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K-Fed: I Don't Want to Be an Ass Anymore

11/27/2007 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is through with being the bad guy, or so he says.

The Fed-Ex tells Details magazine (via MSNBC) that he's glad to be getting more acting gigs, but he feels he's been typecast thus far. "I'd actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass," he says. K-Fed has been named one of the mag's "50 Most Influential Men under 45."

As for his parenting approach, he reveals that his television tastes "are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from 'SpongeBob' to 'Finding Nemo.'"

Oprah "Resolves Everything" at School

Oprah Winfrey made a secret trip over the weekend -- to her South African academy. The father of the girl who was the alleged victim of abuse by a teacher says Oprah has "resolved everything" for his daughter.

The father, whose identity wasn't revealed by People, which spoke to him, said that he is "very happy and pleased" that Oprah heard his side of things, and adds that the school is "planning new rules and staff" in response to the abuse scandal.

Oprah surprised the girls at the school by showing up to their end-of-year party.

Party Favors: Emeril Gets 86'd from Food Network ... Divorce Talks for Evangelist Bynum Break Down

It's official -- Emeril Lagasse will throw down his last "Bam!" on Dec. 11, when he tapes his last "Emeril Live!" for the Food Network. The show is being canceled after 10 years, though the network says his studio show will remain on the air. ... The divorce talks between bigshot (and bigmouth) evangelist Juanita Bynum and her estranged and allegedly slap-happy husband have broken down, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after Bynum blabbed about to Essence magazine about her marriage.


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Go back to Shar? What makes you think she'd want his stankin' *ss back? He abandoned her while pregnant - and the fool was no catch to begin with...I bet that second child she gave birth to wasn't planned. Only fools (Twintney) would make the same mistake twice.

2521 days ago

cee chick    

Is it my imagination or is OPRAH getting whiter by the minute. She used to have an alright show, now she caters to rich white women by giving them gifts and even her voice is turning white. What the hey OPRAH!! Get your fro on and get rid of that idiot stylist who keeps making your eyes look more bugged eyed than they are.

2521 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I laughed out loud when K-Dud said he doesn't want to play asses anymore. What else can he play? He's a lowlife, deadbeat, money mooching, lazy, no talent, loser. What kind of an idiot magazine would name him "influential"? Shar has FOUR (4) illegit kids. She's a loser, too. Both of them are in cahoots to wring as money out of Britney as possible. K-Dud is the biggest gold digging A....Hole that Hollywood has ever seen. Just looking at his picture makes me want to barf !!!!! Wish he would just crawl back into the sewer from where he came. What a DIRT BAG !!!!!

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#34 You are so right about K-Dud. He must thinks he's cool wearing a hat and earrings. He looks retarded. Do you suppose he is? It would explain a lot. I hope Britney pulls herself back together and is successful again. It's awful that she has worked all her life and now that worthless K-Dud is trying to steal her money. Good father? HA HA !!!!!
I wish Britney would call the police when she can't get away from the paps. The Quaids did.

2520 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

K-Dud could get a job as a Pimp. He looks like one.

2520 days ago


I can say Kevin is being a better parent than Britney but what I want to know is where are his other kids. Is he paying any attention to them because unfortunately it is hard to believe that he sincerly cares about his kids with Brit or its just their moms money that he is after when it appears that his other kids are MIA.

2520 days ago


Correction *
K Fed has been named one of the mag's "50 Most insignificant Men under 45

2520 days ago


# 32 by cee chick
"Is it my imagination or is OPRAH getting whiter by the minute"

It's not your imagination because your lacking in that area, It's your bigotry.

2520 days ago


Emeril is the "king" of the Food Network. He and the Emeril Live Band plus the guest bands, it's great entertainment. Cancelling the show is unbelievably stupid and I hope somebody comes to their senses and reinstates the show. The Essence of Emeril is a dime-a-dozen show, but Emeril Live and the's unique and will be missed.

2516 days ago
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