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Chelsea Handler's New Gig: Bigot?

11/25/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trying to joke about race can get you in a lot of trouble -- just ask Michael Richards. Last night outside of Koi, supposed comedian Chelsea Handler tried to do the same thing and, like Kramer, failed miserably.

She was approached by two cameramen -- one of whom was Chinese, the other (our guy) was African-American. Chelsea quipped that it was "crazy that you guys all travel together, Asians and Blacks. That's amazing." And they can vote now, too!

After a failed joke about Dog the Bounty Hunter, somehow a question about Britney Spears turned into Chelsea saying the Chinese photog was from "Vietcong-nam." When it was pointed out that he was, in fact, Chinese, Chelsea just said, "Whatever."

Guess she's the kind of comedian you just have to laugh at -- not with.


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This broad sucks. I have seen her and there is nothing funny about her a tall.

2521 days ago


Is that all. The writers strike is really hurting you guys at TMZ. You can't make up good stuff on your own can you?

What next a celebrity gave an albino the bird?

2521 days ago


Man, are you guys desperate for a story or what?

2521 days ago


Chelsea is very talented and easy on the eyes -- Chelsea - give me a call - Chuey can watch...

2521 days ago


Just like Michael Richards' rant was not a joke, Handlers' comments were not jokes! What was the setup? What was the punchline? "Wow, blacks and asians traveling together!" How is that at all funny? I don't even see that it is racist because it doesn't mean anything. Her dismissive, "Whatever" in reply to the correction that the asian photog was from china, not vietnam, was disrespectful, but again, who cares?

Is she racist? Probably, but I don't see anything even close to the Michael Richards rant. Is she funny? Sometimes. Was this funny? No. Was it meant to be?

2521 days ago


An unattractive yellow haired piece that gets off on her stupid jokes and a humorless wench that does it to Chewy. Wow like she is so original having a little person side kick- as if Kid Rock of Jack Ass crew never thought of that one before.

2521 days ago


Not of - or!

2521 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

TMZ shame on you for letting the freakin F-Word through on a post about bigotry. You guys take the cake. Losers.

2521 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

I meant N-Word you pathetic pieces of crap.

2521 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Yeah she meant it to be funny. She hoped anyway.

2521 days ago


What a moron, did we not know that this would cause a stir? What a dumb whore. didn't know that washed up comedians hung out together either, funny eh?

2521 days ago

sherry h    

can anyone take a joke anymore,my god shes a comedian people . lighten up some. thats the problem with all these ppl jumping to conclusions,its called joking not racism. at this point its not ok for any one to say anything becuz its turned into something bigger than it is.

2521 days ago


I really have no idea who the woman is.

2521 days ago

montana mike    

she's hot--she's funny--everyone jokes about someone's race, so what should we do--ban all the comedians

2521 days ago


I am American, born and raised in the US of A, and proud to be of Puerto Rican heritage. As such, I know what it's like to be discriminated against. However, its really insulting when people talk to you and say "Oh I thought you were from..." (insert Country). When I say I'm not, mexican, dominican, guatemalan, etc...people say "oh isn't it the same thing?" How ignorant. But then again, ignorance begets ignorance. Comedians do try to make fun out of the un-funny and some do it successfully, take Carlos Mencia per-chance, even when he's telling racial jokes, at least we're learning something from it. That's how I see it anyway, and I like Chelsey Handler as well, I think she's funny, but in this case, the word over-kill comes to mind. I don't think it's funny to say "whatever" when you're corrected about the Country of Origin a person is from...especially when you were just EDUCATED on their origin...However, very interesting to know how the rest of the voters on the poll above feel...Chelsea's jokes were ...
Just jokes, people! 63%
Over the line! 37%
Total Votes: 12,949
So are we intolerant, too uptight, or is racism still an issue at the core in this Country...?

2521 days ago
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