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Britney to Order in Chinese ... Babies?

11/25/2007 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTake this one for what it's worth: Britain's News of the World is reporting that Britney Spears is going to adopt Chinese twins. Run for the hills, the end is near!

The paper says the popwreck is telling friends that "she's in the final stages of talks with an adoption agency." Can she even find China on a map?

K-Fed and Brit are set for another round of custody talks tomorrow morning. Neither is expected to be there, but we hear part of the hearing will revolve around who gets the kids at Christmas and other holidays.

If Britney loses custody of her kids, News of the World feels she can just get two more!


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Hey #71, you're definitely an immigrant, you can't spell even though you've accused others of the same: it's Hillary; it's level not leave; and it's Chinese.

Good luck with your green card.


2491 days ago


And if you believe this, I have some swampland to sell you.

2491 days ago


If this is true, this girl needs serious help. YOu dont lose 2 to gain 2. We cant do this with children. If this is not true this ruins all credibility that TMZ could have ever hope to acheive. End of story

2491 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

This sucks!

2491 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I know for a fact that this is actually true.

2491 days ago


With the way the paps follow her, you would think we would have seen her in China meeting with the proper officials regarding this. This would also mean Iggy the dog has more restrictions on it's adoption than a human being? I think this is nothing but gossip. I smell a whole load of crapola and I am pluggin my nose!

2491 days ago


Even the Chinese have sufficient quality control to keep that from happening!

2491 days ago


This isn't even funny ! HAS to be a joke !

2490 days ago


Well, on the bright side, if she doesn't take care of the twins well, she will be set on chinese food for awhile. oink oink piggy!

2490 days ago

What's Up With That?    

This story may have some credibility given the media reports about her shopping for baby items this fall; god FORBID its true. And, if she can't 'adopt' a baby, she'll just buy one.

Good luck to all of the Brit The Brat supporters defending her going forward if she gets a baby or child because it's as DEFENSELESS as she is HOPELESS.

People were far more emotional and passionate on this site over Ellen and Iggy the dog...what's up with that????

2490 days ago


She is just looking for some help down the road with the laundry and ironing.

2490 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Posted at 12:33PM on Nov 25th 2007 by Nan -- I suspect her "talks" are all in her head.

IMAO! good one. Too bad when crazy people hear disembodied voices, it's never to do something good. And just look at the accompanying pic here, Shiiitney could be the poster child for the Lunatic League. She looks like a complete idiot -- All that's missing from this shot, is a cartoon bubble saying "DUH....." & drool coming out of her mouth.

That bizarre bitch can't even take care of herself or her own spawn, let alone should she be allowed to adopt any more kids, on some ridiculous whim!

2490 days ago

a guy    

KOREAN IMMIGRANT- WOULD YOU PLEASE QUIT WITH THAT SHIIT. NO ONE HERE BELIEVES YOUR LIE. YOU ARE NOT AN IMMIGRANT. If you were, you would have stated where you are from specifically. And Koreans are either North or South. Again, being from the South Korea, you'd have stated such, because of political reasons. If you were as political as you "try" to sound, you would have stated which Korea you are from. And if you were from the North, you would be proud to say that you escaped tyranny and communism. SHUT UP WITH YOUR SHIIT. YOU KNOW NOTHING OF WHICH YOU SPEAK OF AND YOU ARE A LIAR. Now go Google the internet and pick out which part of "Korea" you are from.

2490 days ago


Its all crap as usual. TMZ makes up this crap to keep this woman in the headlines. I thought Perez was bad about the crap he prints but this takes the cake. BY the way..Brit has never been in any MENTAL institution. She went to a rehab and that is far from a nut ward. At least she did what she thought would help her. I still don't believe that drugs were the problem. I think she suffered from post partum, and her marriage did not help her. He spent 10 MILLION of HER money onhis partying and his child support and anything he wanted and left her sitting at home while he was whorring it up even with his ex shar. She is a piece of work too out everynight partying, meeting him in Vegas and accepting Brits money for her kids. No one says a thing about that. They just want to bash Brit. I do not beleive 1/10th of what is printed anymore. The press just writesanything it wants and then you have to sue them. Brit should sue TMZ

2490 days ago


Once again, the Double-Digit IQ Britney Bashers are back, revealing their profound stupidity to the world. SO EFFING STUPID that even when you show them a story in the tabloids that has the authenticity of the Tooth Fairy, they still are so FREAKING DUMB they can't put 2 and 2 together and realize that almost NOTHING about what they think they know about Britney is verifably true. They don't know the story. They don't know what's going on. But even a story like this that could perhaps emphasize that point is lost on these pathetic losers who are are so inept at critical thinking they expect all of their opinions on media events to be spoon-fed them by GMA

2490 days ago
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