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Nick Hogan Crash: 911 Tapes Released

11/26/2007 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The St. Petersburg Times has just posted 911 tapes recorded just moments after Nick Hogan crashed his Supra on a Clearwater, Fla. road. One caller can clearly be heard saying, "They were racing!"
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Hogan was driving on August 26 when he lost control and hit a palm tree. His friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured in the accident. He suffered permanent brain damage and is now in a vegetative state.


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2520 days ago

Jo Jo    

They were racing....duh.

2520 days ago

Get Real    

Someone better do something about all of these priveleged white kids doing all this damage in their expensive cars. There are special units to follow rappers around, but I'd rather take on a strapped 50 Cent then pull up to a red light and see one of these kids sitting there!

2520 days ago


Wow what a shocker!

2520 days ago

whatca gona do    

i hope the law nails this guy imagine your son screwed up badley at the hands of a too rich to care jerk

2520 days ago


This is another child that made a huge mistake. We ALL do stupid things. Unfortunately, he's in the public eye so EVERYONE gets to throw rocks at his glass house. Hopefully, his mstake will teach others.

2520 days ago


Why is Nick the functional retard allowed to have a Florida drivers license? He could not graduate from High School, in Florida.

2520 days ago


If nick was racing he showed go to jail... for that mani feel sorry for them bracking up the hogans..

2520 days ago

just wondering    

...there u go, case closed!...hope he receives the appropriate punishment and at the very least loses his license until he grows up!

2520 days ago


He should be tried for attempted murder.
And his comatose friends' family should sue him for every penny.

2520 days ago


Poor Hulk, married to Linda the imbecile, his children are Brooke the slam pig and Nick the retard. He should let Linda have the divorce, move and start over.

2520 days ago


this meat head ruined an entire family's life. and his mother promotes this stupidity. racing is not an accident.

2520 days ago


I can't believe how long it took them to answer the telephone once the 911 operator tried to transfer the first caller. Gotta love our tax dollars at work!

2520 days ago


all of this rich, spoiled kids need to be taught a lesson. mommy and daddy baby them to much. the parents are also to blame they know what kind of car he has. what did they think it was going to be used for. they should lock him up. if it was someone not famous black or hispanic we would be in jail right now

2520 days ago


So, presumably, Hulk and Linda were already separated when this accident happened...Was Nick living with Hulk then?

2520 days ago
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