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Nick Hogan Crash: 911 Tapes Released

11/26/2007 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The St. Petersburg Times has just posted 911 tapes recorded just moments after Nick Hogan crashed his Supra on a Clearwater, Fla. road. One caller can clearly be heard saying, "They were racing!"
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Hogan was driving on August 26 when he lost control and hit a palm tree. His friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured in the accident. He suffered permanent brain damage and is now in a vegetative state.


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why didn't tmz put that 1st comment on kanye west's mother page???? i bet this is not on wacky and weird!!!!!!!!!!11

2525 days ago


All anyone wants is this irrepsonsible kid/parents to be held accountable for their actions. You really think little Nikki is being treated like any other kid.........hmm apparetnly you havent heard seen or read about the two poor white boys on trial for MURDER for the death of one's prom date while drag racing, home from the prom. Not manslaughter....MURDER, while the litlle hulskter still has his driver's license?? Absolutely frigging amazing. This is such a manipulative bunch, it causes me to wonder if the divorce will somehow protect assetts from a very apparent pending law suit.........

2525 days ago


To #57 Monica are so right. I didn't watch much of the shows as I found them to be so asinine. Brooke and Nick are undereducated, immature brats. Who would ever want to have parents who don't teach you responsibility, respect and morality. I too agree that as hard as it is to say, letting John go would be a blessing for him. And I know the agony of that decision. This senseless tragedy could have been avoided but it is too late now for John and all of his loved ones. And i sincerely doubt that Nick even gets what he has done. He has gone on with his life, insipid as it is. As for his parents, well they will reap what they have sowed hopefully. Their son has put a human being in a prison he never asked for...the living death and for those of you like Damien who don't get it, I hope you never have to see anyone you love in that condition. Will you be as forgiving and have all the lame excuses you are giving for Nick? I bet not. He is 17....not 7. A 17 year old knows that death is final...he is no child. He took on the responsibility of driving..and that is not a is a responsibilty and when you cause grave bodily damage or death you are responsible.

2525 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Janice, upon further reflection, you are still an IDIOT! Help was there very quickly and the delay was only about getting a statement of a witness, which is usually put on the back burner. You can even hear sirens in the background. Even your supposed counter-argument made no sense. You must be a huge fan of the Hogans, which would explain your stupidity, but doesn't excuse it. Yeah, blame a quick response time for his head injury. Go back to watching wraslin' and their cutting edge, real life story lines.

2525 days ago



2525 days ago


Re: 45. Ok, well this is gonna be a blast of logic for all the morons out there. The friend was not wearing his seat belt (to say "don't blame it on the seat belt" is pretty f'in rediculous and retarded). What usually happens when a bad car accident happens and the person isn't wearing a seat belt.... They go ouchy ;`(. Now, are we halfway certain his friend knew what a seat belt was and what it was for? Hmm, I'd go with yes. Especially being in a very high powered car with another teenager driving? Common sense. The kid knew what he was doing without putting the seat belt on.

To blame this on Nick and say he should go to jail is just stupid and ignorant. The kid did it to himself by not wearing his seat belt.

Nick wasn't only endangering John Graziano. He was endangering everyone on the road, so the seatbelt thing is not that relevant.

2525 days ago


# 63 Sanity Lost; a.k.a. Linda or Brooke

Holly crap Nick SHOULD live with this and never forget it! He's alive and right now I'm thinking that's pretty damn good compared to John and his family. God help us all if Nick is ever allowed to drive again. His parents should thank God that they have had such priveledge. Linda should go back to waitressing and Hulk should just shut up and take his no good family with him. I'm infuriated all the more each and every time anyone posts anything negative about the victim.

2525 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Sanitylost fits you! Nick was a menace on the streets. It was only a matter of time before he seriously hurt someone! He felt that the streets were his own private racetrack! So did the whole family. Even the sister was a part of it, so all were into it. Then they go and lie about everything in their lives! The divorce, the crash, and the blame! They are all lying losers! Now they have a victim because of their actions! They are a menace to society and it is unfortunate that it took someone's life to possibly stop them- at least we hope! They deserve each and every insult hurled at them and much more!

2525 days ago


How long before Nick is wearing lipstick, pigtails, earring and has PRAG tatooed on his forhead. He will be the pass around F toy in no time.

2525 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

FIBiker, one can only hope that he does enough time to make this happen! But being big money celebs, it will probably mean minimal, if any time and special treatment even if he does serve time. I wonder what kind of car his pops will buy him this time? I hope he gets a superfast bike on bad tires with no helmet! They should be tied to a bed, blindfolded and gagged and injected with a muscle paralytic agent for a month or so! Maybe then they'll be able to finally empathize with John.

2525 days ago


Sanity Lost;

The insult comes hand in hand with the blame that is all squarely on Nick!

Next thing we'll see the Hogan's saying that 'John had a gun to poor innocent Nick's head telling him to drift as fast as he can so that he could take all of Nick's hard earned money out of an ATM or he'd shoot poor little Nick (cause that's what hardened Marines do for a good time) Oh, and why we're at it, maybe we'll be lucky enough to hear them say how Nick tried sooo hard to tell John "No" to holding up a liquor store all the while John poured 90 proof alcohol down his fat little face.

I mean really, just when I think that this family can't possibly become any more dense and hard hearted... they just surprise me all over again!


2525 days ago


I don't want that functional retard Nick on the same streets I drive. I saw the show once, he could not communicate effectively with adults, has slow wit, lethargic and has the social skills of a 10 year old. It was no surprise when they said he could not graduate from a public high school, even in Florida.

2525 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

These wild teenagers are going to kill someone if you ask me. Where have their parents failed them?

2525 days ago


Penelope and Damien - Would you be so forgiving if that was your son, brain dead and in the hospital? Let's take Graziano out of the equation for a minute. Nick was racing, we all know it. What if you were walking down the street with your infant in a stroller and Nick lost control of his car and killed your baby? Still want to pity him? The way he was driving was putting EVERYONES lives in danger.

When you get behind the wheel of a car, it carries certain responsibilities. If you kill someone while driving recklessly and negligently (racing) it's YOUR fault, regardless of intention. I'm sure Nick never meant to hurt his friend, but through his OWN actions he did. That makes it Nick's fault REGARDLESS of whether or not Graziano was wearing a seatbelt. When someone is maimed or killed because of another's recklessness, jail time is appropriate.

All the good intentions in the world are not going to bring back his friend, but doing time sends a strong message to Nick and to street racers everywhere - if you street race and you kill someone, you WILL be held accountable. So don't do it.

2525 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

I firmly believe all the comments on all this web site blogs defending Nick and in any way blaming the victim(john) were put there by someone in the Hogan family trying desperately to turn the tide of public opinion in their favor. Anyone can get on these sites and use a false screen name....

2525 days ago
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