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Fainting Spell -- a Fake?!

11/27/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" tell TMZ that Marie Osmond's fainting spell was scripted -- to the point where she had a writer just off camera feeding her lines when she stood up!
Marie Osmond Faints
Our moles say Marie has a writer on set at all times, prompting her with witty conversation. One on-set source says he was in position when Marie went down -- and didn't miss a beat.

And get this -- Marie, we're told, is seriously on the hunt for a "successful guy." We're told she's asking some highfalutin people if they know someone who's available. Marie is divorcing hubby number two.

Marie's rep tells us that reports of a writer on set are "absolutely false." "There is no writer on set feeding her lines," she says, "Her manager is there and we (her publicists) are there but no one is feeding her lines." As for a fake faint? Her rep says that's "ridiculous. Why would anyone fake fainting on a live TV show? That show happened during the wildfires and Marie has allergies, there was smoke in the air which was extremely toxic. The trailers for the show are outside the stage and she was breathing the air. It's happened before." And lastly, the rep says Marie is NOT on the prowl. "She's going through a divorce," we're told, "She's not looking to meet someone now -- she wants to spend time with her kids. Dating is the last thing on her mind."


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Also when you faint and come to your dizzy, feeling sick and real tired.
Yet she gets up, laughing and acting like nothing happened.

Show how stupid so many people are today and that TV knew she was doing this but it was great for TV ratings.

2520 days ago

All Together    

Try hitting your head on the ground that hard! That was no stunt, Marie hit hard, as far as her legs and not showing under her dress, wake up!! she had her dancing clothes on, she was covered under!!!

2520 days ago

laura m    

this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. it was not fake. the person who is giving you this information is obviously jealous that marie has gotten as far as she has. tmz you should be ashamed of yourself for putting this out there. hasn't she been through enough?

2520 days ago


For those saying you don't move your legs while fainting (or someone said in a knock out in football), well, I have seen first hand a knockout at a kickboxing match (from a punch, and it was a woman's fight) and the person who was out was in convulsions with her knees going up towards her chest. So, I don't see why it can't happen in a faint...she fainted...she wasn't dead (but even the dead have muscle contractions). Personally I don't think she faked it. I'm no big fan or hers or anything. I think she was ok at dancing, though not the best. I think she had some good nights and some bad nights and last night seemed bad for all of them. Frankly most of them had some bad nights...that's what happens with live performances. Yeah, maybe she shouldn't have made it as far as she did, and yes some people probably should have left after her. But it's reality tv and this is what happens when people vote. It's certainly not worse than "Vote for the Worst" with American Idol.

I think the order tonight should be: Winner: Mel B. 2nd: Helio 3rd: Marie. If it isn't, I won't lose any sleep over it. I have a life and have enjoyed watching the show this season, but I certainly have other things to do to occupy my time. I am amazed at how much hostility there is on this board.

2520 days ago


Marie neeeds to be sabotaged, considering all the tricks she is pulling, and all the Mormon freak cultisits voting for her, TIME THE PLAYING FIELD WAS LEVELED !!! As for her face looking good, dear God, the woman is only 48, has had work done on it already and she looks like she in her fifties! The woman is so unappealing and unsexy, I actually feel sorry for her because she is so pathatetic and desperate. Yeah, as IF she didn't expect questions in an interview about her rehab son. She probably "leaked" that news herself, BRING ON THE SYMPATHY VOTES! Beyond despicable, SABOTAGE THE B#TCH AWAY !!!

And Dancing with the Stars, time to add some CLASS to that show, enough of the third stringers, and NO ONE should be allowed on if they are Mormons or Scientologists, the voting can't be fair with these zombie cult freaks voting in such huge numbers. This show stopped being about the dancers. What next, robo-wife Katie Holmes and Tom's Scientology slaves? Yeah, guess who'd win that one, LOL.

2520 days ago


Marie is a GODDESS. How DARE anyone say anything about her? You're all a bunch of jealous losers. When you turn 48 you will look like a withered piece of crap, and that is whay your all jealous of her beauty, her talent, and her undeniable charm. Kiss my ass all of you- excpet for LOVERS OF MARIE.

2520 days ago


Hey, it's not about her fainting. That so over! It is what it is. But, to let Sabrina go instead
of Marie? Oh, hell no! Plus Jane lost her mother too. She did not cry or harp on it. Her
mother was her rock too. The thing that get's me. Is Donny on ET opening his big mouth
about something he knows nothing about. Dancing! Why is he qualified on who can dance the best. Naturally, he wants his sister to win! Plain and simple. ET should have
had another celebrity doing those shows. It's unfair to the other dancers.

But, the girl did say she faints all the time. Just saying. This has nothing to do with
her religious belief. This is about dancing. Sabrina, Jennie Garth, Mel B. plus Jane,
were the best female dancers. Period!

2520 days ago


datz kinda evil.

2520 days ago


Get a Life! Who cares.

2520 days ago


WOW! Greg Smith: I see that you really did some credible research on your "facts" there. Care to show a works cited on that essay? And anyone who really thinks that Mormon church leaders care at all if a member of their religion wins some reality show is very mistaken. Stop making lame (and misinformed) assumtions people!

2520 days ago


I can't say for sure, but I have fainted before, and it seemed to me that she really dropped; her fall was broken by her partner's arm, but I can't really say for sure. At least so one can say that she didn't really try in her dancing, dubious though it might be.

2520 days ago


I am known for fainting and if it were staged why would her partner not catch her. We heard the thump and her eyes were rolling and when she got up she looked pale and dazed. u can't fake that. I too think this is set up. who cares the votes r already in.

2520 days ago

Not in Denial!    

Everything about Marie has been FAKE...from the fainiting spell...and when Lary King asked the question about her son being in Rehab. Marie has been getting the sympathy vote. When Jane Seymore was still on the show, her mom died and didn't beg for votes as Marie has. That dance lastnight was HORRIBLE. Her "dancing" (if you can actually call it that) looked like it came STRAIGHT out of the Donny and Marie show archives. Marie's behavior towards the judges lastnight looked as though she didn't need to hear their criticisms and / or comments. She had a come back comment for everyone. She even left the stage saying a few more. I ws looking for the hook to get her off... If SHE wins...she'd be winning out of sympathy (everything POOR Marie has come through NOT from a true aspect of her talent and how much she has progressed from the show. Mel B has MY vote...NOT that FAKE Marie!

2520 days ago

Ol' Joe    

TMZ sucks

2520 days ago


Isn't it digusting how the Osmonds are using their father's death for their self-promotion; wouldn't doubt this is a part of the Osmonds' grand plan.

2520 days ago
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