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11/24/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted the still chesty, 54-year-old Colleen Camp at Koi Tuesday night.
Colleen Camp
Colleen married the son of Sam Goldwyn, producer John Goldwyn in 1986, leaving Professor Plum in the library with his candlestick!


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People say she doesn't look good because at 54 she is so far from where she was at 32. But if she had never looked the way she did during the time "Clue" came we would say she looks good, despite being a little overweight.

2490 days ago


And I think we men need to keep in mind that most of our wives will not look as good at 54 -- or even at 44 -- as Colleen does in this picture. Especially with how much tanning and partying most young women do.

2490 days ago


umm...talking about throwing flour on someone, to find the wet spot...not defending anyone. That's rude. I'd also like to point out...I am not a dude. I do not sit around looking for pictures of women, to either jerk off to, or call down.

In any case, you negative people are getting on my nerves. I will drop this, and thank all of you that realize we all have a a beating heart, with feelings no matter the size we are. No need to come back, it might hurt your head, and take time away from your daily pulling off quota. See ya!

2490 days ago


She looks healthy and happy, and she's still pretty damn funny!!

2490 days ago


Grow up, simpletons. If YOU think you will keep your beauty forever (if indeed you have any to begin with), you are naive and ignorant. Time is the ultimate equalizer, and in the end all you will have left are your brains (so I guess you're screwed).

2490 days ago


I just Googled her and had completely forgotten she was Reese Witherspoon's mom in "Election". She was also in "Die Hard with a Vengeance" among many others. I think she has done quite well for herself.

And to the poster who said larger busts can make you look heavier, I t hink you are right on. I think she was a bit too top-heavy even back in her heyday. I mean I know men love it, but I don't see how she hasn't had bad back problems...she looks really good for her age. I would have put her maybe at 45 yrs. old. I can only hope people are underestimating my age when I hit 54--though I doubt it.

2490 days ago


She looks pretty damn fine to me.

2490 days ago

Jeff Kay    

Thought she was hot then....think she looks hot now. Lucky bastard who got to tap that for the last 21 years. Curves are fun..

2490 days ago


...............................You fellows making crude remarks about this woman.............You just showed your ignorance to the rest of the world............You see, I am a hell of a lot older than that...........have seen a lot more than you...................This woman looks great.........and when you wake up some morning and look in the mirror and ask, "What happened?"...............then you can think of this woman.................You little twerps know nothing of the world and your life coming at you..............

2490 days ago

you all age badly    

NO....White chicks age badly!!!!

2490 days ago


when are you men going to skinny woman has big b**bs naturally, if you have big b**bs you have (or get) a big butt to match.

2490 days ago

mike 99    

she is fat.......get your ass to a gym and stop eating cow ass an greasy nasty food......................exercise+ healthy food = a healthy weight....gee is it that hard to figure out

2490 days ago


This beautiful woman came very close to dying while giving birth. The complication resulted with an emergency hysterectomy causing her to go into premature menopause. This (in case you don't know), causes abrupt and uncontrollable weight gain. You nasty bunch of idiots! Colleen Camp is a beautiful woman, mother and person. If any of you ever knew another person as outstanding as her your lives would have been blessed. But you jerks sit here and poke fun at her. You ought to be ashamed and the TMZ morons who printed this story are the lowest of the low! Go to hell all of you rotten animals.

2490 days ago


The woman is 50 my God. You idiots, she looks like a nice lady living the good life Lighten up you morons......Hi Shelly ,I haven't been around in a while. There is no one that important to talk about.........I miss you though....Take care..

2490 days ago

Ya, agree. She just looks good at her age.

2490 days ago
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