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Mrs. Hogan: I Don't Want a Divorce!

11/26/2007 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even though it was Linda Bollea who dropped divorce papers on hubby Hulk Hogan last week, the 48 year-old celebuspouse is still hoping to save her marriage. Wait ... come again?!

"She keeps saying to him 'Can't we find a way to make this work?," a source close to the couple tells TMZ. "She doesn't want to see the family break up. She really wants to work it out with him. But it is like pushing up against a brick wall. She is heartbroken about it."

And the Hulkster's not so tickled about reports that he learned of the split from a Florida newspaper reporter.

"He actually heard it from his lawyer," we're told. "There was no surprise. It had been coming for a while. They have grown to be two different people. When hardships hit them, it really brings them down. And when they were finally hit with a real problem -- (son Nick, 17, is facing felony charges of reckless driving from an August car wreck) -- they just couldn't make it work."

Okay, now it makes sense.




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I always liked Hulk. His wife looks as if she would've been a groupie back in the day and his kids are spoiled brats. He's better off divorced; especially now that the kids are not minors...he won't get eaten up paying outrageous child support payments.

I hope his brat kid goes to prison for making his friend a vegetable.

2486 days ago

wa wa waa    

I just spoke to my African friend. He told me that the whole family reads our comments. They base their decisions and scheming on what they read here. The family should adopt a pygmy from New Guinea. Imagine the personalization that this would achieve.

2486 days ago

bill burchard    

they need to sit down and work it out. they have 2 children,and too many years together.suck it up and work it out hulk.

2486 days ago


A close and strong family has the strength and the resiliency of each person; primarily the parents. Additionally, you can't make a strong (future) link out of the kids without teaching them responsibility for their actions.

Lying to the media, placing blame elsewhere, and covering over the facts with intentional falsehoods, in addition of trying to hide assets. Has to wear a family right down.

Maybe God is using the aftermath of the Bollea "family values" and the subsequent fall out of Nick's continued irresponsibility and selfishness to give the Bollea's the very best present ever; teaching them all the lessons that they never learned on their own. Hopefully they will listen and will emerge from this stronger, richer in spirit, and better people then the road that they were headed down before. (no pun intended, but will remain nonetheless).

As far as John Graziano, please God continue to watch over him.

Although I don't believe that God causes bad things to happen. Instances such as this tradedy, that's all on us with 'free will'. I firmly believe that God is always with us and just waiting for us to want to come to Him to seek his guidance and follow his precepts. Usually it's at a time of tradgedy and the twisted crumpled torment of our being - and then we break to the point of realizing that we can't do it alone. Through the grace of God; He is ALWAYS there to show us the right way. We just need to realize that and believe in it and to have faith, not believe in ourselves exlusively.

This is just in reference to the Bollea family and in no way a reflection on John Graziano. I wouldn't begin to presume to try to understand why John Graziano is in such a bad state. Only God knows. Additionally, I don't know what God wants for the Bollea's, but I do know that God is waiting to take control of the situation and make all things right. Not convenient for them, but right by the Graziano's, the State of Florida, etc.


2486 days ago

NICK'S new boy...Ben Dover    

Why does the Hulks wife always wear a bikini on the show YUCK!!!

Do they have mirrors in there house? or she needs glasses A.S.A.P

She thinks she is a STAR Only STAR she is, is on the walk of shame!!!

Brookey will be a stripper in a hot minute with that ego of hers!!

2486 days ago


Yes Nick, it is your fault your parents are getting divorced. You now have years of therapy to look forward to. Good job!

2486 days ago

NICK'S new boy...Ben Dover    

This is how stupid this family is...... they want to play us for fools.... just like they played there own towns city council trying to fool public and city awareness of there own bad parenting and bringing up a functional retard and a daughter that can't hold a note with both hands......

If Nick had a brain he would take it out and try and drive it!!!!

Brookey your FAT and look like a DUDE!!!!

2486 days ago


OK PPL >> in my opion I think we should leave the Hogans well enough alone,,,
What goes on in there "PERSONAL LIVES" is really none of our bussines. If they divorce they divorece if they dont they dont,, but we have much more to worry about in this world then the HOGANS ...

2486 days ago

Prophet Tim    

Trouble like this come to draw you closer to the Holy attention,please!

2486 days ago


Hey Hulkster,
Take a cue from Chris Benoit.

2486 days ago


#3, is being with a black guy suppose to be a putdown? I am 1/2 black and very offended by that comment. Shame on you.

2486 days ago


Adolf Hitler: "How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think."
Joseph Mengele, Nazi: "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.
...President George W. Bush, 18 Dec 2000...

2486 days ago


i think it's really sad to hear "strangers" making comments like you know them and whats really going on....
first of all, they've been married long enough to know if the marriage can work... how long have you guys been married????? why don't you get a real life and stop making comments about others. learn to say something positive about others, maybe this can be a better world

2486 days ago


she's just a gold digger! he should just dump her and move on. I hope they signed a pre nup so she'll only get her legal fees paid and nothing else.

2486 days ago


ok first off any divorce is sad!! second u can SO TELL thats brooke! This whole thing is sad but not surprising! Any people who do a reality tv show wind up going 2 divorce court. Next up: rev run n his wife Justine. I really think u people who have nothing but negative things 2 say and r saying u could care less shouldnt waste your "precious" time commenting!!

2486 days ago
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