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Mrs. Hogan: I Don't Want a Divorce!

11/26/2007 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even though it was Linda Bollea who dropped divorce papers on hubby Hulk Hogan last week, the 48 year-old celebuspouse is still hoping to save her marriage. Wait ... come again?!

"She keeps saying to him 'Can't we find a way to make this work?," a source close to the couple tells TMZ. "She doesn't want to see the family break up. She really wants to work it out with him. But it is like pushing up against a brick wall. She is heartbroken about it."

And the Hulkster's not so tickled about reports that he learned of the split from a Florida newspaper reporter.

"He actually heard it from his lawyer," we're told. "There was no surprise. It had been coming for a while. They have grown to be two different people. When hardships hit them, it really brings them down. And when they were finally hit with a real problem -- (son Nick, 17, is facing felony charges of reckless driving from an August car wreck) -- they just couldn't make it work."

Okay, now it makes sense.




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omgosh . thats pretty shocking. hes such a nice guy. i actually met the guy before and hes so sweet. what a gold digger.... [the wife]

2491 days ago


maybe she will do oldster porn to live now

2490 days ago

jeanne buckner    

I watch their show. LInda is constantly rude, making fun of her husband. All she does is shop, spend his money and wear enough makeup for 5 people. She looks and dresses like a tramp and he's better off. Brooke is hardworking but Nick is a spoiled rotten ass who needs to go to jail.

2490 days ago

hopelessly in love    

Come on guys do be so harsh on Linda and hulk, they are two people who love each other but are going thru some tough times... Theyhave gone thru this before they just need to go back thru counceling again and work this out... Remember hos come and go real love only shows up once in a life time...

2490 days ago


I hope they can work out their problems, I love this family. They need to quit focusing on their kids careers and let them fend for themselves. They need to focus on eachother. I they can work it out. Hey whoever said she was a fat slob needs to be slapped. She's a beautiful woman. They are great I love their reality show. Their kids need to be a little more self sufficient!! Good luck Hogans!

2490 days ago


its the reality show curse!

2490 days ago



2490 days ago


It seems to me the only parent that tries to do the right thing is Hulk. I have watched the show and he is very protective of Brooke and the way she is perceived by the public, unlike Britney Spears, who is wild and doesn't listen to anybody. I know the shows are staged, but his message usually is be famous, but be decent and do things the right way. Linda acts more immature than her kids. Not a very good influence on them at all. Instead of buying and wearing so much makeup and trying to look as much like Tammy Faye as she can, she should be taking care of the house and trying to save money instead of spend it. Hulk isn't young anymore and won't be able to make the millions he used to. Better start saving for a rainy day and old age.

It's time for Brooke to pay her own way and make it in show biz. Her dad paid millions to get her there. If she can't do it, then she needs to think of alternatives methods of income, going to school and getting a real job.

It's a shame Nick used such bad judgment in racing his car on the streets. It was eventually going to happen. At least his sister is trying to make something of herself. All I see Nick doing is sitting around and spending dad's money on his cars. He needs to get an education also and start thinking about the future. It's also too bad Graziano was too dumb to be in a car racing with an idiot and not have a seat belt on. He is partially at fault for his own injuries. It's not like he was 6 years old and didn't have a choice. Please teenagers, make note of this fact. Sealt belts save lives.

2490 days ago

Kawika 3    

Who CARES ????????

2490 days ago

As Usuall    

When a woman plays this card, 80 times out of 100, she has met another guy whispering what she wants to hear in her ear so he can get piece of the action. The infamouse sweater man. She's decided to go be romanced by her sweater man and will be using lots of Hulk's money to buy her new man sweaters.

Bottom line. Rash decisions made this quickly always have an outside factor and an escape plan to a new romance by the female. It is 80% likely. The "I want to patch things up, but he is not working with me!" is just another self created justification for her own foul play and her justification for taking him to the cleaners.

Depending on her self control and how slik the tabloid ad-men are, the sweater man will magically appear within less than a month or when the divorce is finallized and she gets her jackpot. Sorry to hear it Hulk! Good men always finish last in the heart of a non-sensical whak job like your soon to be ex-wife.

2490 days ago

Staten island    

I feel so sad for the family. 23 years together is a long time and it is sad to see them throw it all away. I hope they will back away from the spot light and try to work there problems out. good luck

2489 days ago

SID-MAN, Defender-Of-The-Underdog    

Hulk. If she wants to go let her go. Maybe it's the $ signs that's making the decisions. Just keep Nick out of jail and Brooke out of porn movies. Relax, play your favorite "Derringer" CD and remain a Real American, fighting for your rights. Your PAL, SID-MAN

2489 days ago


Linda does have some major leage boobies on her though. Anyone know how big those babies are?

2489 days ago


Can this be a tactic created by the attorneys so they (The Bolleas) "save" half of their assets from a possible lawsuit? That way she keeps half and then they will "reconcile" after it all subsides..... Can that be done?

2488 days ago

ME JUST ME!!    

This woman has been syphening money from the hulkster for years, is this not obvious!!?? Did anyone see the episode where he was trying to teach Brooke about money?? He refrenced the fact that tens of thousands of dollars has been missing every time he checked. I don't think that woman has worked a day in her life. Has she??? She is a grub!!

2482 days ago
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