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Hulkster: Respect My Privacy!

11/27/2007 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan has issued the following statement, exclusively through his agent, Darren Prince, to TMZ:
"Please respect my family's privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out."

As TMZ reported Friday, Linda Hogan has filed for divorce, seeking to end their 23-year marriage.


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stuart joshua    

Screw you, you fat orange freak! If you want privacy, you shouldn't have gone into pro wrestling and then done a reality show. Douchebag!

For any celeb who complains about the paps and how tough it all can change that all right quitting show biz......yep, get a 9-5 job, and within months, all the attention will go away. Are you listening, Clooney?

2488 days ago


Hulster, I have admired watching you and your family. You all remind me a lot of my own. I can't imagine my parents 30 years going away. I wish I could hug all of you. I beg the media give some privacy until you are all ready to speak!! I pray it ALL works out.. Love you all HOGANS!!!!!! Douglas Boone NC

2488 days ago

NICK'S new boy...Ben Dover    

I agree with #32 you pretty much did this to yourself and wanted all the media circus life style that. It has brought you and your loser family. I think this whole thing is a crock of bull-$hit just for evryone to get off the now out video your clown faced wife made about drag racing in the streets cause that was the final nail in the " HOGAN KNOWS BEST" COFFIN!!!!

Nick start to learn how to read......because in jail when TINY doesnt have you there will be plenty of time to KILL!!!!


2488 days ago

King of Kings    

Some of you posters on here think the kid is worst than Bin Laden. If he was some normal kid in a poor family you would all feel bad for him, etc.

Because he is in a rich family, you want him hanged. Sounds like jealousy to me. Now I know most celebrities do some dumb things/mistakes, they are all human just like us. Now if a camera was on us 24/7, TMZ would find something we did dumb. If TMZ was on me, they would report I was going 1MPH over the speed limit on a local highway, and you people would want me executed at sundown.

Now what he did was stupid, yes. Should he be thrown in jail for life? No. Should his license be revoked for years? Yes. Should he be allowed to drive a car like that on public roads? No. Should he pay fines? Yes. Should his Dad get taken to the cleaners for it all. No.
It is well known his buddy was a huge risk taker also and knows of Nick's driving. Maybe he should have never been in the car. Is it his fault he is a vegetable. No. He took the risk though.

For celebrities, it must become annoying having camera and video footage shot of you every second of the day, not to defend anyone, but I know I would get annoyed eventually. If people care about what dress Britney bought today, those people need to get lives.

2488 days ago

Black Teef    

Respect your privacy? What a load.

2488 days ago


bunch of low lifes attention whores! No U dont deserve any privacy U washed up piece of Roid!!! I hope the idiot son rots in hell. the mom needs to wake up and smell the coffee "U are and old broad get over it!!!".

2488 days ago


If you watch The Hogan's,Hulk truely loves his wife and kid's.It's seem's like linda took him for a ride, and now that he is retired,the ride is over and linda is getting off.If it weren't for the hulk, linda wouldn't have though implant's and the clothes on her back,Her kid's have everything cause he literally broke his back in the ring for them.Everything linda think that she is going to get out off this marriage/divorce,Hulk worked hard for in the ring,Hulk should of had a contracted marriage.As a true hulk fan,my heart goes out to terry,linda did him dirty.The tear's I see on this giant of a man's face,on the hogan's show when he truely expresses his feeling,I hope haunt linda.(Alida/Palmdale Ca)

2488 days ago


you suppose he is valuing his own fam yet? he probably still has gps trackers on all their vehicles.

2488 days ago


Hulk - drop Linda's fat ass and go get yourself an 18 year old WWE Diva.

A young Diva will keep you young and you won't need the viagra.

2488 days ago


Edu-cation. Why don't these rich idiots send their children to good schools and college, instead of whoring them out? Now they are stuck in a pit of stupid. Stupid parents, stupid kids...get a divorce. Spend some time reading a book or two. Visit that idiot Nick in prison. Take him some books, too. The dumming down of reality tv reached a new low with their program. Now that fella from Kiss, there is a fine example of how to do it. Ha! Privacy. He probably can't even spell it, but they definately sold it.

2488 days ago


Brooke and Nick, sit back and really watch your Dad on T.V,Look at where he has been and where he is at,if you guy's truely Love "Your Dad", You guy's should set yor Mom straight, and tell her that if she made it this far then they where made to make it to they there ripe old age togther.Linda didn't take her vow's seriously togther.

2488 days ago


I hope it all works out. wish I could you all a big hug. I love ur family; they remind me of mine. We should respect you all until you are all ready to bring us back into ur lives.. Love ya HOGANS. Stay strong...Douglas NC

2488 days ago


OH my GOD!!! We all know that this Divorce is just a plain out and out LIE!!! They know damn well that the court system will proceed with a Divorce much quicker then a Civil Suit would, so they figured that if they divorce, Linda will get 1/2 and then once the Civil Suit hits the courts then the Hulk only has 1/2 of his fortune earned to pay for his LOOSER son's horrible thing that he did....Come On, can we all say: "Let's keep the fortune in the hands of the Hulkster and NOT pay for Nick's wasted, spoiled life he has led so far....Makes me totally SICK beyond belief how stupid they think the American public is....NOT!!!!!

2488 days ago


Nick face up to your responsabilities,you have a history of driving face and showing off cause your on T.V and have a famous Dad.That's not going to save you in court.The same way your Mom is doing your Dad DIRTY, your doing your Friend DIRTY,I hope that you get the maxium in prison...Jim Guzman/Palmdale Ca

2488 days ago

NICK'S new boy...Ben Dover    

#50 VERY TRUE!!!!

#1 - Hulk pre-tends that he just got the NEWS from local TV station news reporter hangs up----------- then 5 mins later calls same person back with comment
Smells like a white wash to me folks

Do the Math people cause Hogans wife and kids can't..............

2488 days ago
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