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Britney and the Chinese Babies: The Inner Dialog

11/27/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsHey y'all, I knowed I been quiet for a whilers, but I had to set the records straghtenin' right about this Chinese babies story.

Y'see ... I tolded my Guatermalanian maid to get me two orders of Chinese for the babies. Well she don't hear too good, and she says I talk funny, so when she told Alli, she said, "Missy Britney want two Chinese babies." Before I knowed it, Alli found a redoption agency and filled up all them papers in. Coupla weeks later she's showin' me pictures of little Chinese babers and askin' me to choose which two do I want?!

I did not order me up some Chinese chirldrens. Heckers, if I wanted me some more babies I'd find me another K-Fart and make me some! I do not need to go all the way to Japan.


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If people from Iowa are so damn brilliant why are they always the ones looking like igmos when you read about them in the Enquirer when they see UFO's in their corn fields? Again southern doesn't mean stupid it's people that exagerate their accents that sound ignorant. No matter who you are there is always some ignorant dumba@# wanting to make fun of you. I guess it makes you feel superior to belittle and generalize people you don't know.

2468 days ago


This is disgusting. Why not just admit that your lie about her adopting two Chinese babies was just that, a lie. Why not just admit that you, TMZ can't stand Britney Spears and will print ANYTHING you want, even though 99.9% of it is totally fabrication. May your families be so blessed that karma doesn't come to bite you on your butt, missing you and getting theirs instead.

2468 days ago


who gives a heck bout that bitch...she is a talentless ho and redneck bitch

2468 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

This is pure and utter harassment of Britney and insulting and degrading to human beings in general.

Britney, you have the means, put a stop to this. Just based on all of the “inner dialogues” that tmzux has posted, I truly believe that you have a case to bring this site down and win a big settlement. Get tough …

To all of you southerners, I truly feel for you. Harvey Levin is projecting everyone living in the south as retards (not to mention the other races of people that he has offended). People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, right openly gay Harv?

2468 days ago


TMZ and Anna Baby: I live approximately two hours from where Britney grew up. I have lived here for over 50 years. I have never ONCE heard anyone say "Ding, Dang", whilers, redoption or the word "baber". If you are going to make fun of the good (mostly educated--everywhere has some who aren't) people in the South, at least educate yourself and come up with something remotely factual.
TMZ, you are about to alienate a large part of the country with this nonsense. It's not cute anymore---never really was. That you aren't doing it correctly is another issue altogether (see above)

2467 days ago


Another thing. I know plenty of people who knew her when she lived in Louisiana and went to private school in Mississippi. All reports are that she was a good girl and well-liked. It has been since she moved to CAlifornia that she has turned into this. Stop trying to blame her being from the South for the way she acts. It's not even a matter of where you are, anyway----it's what and who you are.
The South has more personality, more talent and more strength than any place in this country. MS has produced more stars than any state in the US---a fact. Katrina showed what a smart and strong people we are. We are resourceful and, with the help of a great Governor (that's state, not federal), we have pulled OURSELVES "up by our own boot sraps"---and, yes, that IS a southern saying.
TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourselves
TMZ: I would say come down here and educate yourself on the ways of the South, but then you may not ever want to leave so never mind!

2467 days ago


OK---just a few more things and it's off to bed. For you two in seats 33 and 46 who say this post is "brilliant" just shows your ignorance about how Southern people talk. Now for the nice lady in 39 ---I don't know where you got the "so that she canna", children being called "critters" or that we in the South don't know how to spell the word "girl"
Then there is a liver in Seat 12 who thinks that "sayin' such blabber" is a Southern term. Rasputin, educate thyself! We also know how to pronounce the word pictures----and it's not like something you pour tea out of.
Before you write something like this, it would really help if you knew what you were talking about. You're (many of you) looking pretty stupid.
Kudos to all the defenders of the South. There ARE signs of intelligent life here.

2467 days ago


I do not condone her actions or her behavior. If she didn't have children, I probably woudn't even care. Her children are going to be so embarassed in a few years when they see all of this. Because she has children, she need to get professional help. I'm no fan of hers but I know that this kind of garbage is definitely NOT what she needs if she is ever going to get straightened out so she can be a mother to those babies.

2467 days ago


TMZFAN; I am from the South and didn't understand a word (?) you just said. If you are going to guess at what people in the South might say, then you need to come up with some "educated guesses". Yours are WAY out in left field.

2467 days ago


OK--It looks like TMZFAN has left the building. Maybe he got poofed for being so ignorant
and for trying to copy the TMZ post. They were equally inane.

2467 days ago


Wow you guys speak horrible redneck. That's like, down syndrom redneck right there.

2466 days ago


Well, it all makes sense now.

2464 days ago

Watcha lookin at!?    

Gay gay gay not funny!

2464 days ago


this is retarted and a waste of space and time....

2464 days ago
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