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Fainting Spell -- a Fake?!

11/27/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" tell TMZ that Marie Osmond's fainting spell was scripted -- to the point where she had a writer just off camera feeding her lines when she stood up!
Marie Osmond Faints
Our moles say Marie has a writer on set at all times, prompting her with witty conversation. One on-set source says he was in position when Marie went down -- and didn't miss a beat.

And get this -- Marie, we're told, is seriously on the hunt for a "successful guy." We're told she's asking some highfalutin people if they know someone who's available. Marie is divorcing hubby number two.

Marie's rep tells us that reports of a writer on set are "absolutely false." "There is no writer on set feeding her lines," she says, "Her manager is there and we (her publicists) are there but no one is feeding her lines." As for a fake faint? Her rep says that's "ridiculous. Why would anyone fake fainting on a live TV show? That show happened during the wildfires and Marie has allergies, there was smoke in the air which was extremely toxic. The trailers for the show are outside the stage and she was breathing the air. It's happened before." And lastly, the rep says Marie is NOT on the prowl. "She's going through a divorce," we're told, "She's not looking to meet someone now -- she wants to spend time with her kids. Dating is the last thing on her mind."


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All I have to say is she is nothing but a stupid crying dumb bitch. Anytime you see her on any show all she does is cry along with her dumb brother. I have to change the channel because I can't stand listening to either one of them. I am sure she faked fainting so she could get sympathy votes and I don't even watch the show.

2523 days ago


NO it was not fake and I hope she sue you all for this one. When she wins tonight you will see how many fans she has. And the judges are to harsh they should get all constents that can't dance spice girl could already dance. Marie is a sweetheart now don't start on her you bunch of hounds.

2523 days ago


If that was a fake faint ! I feel sad for her. Everyone else is going on their ability to dance.
Look at Jennie Garth, she was a way better dancer than Marie. So was Sabrina! I
smell something here. Does it help her brother Donny is on ET commenting on
everything that gives Marie the edge! Not fair! Cheat. If she wins I will never watch it
again. Here's to Jane and Sabrina the real dancers. You too Jennie!

We will be watching. If she want's that ball so bad and cheated to get it. Then let her
have it. You still can't dance!

2523 days ago

kyle larrow (zoom)    

Karma's a bitch, ain't it, Marie Osmond. Your daddy dying after you (((FAKED))) passing out. Cause = Solution Now only if you _you'd_ follow suit.

2523 days ago



Read much? You have the writing ability of a 4 year old.

And my impression was this dancing show was a talent show, not a popularity contest. Hence, it wouldn't matter how many fans she has in order to win. Am I wrong about that?

2523 days ago

J.L. Riches    

My fainting spell was not a fake. My perfect, wrinkle-free face is not a fake.
Leave me alone to make my dolls. I hate attention.

2523 days ago


Mormons are not supposed to divorce. I think they have to get special permission (dispensation) from their "elder." She is so full of herself I can't even stand to watch her on the show. Her ass better not win tonight. I will be very disappointed.

2523 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

If Marie was looking for another husband:

#1 The Mormons would find her a suitable husband. That cult has a network to keep their single members in the circle. They have a single member dating service at the temple in Salt Lake where singles go to find a spouse. It is very very effective.

#2 Marie doesnt have to marry another Mormon but will cause she is a good Mormom.

#3 Whoever marries her gets to take care of those 8 Mormon kids. That should be a really enjoyable time.

#4 Whoever marries Marie would get to put up with her Mormom family.i.e. brothers, sisters, cousins, neices and all of the rest.

#5 It would take a person that is already Mormon and already has been indoctrinated into the cult to marry Marie.

#6 She is a beautiful person and has a lovely outward shell by first impression BUT she is a Mormon and looks at everything thru Mormon eyes. They are made to believe the religion comes first. Everything else is way down on the list.

#7 I dont think the faint was scripted.

#8 Marie will win Dancing with the Stars. There are several million Mormons out there with telephones. They have probably already gotten their orders from the Elders and Bishops to call in and vote for Marie. Just wait and see.

I like the Osmonds but don't uphold the Mormon religion. Although it is a very fast growing one.

2523 days ago


Mavis, Im with ya. It is voted by the fans. Jenny 7, the judges scores aren't a factor. Its the number of votes by the fans.

2523 days ago


She probrably killed her father too. Personally I wish she would not only pass out while is dancing but drop dead. Now that would make for good television. And perhaps freakish Donny could hit the deck right after that. Any of you who don't believe the fainting was fake are freaking idiots!!

2523 days ago


Greg, I agree with you but i'm tired after reading your post. lol

2523 days ago

kyle larrow (zoom)    

I hope your alleged "God" punishes you for this by sending you back down to Hell where you deserve to roast for all of eternity for this. Nobody better deserves it. BITCH!

I can't wait to urinate on your grave, M.O. You've disappointed the entire human race for this. Shame on you! *screaming*: SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2523 days ago


Using Maks as your source is not too credible, TMZ. Fans of Marie who have watched her for decades on the CMN telethon and QVC know she is quick and spontaneous with a one-liners in response to conversations.

2523 days ago



Watch video again, you do not faint but make sure you fall real lady like !

She did this solely to ger pity just to assure winning.

She is a low life and has had many affairs, a women who has had 8 kids ( we know of) is not the goodie 2 shoes she plays you all.

2523 days ago


Cmon people! She dropped HARD on a wooden floor! If it was fake she would have instinctively put her hands out to break the fall. She just dropped.

2523 days ago
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