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Bollea Eyewitness: "They Were Racing!"

11/27/2007 8:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater police today released 911 calls made to dispatchers by witnesses to the Nick Hogan (aka Bollea) crash that left his friend John Graziano in critical condition.
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Hogan was driving a yellow Toyota Supra on the night of August 26. One caller described the scene by saying, "The yellow car ... he, he lost control of the car. It flipped over and everything."

Another caller told dispatch she saw Hogan's car pull up next to a silver car and acknowledge the other driver. When the light turned green, the caller says the two cars "hauled ass."

Graziano is still in a coma at the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

Police also released their full crash investigation report. Click here to read.


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lock his dumb ass up

2529 days ago


he needs 2 get in da ring wid daddy and get an ass whippin.

2529 days ago


Moron... you mean if I say something nice I get a free grill?

2529 days ago


I wasn't insulting you scorn - i lead off as Moron in jest!

2529 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

To all those who say this was an 'accident': If someone gets in a car and repeatedly drives drunk and then finally has a crash and seriously hurts someone, do you still consider this to be an 'accident'? Racing is every bit as dangerous and premeditated in its' risk to everyone within range. Using your logic, would it be an accident if someone left a loaded gun in the house and children got a hold of the gun and someone was shot? Think about it!

2529 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

#44 nick didnt graduate high school,how stupid can any one be,he didnt take drivers ed,it was a elective,he already knew how to drive,driver ed id for people that cant drive,dam,i must be a moron

2529 days ago

gazoo just made an adjustment to one of their words in light of Nick's stupidity>

Three results for moron:

1. A person is is notably stupid or lacking in good judgement
2. Nick Hogan
3. People who defend Nick Hogan

2529 days ago


LOL @ new update!

2529 days ago


#68 I agree but you forgot:

#4. Nick Hogan's mom

2529 days ago


HAHAHHAA the car was removed by BJ's Towing Service according to the police report!

Those are initials Nick will become quite familiar with, I'm sure.

2529 days ago


lol too funny gazoo

2529 days ago


I think the "divorce" comes at a right time... if this divorce needed a rerason then this is it.
Huckster racing?? Wouldn't surprise me. And who was it at the scene of the crime saying eyewitnesses, didn't see Huckster at the scene of the crime. How did he know nick was in an accident "minutes" after the accident?

I smell a cover up!
the graziano family better have a lawyer who hates, these no talent hacks putting people's lives in jeopardy!
So turn the lights out on the "New" American Juice Squeezers" Huckster may just be out of work! I hope!
Wow it's amazing what home schooling does to our youth!
If this is the outcome, then please stand by your,board of education, and support the teachers, please!!! you don't want a no talent,no account, loser like "slick" nick, and brooke tiny, a total peroxide blond phoney! I hope she can find a new career? waitress?? might suit her!

Just kidding,

2529 days ago


800 bucks for a blood test...ouch

2529 days ago


LOL I just got done reading the police report and observed the "BJ" towing service!!!

Too funny!!!

2529 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

gazoo, makes me wonder if when Nick 'meats' his new husband in prison, is his husband gonna be yelling 'Whacha gonna do' as the marriage is consummated?

2529 days ago
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