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Britney to Order in Chinese ... Babies?

11/25/2007 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTake this one for what it's worth: Britain's News of the World is reporting that Britney Spears is going to adopt Chinese twins. Run for the hills, the end is near!

The paper says the popwreck is telling friends that "she's in the final stages of talks with an adoption agency." Can she even find China on a map?

K-Fed and Brit are set for another round of custody talks tomorrow morning. Neither is expected to be there, but we hear part of the hearing will revolve around who gets the kids at Christmas and other holidays.

If Britney loses custody of her kids, News of the World feels she can just get two more!


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China has age requirements for adoption-- I believe you need to be over 30 if not 35. This story is not at all true.

2522 days ago


It was all a misunderstanding, the dumass thought she was ordering chinese take-out.

2522 days ago


This is absolutely 100% not true. The Chinese government has seriously strengthened their laws on foreign adoptions in the last few years. They only consider older, mature parents - they also will not let foreigners adopt who have ever been on a variety of medications, including anti-depressants. Why do you think all the other Celebsluts are going to Africa to adopt? This story is total B.S.

2522 days ago

Jusst saying    

Guess she stayed in last night for a change. So, just make up something up. The crazier the better, right?

2522 days ago


If anyone believes a word of this, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

2522 days ago


omg those poor babies! please tell me this isnt true!

2522 days ago


With all the Botox and Restelayne, and new lips, contacts and bloat she is starting to look like TATUM O'NEAL.

2522 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

why is this thread working when all the Anna threads are down? hmmmmmm

2522 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


Your post is not only poorly written it is also boring. I am an immigrant and I am proud of it! I will use God's name any way I want. I bet you are one of those idiotic born again "Christians" that are the laughing stock of the civilized world! Go to the GD creationist museum and Kentucky you FAT SLOB!


2522 days ago

the DQ    

Reuters 3/20079:

"The policy will tighten even further starting May 1, barring anyone who is single, overweight, depressed, married less than two years, divorced and remarried less than five years, or over 50 years of age, from adopting a child from China."

2522 days ago


This has to be a joke.

2522 days ago


This explainsa lot! She wants the Chinese kids to feel perfectly at home. If you can't learn the language, learn the driving style and order a lot of take-out.

2522 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


Why did you bring Hilary into this? You scare me--Hilary's people are not in power now dear heart... we are now under a Republican adminsitration.... We are at war in Iraq to help the oil companies, people are losing their homes because of poor lending practices, the dollar is at its lowest leave in decades.

You are the most ignorant poster on TMZ! You said the Chinse haven't rebelled... FOOL read the paper... I bet you shop at Wal mart and support these slave labor companies... Well put on your three dollar lime green t-shirt and guzzle down those pork rinds you disgusting FAT SLOB!

2522 days ago


It is not seems true. These news are very interesting but not true everytime, especially about Britney. She is incapable of holding kids also! If it is true, she is just taking this as a publicity stunt.

2522 days ago


She should voluntarily terminate her parental rights. Along with this she should establish a trust fund to pay for the medical expenses and education of the two boys. She should demand that the court appoint the management of the trust.

Then tell K-Fed and his ambulance chaser to send her a final bill. He gets no child support or any other funds from her ever.

She should also ask for the court to make K-Fed stay away from her, at least 500 feet and this should be until the kids are 21.

This would end the authority of this judge over her. No more drug tests, no more comments about her character, and no more bills. When K-Fed can no longer take care of the kids she can if she wants to offer to re-assume her parental rights but demand full unrestricted parental rights.

2522 days ago
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