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Nick Hogan Crash: 911 Tapes Released

11/26/2007 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The St. Petersburg Times has just posted 911 tapes recorded just moments after Nick Hogan crashed his Supra on a Clearwater, Fla. road. One caller can clearly be heard saying, "They were racing!"
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Hogan was driving on August 26 when he lost control and hit a palm tree. His friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured in the accident. He suffered permanent brain damage and is now in a vegetative state.


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Harshness!!! Calm down, don't go having a stroke now.
I Quote you: "The Hogans are all LIARS and they tried to shift the blame to the victim! Just how stupid are you? All the Hogans deserve to go to jail, but because they are celebs."
And you are calling me stupid, WTF! Are you Retarded?

Posted at 7:39PM on Nov 26th 2007 by Janice

And yet, he speaks the truth.

2523 days ago


Ok, well this is gonna be a blast of logic for all the morons out there. The friend was not wearing his seat belt (to say "don't blame it on the seat belt" is pretty f'in rediculous and retarded). What usually happens when a bad car accident happens and the person isn't wearing a seat belt.... They go ouchy ;`(. Now, are we halfway certain his friend knew what a seat belt was and what it was for? Hmm, I'd go with yes. Especially being in a very high powered car with another teenager driving? Common sense. The kid knew what he was doing without putting the seat belt on.

Another part is.. For any of you out there who has a nice car and has some friends without nice cars.. How do they react? They egg you on endlessly to race the next guy.. They egg you on endlessly to drive a bit faster... We all know this... There is only a small majority of people who actually care about safety, and unfortunately for Nicks friend he was not one of them (no seat belt prooves he didn't care about his safety).

To blame this on Nick and say he should go to jail is just stupid and ignorant. The kid did it to himself by not wearing his seat belt.

However, Nick SHOULD lose his license for illegal racing as the rest of us "normal" people would, but to put him in jail over an accident is stupid and a waste of my money.

Posted at 8:07PM on Nov 26th 2007 by Damien

First of all, the only proof that he was not wearing a seatbelt is Nicks word, and we all know how reliable that has proven to be. Second, there is no proof that John was, as you say, egging him on, other than, oh, that's right, Nicks word. Third, It was found that John had a bruise across his chest that could only have been made by a seatbelt forced against his chest upon sudden impact. Fourth, the injury he sustained was such that wearing a seatbelt or not, would not have been of any signifigance to the injury. You should do your homework before you post. I did.

2523 days ago


it is such a "no brainer", of course Nick was racing. The interesting thing that sticks in my mind is how Hulk got on television and was quick to state how he asked Nick if "this was the result of racing"..Hulk then said when Nick said "it wasn't" that he thanks god because it was just an accident and wasn't due to street racing"...odd, odd, odd how Hulk was so very sure to emphasize that point..of course everyone knows a man is now in a vegatative state because Nick thinks he is a race car driver. I don't need to go into Linda's little denial and I can imagine she is humiliated beyond imagination..if she is smart enough to know she should be humiliated. Oh, and Kathy #7, how come Nick is just a kid NOW and a few months ago was an adult old enough to turn professional. This accident was the result of irresponsibility and drinking..if we can even call it an accident.

2523 days ago


A seatbelt COULD have slightly lessened the injuries but, look at that car. There is no way a seatbelt would have saved him from being a vegetable. This was no accident, this was stupidity and carelessness pure and simple. That dumba%% boy broke the law, he wasn't worried about his safety, his passengers nor the general public. This isn't the first time his driving has gotten him in trouble. Driving is a huge responsible and if you can't drive responsibly ride a bicycle.

2523 days ago

hello, it    

To blame this on Nick and say he should go to jail is just stupid and ignorant. The kid did it to himself by not wearing his seat belt.
You are kidding, right?! If not, your IQ is right up there with Nick's. In this type of accident, a seatbelt did not matter. The headrest broke off because of the force of the crash, and the post went into John's skull.

2523 days ago



Ok, are you reallyyyyyyyy as dumb as your posts make you out to be, cause ya sureeeeeee are convincing be beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just like Nicks guilt.

PS: Read post #47, dumbass.

2523 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

Well, I guess we finally know what kills Hulkamania...


2523 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

you can sue,but the kid dont have a thing,no parents no freinds,what you going to get?his dad is a idiot,his moms is a dumb hoe,his sister has no talent,and he has no career,TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET?,THE KID IS NOT EVEN IN FLA,HE IS IN HOLLYWOOD UNDER MAMA SKIRT, RACING THE COPS AND BEING STUPID,MAMA PROBLEY BOUGHT THE BOOZE

2523 days ago


No one else thought it was hilarious to hear the woman ordering? Damn, she was persistant about getting the kid the Red Superman!

Nick is an idiot, it's obvious they let him do whatever the hell he wanted while Brooke couldn't even walk outside by herself.

Can you say gender specific standards?

Can you say he's going to get his a$$ handed to him in jail?

Can you say Red Superman? BROTHER!

2523 days ago

david melchor    

Hey Bulkomaniac i told you to do a Chris Benoit on that family of yours on that stupid show of yours....RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS....hahahahahahahahaha

2523 days ago


Let's see, Linda gets half, John's family gets the other half--looks like these dumb kids are FINALLY going to have to work if they want anything else from now on!

2523 days ago


how long does it take to get ahold of the police? geez.....enough phone rings? don't blame the victim, yeah he should have worn a seatbelt but nick shouldn't have been drinking and driving or even drinking at all at his age.

2523 days ago


Hey Hulk, nice try!! Speeding, racing, drinking... and can I assume by you ass hats trying to get the car back (un -searched) that there was some illegal drugs in whats left of the car too???!

2523 days ago

Monica Melody    

I watched Hogan Knows Best.

Each time I did, I noted neither Brooke or Nick ever had any responsibility.

Neither of them went to school, never did any homework, never read a book, never did a chore. IE: Take out the garbage, make their bed, do the dishes, set the table for dinner etc. etc.. Both are spoiled rotten and indulged. Their parents, who are as far from intellectual as you can get , did them no favors by creating an atmosphere of extreme privledge ......................while doing nothing to earn it.

Nick had no regard for human life or the law. His Dads celebrity, his Dads money and his Dads lawyers kept Nick out of jail, but only for so long. He could and should serve as many as 5 years in jail. He has no remorse or understanding of the pain and suffering he has caused. In my opinion he is a self centered, spoiled, brat.. It was just a matter of time before he would seriously injure or kill someone. It is difficult to say but, John Graziano would be better off dead then to live the rest of his life hooked up to machines, with brain damage in a vegitative state. May God bless him and his family.

2523 days ago


Does anyone else see how ironic it is that Hulk, who got famous being a wrestler. Which has NOTHING to do with reality. Stars on a reality show, which again, after watching it a few times, appears to have little to do with reallity as I see it. Sees this incident(its no accident) with absolutely NO REALITY!! I mean really, look how Hulk and the whole family has behaved themselves during this entire event!! HULK: I'M GLAD NICK WAS'NT SPEEDING/RACING// NICK: JOHN'S BODY IS PERFECT JUST A BOO BOO ON HIS HEAD,NO SEATBELT.

2523 days ago
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