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Bollea Eyewitness: "They Were Racing!"

11/27/2007 8:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater police today released 911 calls made to dispatchers by witnesses to the Nick Hogan (aka Bollea) crash that left his friend John Graziano in critical condition.
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Hogan was driving a yellow Toyota Supra on the night of August 26. One caller described the scene by saying, "The yellow car ... he, he lost control of the car. It flipped over and everything."

Another caller told dispatch she saw Hogan's car pull up next to a silver car and acknowledge the other driver. When the light turned green, the caller says the two cars "hauled ass."

Graziano is still in a coma at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

Police also released their full crash investigation report. Click here to read.


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Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

At least Nick has it on tape that his car smoked the yellow car. lol

2530 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Love it. That chick just said hauled a**. lol

2530 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

scorn, thank so very much for that enlightening info.

2530 days ago


I hope Nick Hogan goes to hell.

The complete and utter BS from his parents (who have already proven to be liars) is nothing more than a slap in the face for this poor injured kid. Sure Hulk and Ho, Nick wasnt speeding - HELLO - yes of course - damage to that car was caused by doing 35.


2530 days ago

gotta getta life    

Graziano got into that car willingly, KNOWING Nick's driving record. He should have worn his seatbelt. Nick wore his and he is ok. It's a shame he is dead (for all intents and purposes he died that night), but damn! He wasn't some 12 year old co-erced into getting into the car.

2530 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

#28 because you are responsable for operating you car in a safe manner,you stupid mf,#28 is a forrest gump in disguise,how stupid can you be

2530 days ago


Okay everyone needs to chill the heck out.

Sure this kid was racing, and YES his freind wasn't wearing a seat belt.

But if any of you had a VERY fast sports car, you wouldn't push it, even a little. Your all full of crap, if you said no. And that's a fact, to each and every one of you.

So here is this iraq war vet, older than nick. Nick is trying to impress him. So he drag races cause he's a "slidy car guy (whatever it's called)" The iraq war vet thinks he's too cool to wear seat belts. IT"S BOTH THIER FAULTS.

To the people who want nick to sit by this guys side day in day out. Okay, that's a little much. I know for a fact even you wouldn't do that, we all have lives.
I love the hypocrites on this page. LOL, your all a bunch of morons.

Sure, it would be nice of nick to visit him once a week or every two weeks. But this is reality folks, not even you would do such a thing. A coma is a coma.

Nick is wrong, but the other guy was older and should have worn his seat belts. Nick should say he's wrong, but which one of you would admit that in court. Cuase each of you would say to yourself, lie and get off. Cause you can't help your freind in can you.

So can we please stop berating this nick guy. You all sound pathetic. like whiney children. It is both thier faults. And he's not doing a darn thing you wouldn't do. So stop lying to yourselves.

2530 days ago


Hulk: "You'd better learn how to drive safely; you drive WAY too fast, you're gonna crash one day."
As for who he injured, doesn't matter who he is, he's in a GD coma! A life is a life, no matter if he's a "soldier's son" or not...geez, isn't life precious no matter what?? I'm sick of people catagorizing folks as to the war. GD!!!! I SAY GD!!

2530 days ago


gazoo... so sorry - i get it now! (de de de)!! I also like your other comment volunteering Nick to drive for Britney!! That one was funny!!

2530 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

#38 please refer to post #39.

2530 days ago


he needs 2 never drive again.

2530 days ago


The "accident" was just that - an accident. While Nick Bollea and his passenger may well have been racing, what happened was an accident. There could not have been a "race" unless the other driver participated. Could Nick Bollea or his passenger have known what would happen? I think not.

In any event, Nick Bollea must live with the consequences of what was probably an impulsive decision - and that, in itself, is a horrible situation. His friend is in a coma and now he's got the bloggers assessing BLAME. Since when are there so many righteous people who've never made one "bad" move??

2530 days ago

This seems made up    

This all sounds made up to me. I just have an issue believing in the authenticity of this recording. I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ would make something like this up. Don't get me wrong I am not defending this young man by any means, of course I don't have as strong of feelings as some other people seem to have. I do think that many people like to revel in certain peoples misfortunes, especially those who have been more blessed than they are. Is this kid a clown for what he did and how he has always carried himself....of course. Does his mom seem like a money hungry gold digger........of course. Is his sister hot as hell........of course. But this is unfortunate for everyone, especially the young man who was hurt. Congrats to you TMZ for finding a way to cash in on should be proud of yourselves.

2530 days ago

s c o r n    


Nick was the driver. What is the first thing that is taught to children when they take driver's education in high school? That the driver is responsible for the safety of all the occupants of the car.

I have owned fast cars, and yes I did push it once in a while, but I did NOT have passengers, and I was NOT drinking and I did NOT do it on a public, crowded street. And Nick did all of those things, you moron.

So did the Hogans pay you to come here, or are you just a complete pinhead yourself?

2530 days ago


biggunsar - you are PATHETIC too!!! It was only quoted by Nick and family that John was NOT wearing a seat belt!!! MORON!!!

I guess we'll have to see what comes out in the trial!

2530 days ago
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