about staying at 110 pounds, there is nothing wrong with most woman that fall in the 125 to 165 pound range if it is a healthy weight for their relative size. And yes I would would "do her" in a heart beat today if she were not already happily married. and just a final comment to those self serving critics out there.... you too will age and look different than you do now, the question is, will you age nearly as gracefully as our former starlet?

2491 days ago


people leaing nasty commnts need to look at themselfs,for a good long time,,,,

2491 days ago


I am not a male, with a rosy palm, hun. Congrats to you, though, for knowing how to type with one hand. She looks good regardless, and that was the point I was trying to make in my original post, but I got carried away.

I have an image in my head, of all these dirtbags typing insults at here. They're probably the same pervs who go trolling the streets after their circle jerk parties, looking to find a woman that would let them find thier wet spot. Sorry, hun, even with a bag of flour, you wouldn't find a wet wouldn't make her wet to begin with.

2491 days ago


nice big healthy girl.yum yum.

2491 days ago
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