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Oprah Threatened Again by Ex-Staffer's Slings

11/26/2007 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey might've thought she was done with an alleged extortionist who threatened to expose some secrets about her management style -- after he was charged with extortion. Not quite.

Page Six reports that Keifer Bonvillain, who was cleared of federal extortion charges by an Illinois court, is now on the attack again, trying to get his supposed tell-all sold via the Internet. Bonvillain allegedly tried to sell secret tapes that an ex-staffer at Harpo Productions made to O for $1.5 million, and was arrested last year.

The ex-staffer has made allegations of discrimination at O's production company. Oprah didn't return the Post's calls for comment.

Tara – Sacked for Being Stinky?

Tara Reid isn't going to be on "Scrubs" anymore, and the show's creator says that she was his "least favorite" co-star.

But, why? Rush & Molloy say that Bill Lawrence blabbed at a recent New York Comedy Festival event that it was because she smoked cigarettes, and because -- let's put it this way -- the aura of her previous night's festivities lingered the next day. (Reid's rep didn't comment.)

At least someone remembers who she is, unlike these people on Robertson Boulevard.

Party Favors: Seinfeld Gets Royal Reception ... Superman Gets His Lois Lane ... "Lost" Star Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Jerry Seinfeld went to Israel to shill for "Bee Movie" and got treated like a visiting head of state, meeting both the President and the Prime Minister, reports the AP. ... "Superman" star Brandon Routh married his longtime sweetheart Courtney Ford, reports People, in Santa Barbara. No capes or tights were worn, say sources. ... "Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge on Friday in Hawaii. He was popped by cops Oct. 25 when an officer spotted him driving erratically.


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I have to agree with #14. I don't think it does any politician any good to use a celebrity to help them get elected. It's a wild card at best to align yourself with someone that famous. There are always people who either love or hate any performer and it would be wise to just let your campaign stand on its own merit.

But that's just my opinion...

Personally, I think Oprah has migrated out of the land of normal life and what "we the people" think about, worry about and need in a government official. Let's face it, she can afford anything in the world. What does she care about health care, taxes, Social Security etc.

2522 days ago


I agree with post #2...either Harvey is gay or he has a lot of gay staff members. That article a few days ago about Lance Bass's ex new man was just ridiculous and disgusting.

2522 days ago


Tara probably smells like doo-doo and curds. She is a female Pigpen.

2522 days ago


There was an episode of Scrubs where she was constantly smoking and repelling JD with the smell.

2522 days ago


I am very proud of Oprah, she is a very smart lady and has reached great heights in her life, but I think that she needs to stay out of politics. I heard some comments on TV that really disturbed me, it was said that most women will follow Oprah because of who she is, and vote for Barack Obama I totally disagree with this, I would like to think that most women have a mind of their own and can make their own decision about who they want to vote for. She has never endorsed any candidate before this is all about race, She wants to put a black man in the White House and be able to say that she put him there, no matter that he has no experience in foreign policy, and has only been in the Senate 2 years. At this point in our lives, when things are an absolute mess, we really need someone in the White House who has been there, has the experience and know how to run this country the way it should be run. Too bad Oprah can't see beyond color.

2522 days ago


Reply: Posted at 4:10PM on Nov 26th 2007 by Dee

I agree with you, Dee. I think Oprah wants to back a candidate that she thinks she can influence in the political arena. And she would really pat herself on the back if she could get a black man into the Office of the Presidency of the United States. You are right on the mark with your observation. While I like Obama, he has very little experience in Washington politics and was only senator for 2 years. If I was from the state of Illinois, I'd be pissed that I voted for a guy that only used the position to run for president, not be the Senator for the Great State of Illinois. Seriously, what has he done for Illinois anyway?

I think that while many of these woman love Oprah when she's recommending a book or giving away free stuff, the politics talk changes everything. Will these women vote for a black man over a white woman or a handsome white man who has run for President before (John Edwards)? It's hard to say, but I think the Iowa elections will be a rude awakening for Oprah...she is going to find out that she's not as "important" to the general public as her publicists and Yes-People make her out to be. I don't think Obama is going to do as well as people think...remember Howard Dean? He was hot until Iowa and then boom! He imploded. Just keep that in mind these next few weeks...

2521 days ago


Op;rah is having a bad year

2521 days ago


chicks smoking such a turn off...and with tara the smell of booze is added,,,

2521 days ago


Ok, grow up. It does not take a great brain to figure out the Tara thing. I worked in a convinience store for several years and you could "smell" who partied all night. It is gross. If you are not a big bar person, it is hard to smell that all day. If you are not a smoker, you can smell a smoker without even looking up. Come on, doen't take a genius to figure out why no one wants to work with that!

2521 days ago


Doesn't anyone find it odd that Oprah is now being subjected to negative accusations just when she gets involved in politics........via the endorsement of Obama? They need to change the expression to Hell hath no furry like a PO'd republican......

2521 days ago
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