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Bollea Eyewitness: "They Were Racing!"

11/27/2007 8:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater police today released 911 calls made to dispatchers by witnesses to the Nick Hogan (aka Bollea) crash that left his friend John Graziano in critical condition.
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Hogan was driving a yellow Toyota Supra on the night of August 26. One caller described the scene by saying, "The yellow car ... he, he lost control of the car. It flipped over and everything."

Another caller told dispatch she saw Hogan's car pull up next to a silver car and acknowledge the other driver. When the light turned green, the caller says the two cars "hauled ass."

Graziano is still in a coma at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

Police also released their full crash investigation report. Click here to read.


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Ummm. Have you heard Nick speak? Having him talk to John 24/7 might be considered cruel and unusual punishment!

2460 days ago


And Terry wants some privacy for himself and the family? After all the asinine comments each and every member of his family made concerning the wreck, John's medical condition and putting them on reality show for 4 he wants privacy. If it all wasn't so tragic it would be funny. My heart goes out to the Graziano family....God help them. The high price of fame Mr. and Mrs. Hogan...not Bollea...but Hogan this time. Was it worth it? I think not. Accident my butt.....wreckless driving and racing while under the influence? Oh yeah.

2460 days ago

s c o r n    

Hey what happened to the post that showed little Nicky buying lots of beer and not getting carded right before the accident? That one came down real fast.

2460 days ago


ummm gazoo - it is known to be theraputic to talk to coma patients!

2460 days ago

He's Boring now    

May the Hogan name---every one of them, be forever linked with things of treachery, deceit, greed, selfishness, phoneyness, and now lawlesness.

Sorry but each one of them brought each of those ingredients to themselves.

No more Hogans in the limelight, spotlight or racing from a stoplight.

Divorce, Career, Freedom are now all at stake for each of them by their own doing.

I didnt wish this upon them, I used to like them until seeing the light.

2460 days ago


Hmmm...whoever owns that store where he bought the booze ILLEGALLY won't ever own another thing. The snowball effect is beginning to take hold now. When I saw the picture of little Nicky and his Ma-Ma on their SHOPPING jaunt, I was sick. Heartless bastards every one. Now, was it really worth it? I think not. They all should be locked up and forgotten, just like they have forgotten his "friend". As far as Hulk Hogan asking for "privacy" during this time with the divorce and little Nicky being a bad boy, well, news flash. Your REALITY show JUST STARTED.

2460 days ago

Christy M    

I really don't get the point of street racing??? Can some one please clue me in!! I know Nick Hogan never wanted this to happen but he needs man up and take care of thisand take blame for what he did. and for Jonh my prayers are with you. and I am studying forensic Sciences at loyola and just from lookjng at the pics of the car and just knowing a lil info from what I have read I do know if a seatblet woudl have mattered in Johns case do to the type if impact it was but I am only a 2nd year.....So I could be way off

2460 days ago


Nick was doin underage drinking, illegal street racing , speeding, and if John God Forbids dies Vechicular Manslaughter but since he is a Hogan he will walk scott free and U got his clown looking mom promoting street racing this kid deserves punishment if it were someone unfamous that person would be behind bars

2460 days ago


Retarded people should not be out without supervision let alone behind a wheel!! This young man is mildly retarded, he needs a leash, not a car!

2460 days ago


Yeah, it's a sad mess all around, and I can see why so many of you are outraged by the Bollea's attitude about this. Total disgrace.
The bottom line is: when you are behind the wheel, the responsibility for what happens is all on you. Doesn't matter if you are 17 and a functional retard, no excuses.

2460 days ago


Ummmmm Fred, do you get a JOKE? I know it's therapeutic to talk to coma patients, but if you were in a coma would you want Nick blathering at you 24/7? Here's the conversation: "so dude, like me and my supra friends were out racing again and you know, we saw some babes, and like dude they were hot and like we wanted to go racing with them and like they were like oh Nick you're so cute and like dude I was like come on let's race and they were like...."

2460 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

This other guy was also illegally racing so why is it all Nicks fault???

2460 days ago

s c o r n    


It's what stupid careless boys like to do, especially if they don't get any sex. They like to think they are invincible and driving fast is like a drug, and that's where the danger lies. You can go 100MPH today, and you think, that's no big deal, maybe tomorrow I'll do 120. And sooner or later, you lose control and someone dies.

2460 days ago


Britney's looking for a new driver???? Mebbers Nicky can try out for that job, kill two birds with one stone....

2460 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

we all knew he was racing,and we know his parents are on the splits,we know there bad parents,we know that he is not living in fla,when is TMZ,going to report some news,this is old news,like history,the guys is going to be a vegi for life,we know that he wont go to jail,we know insurance will pay,he will go on his merry way and life will be good,NEWS PEOPLE WE NEED NEWS

2460 days ago
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