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Nick Hogan Crash: 911 Tapes Released

11/26/2007 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The St. Petersburg Times has just posted 911 tapes recorded just moments after Nick Hogan crashed his Supra on a Clearwater, Fla. road. One caller can clearly be heard saying, "They were racing!"
Click to hear!
Hogan was driving on August 26 when he lost control and hit a palm tree. His friend, 22-year-old John Graziano, was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured in the accident. He suffered permanent brain damage and is now in a vegetative state.


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To averyone defending the little Prick Nick - seatbelt or not - if you take street racing out of this equation - we would not be hear debating fault!!

In other words... Had Nick not been racing, John would not be a vegitable!!!!

2493 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

# 72--SanityLost. You're a total idiot. I have a Corvette and I don't even take off until my passenger is belted up and that loser went racing without his passenger belted up?. If I do any racing it's never with anyone in my car to take with me should i lose it and I NEVER race in any areas where harm can come to anyone but myself. As dunb as it was for the passenger not to belt up it was totally irresponsible in Hogan's part to race, let alone drive, with a passenger not belted up. Perhaps it doesn't matter in your mini-van but a lot can happen fast when you're going 160mph plus!

2493 days ago


before you jump down my throat for mispelling - i meant everyone!

2493 days ago


this family is a disgrace! this stupid idiot kid should be locked up! Too bad he didnt die in the accident lord knows he is the one that deserved to!

2493 days ago


nick should have to spend 40 hour a week the rest of his life so he can see what his action of horsing around cause's and see how the other guy has to spend the rest of his life it only fair nick spends 40 hour week watch over and help the other guys needs NICK YOU CAUSE IT and i hope nick never drives again and linda your lucky hulk put up with your chit this long your lucky she left you terry no real guy wan her spoiled azz and as we all seen terry your mom saw threw her too you'll be better off you'll see

2493 days ago


First of all, the only proof that he was not wearing a seatbelt is Nicks word, and we all know how reliable that has proven to be. Second, there is no proof that John was, as you say, egging him on, other than, oh, that's right, Nicks word. Third, It was found that John had a bruise across his chest that could only have been made by a seatbelt forced against his chest upon sudden impact. Fourth, the injury he sustained was such that wearing a seatbelt or not, would not have been of any signifigance to the injury. You should do your homework before you post. I did.

Posted at 8:18PM on Nov 26th 2007 by Spurs

where did you get your info about the brusies on his chest

2493 days ago


Pray for the families, money won't help this tragedy-- Nick is like any other young man, mistakes are made by all our kids. I ask God for a miracle for the injured man, also that Nick forgives himself.

2493 days ago


Nick, from now on, if/when you EVER are allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle AGAIN, be sure to give the passengers the courtesy of reminding them to buckle up. You put your seatbelt on! But you could not even remind your passenger to put his on - and now all you have to say is ......"duh, he should have put his seatbelt on.......I did, duh....der....dum...then he wouldn't have hit his head."

2493 days ago

hello, it    

also that Nick forgives himself.

Posted at 4:59AM on Nov 27th 2007 by libby

Nick forgive himself? He thinks he's done nothing wrong!

2493 days ago


First off I am the Father of a Mentally Challanged Son and there is no need to refer to Nick as a retard. Immature is more appropriate. Secondly, whats with all the racism? Two families were reuined because of his actions, for those of you that want to defend him by saying it was an accident...HE WAS RACING thats a choice not an accident.
If you ask me this is a result of the reality show, they seemed to be normal adjusted kids when the show first aired, towards the end they were spoiled BRATS.........
My heart goes out to the Graziano Family......

2493 days ago


you guys have every right to voice your own opinion, no doubt about that. but really, if it weren't for the fact that you guys probably didn't like nick to begin with, you wouldn't have such a jacked up view of the situation. The headrest came out of the seat and the pole went thru his head... right?? that could have happened in a random wreck, and instead it happened however people are gonna want you to believe it did here. I just don't see much reason to go on a freakin witch-hunt just to make an example of the kid. It was an accident. there is no amount of money or jail-time that will bring John back to a normal state. WTF guys

2493 days ago


Oh, and I don't drive a minivan :)

2493 days ago


I live near Clearwater and I can tell you this has been tragic. There are no winners here no matter what the outcome with Nick.

2493 days ago

blah blah blah etc    

nick should go to jail, and the other guy should have worn his seatbelt..serves em both right for being stupid! as for hulk hogan, he needs to drop his spoiled, arrogant family and marry someone respectful!

2493 days ago


Well said SanityLost.

2493 days ago
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