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Chelsea Handler's New Gig: Bigot?

11/25/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trying to joke about race can get you in a lot of trouble -- just ask Michael Richards. Last night outside of Koi, supposed comedian Chelsea Handler tried to do the same thing and, like Kramer, failed miserably.

She was approached by two cameramen -- one of whom was Chinese, the other (our guy) was African-American. Chelsea quipped that it was "crazy that you guys all travel together, Asians and Blacks. That's amazing." And they can vote now, too!

After a failed joke about Dog the Bounty Hunter, somehow a question about Britney Spears turned into Chelsea saying the Chinese photog was from "Vietcong-nam." When it was pointed out that he was, in fact, Chinese, Chelsea just said, "Whatever."

Guess she's the kind of comedian you just have to laugh at -- not with.


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When can we give up this p.c. nonsense? Have we all forgotten how to laugh? And instead of whining about, suing, and calling for ACLU boycots of artists, authors, musicians, comedians, etc we personally do not like how about avoiding them? I am a very conservative individual with a very warped sense of humor ... love Chelsea and Chuy, love Adam Sandler movies, need I say more? Just enjoy life, be happy.

2492 days ago


Why can black people (and other races) do "What's up with white people?..." stereotype jokes and not raise an eyebrow? And yet, if a white person dares to make a stereotype joke...

2492 days ago


When did being crass become funny? Even jokes should have a bit of class..
FOR any of you who said this clip is funny, you all must be "white". Anyone stating that her comments were funny and for everyone else to "get over it' MUST be white! It wasn't that funny....I', definitely not over sensitive about racial "jokes', BUT I'd love to hear some "white trash" jokes....or comments from her about "crackers"

2492 days ago


she makes fun of her own nationality - german/white, so i wouldnt take her too seriously, there is no malicious intent here. Foolish yes, bigot no.

2492 days ago


She is not funny, no matter what she says or does. How or why the E! Channel keeps giving her so many opportunities/tv shows is ridiculous.

2492 days ago


this is the biggest no story tmz has printed so far. chelsea is just being chelsea. love her or hate her, she's always consistent.

2492 days ago


I know someone that has gone to many of her shows. The person that I know said that Ms. Handler is evil. I was also told that she would prefer that black people not be in her audience.

2492 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

pretended sesitivity is an excellent source of false power

2492 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

what she said was hella funny! even she had a hard time not laughing because it is all so g-dang true!

2492 days ago

Kate Cannon    

Chelsea is great... I watch her show every night before i go sleep. Often laughing so hard that I wake Up my boyfriend. No matter what kind of day I've had I can rely that I will laugh my ass off. She rips on need to take offense

2491 days ago


She really, really, really sucks. She's not funny at all. I watched her show for about a millisecond, yawned and then opted for something more exciting like cleaning my closet.

2491 days ago


You guys can't be taking this seriously -- Chelsea's a comedian who makes fun of absolutely everyone, especially herself. She's not a politician or a schoolteacher and has no duty to censor herself--that's the beauty of cable tv... Isn't there some actual news today?

2491 days ago


Wow, lighten up people!

2491 days ago

Biased information    

Mean DOES NOT = funny

People who associate themselves with people like Handler are typically cowards who don't want the attention put on them.
This is why they try and appease these people like Handler by laughing at all their very unfunny "jokes".
They laugh at the jokes but at the same time despise that person.

How's that for irony?

2491 days ago


Blacks talk like this all the time... I guess only white people can be racist. Funny how that black chick on TMZ was all offended but I bet she listens to rap music that has this kind of talk ALL THE TIME!

2491 days ago
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