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Hogans' Split Old News

11/26/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and wife Linda have been separated for some time now, and the couple even filmed part of their last season of "Hogan Knows Best" while apart.

TMZ has learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hulkster have been on the outs since June, and that the divorce filing was not a surprise to the Hogans or people who know the couple. Sources tell TMZ that the couple even filmed part of their reality TV show "Hogan Knows Best" when they were separated. This was a source of problems for production, because they had to play nice while filming scenes together.

Linda Hogan filed for divorce on Wednesday, but the papers don't give any specific reason for the filing. A source tells us that the show has not been picked up for next season.


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I am still laughing at some of these comments. It was obvious that the Bolleas have been a dysfunctional couple for a very long time and putting all the blame on Linda is stupid. It takes 2 to make or break a solid marriage. He spent years away from home and you can bet your last dollar he screwed around. The thing is, I don't care if they work it out or not...the kids are already screwed up royally...and as parents, both of the Bolleas are nuttier than fruitcakes. Terry has made just as much of an ass of himself as Linda. They chose to go on the tube as such a swell family and really made an even bigger mess of their sorry lives.

2522 days ago

yeah yeah    

All you haters stop drinking that haterade

2522 days ago



2522 days ago


Check out this article ......911 tapes were released today as well of Nicks accident. Linda Bollea is a greedy witch!

2522 days ago

Larry Lipshitz    

I agree with the dude who says that women get it all. Hey Hulkster made the money and it's his sweat that got Linda to where she is today. Some women are so ungrateful. To made for Terry. I think that fame went to Linda's head. *Just remember babe who got ya there.

Thanks for letting me put in my two cents.

2522 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

" A source tells us that the show has not been picked up for next season."

Best news I've heard all day.

I am not usually a big fan of divorce but if it can keep these trashy, fugly, obnoxious hillbillies off my TV, I'm willing to change my position.

2522 days ago


i believe that the Hogan children and their mom are spoiled idiots. why isnt the kid in jail? the friend now in a vegative state> where is the lawsuit by this kids family. If i was the parents of that poor kid, i would sue the ass off the Hulkster family. I truly believe if he was allowed to parent those kids this wouldnt of happened, but she ruled the roost and he is going to be better off without her,. her and her daughter who has no talent should take their big fake boobs and hit the road. let the kid rot in jail and hopefully Hulk will find a woman who isnt a dumb ass

2522 days ago


35. This woman did nothing and Hogan made all the money now she wants half of all assets and alimony? If she is getting half, why does she need alimony? I read in the St. Petersburg times what she is looking for. This is a lesson for everyone, if you are rich, never get married or a prenup, because ungrateful women like this will ruin your life.

The women often take care of the children. You may think she didn't do the greatest job, but if you have kids, you know it is a job.

2522 days ago


Maybe she didn't want to share her hair bleaching products with the Hulk anymore....

2522 days ago

Marlb Man    

I think Hulk Hogan is a closet Homo. And a lot of people say he loves to give oral.

2522 days ago

who are they kidding    

they are doing this to hide their money from the poor coma guys family, and deflect the negative publicity from nick. as for brooke she's never gonna burn up the charts with her talent so they should just let her make all the money she can off her body b4 she gets fat like her mom

2522 days ago


I have to laugh at a previous comment about Terry being too old to be any good in bed. Only a child or uninformed and age prejudiced younger person would leave such a comment Men have healthy sex lives well into their sixties and some eiven longer. Plenty of men in their 20s and 30s are on Viagra. Age is irrelevant. As far as the divorce... it's no one's business but their own.. whatever their reasons. Also... to those who say the divorce card is being played to divert attention from their son's problems....HA. The media is not that kind.. they are wrapping everything into one ball of wax.

2522 days ago


susan b your an ass. hes to old to have a wife. you sound very ignorant.whether its real or not, respect the mans situation

2522 days ago


This is a non functional family they all should go to a desert island somewhere and leave the public alone!!!!!!

2522 days ago


Good Luck Hulk,
Some day, she will look back and remember
how Good her life was. Move On Buddy


2522 days ago
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