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Madge Takes Sheep Shots

11/27/2007 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baaaaaaaad Madonna! Animal rights groups are pissed over a photo shoot from a few years back, where Madonna and Guy Ritchie dyed sheep different colors -- all for a great looking magazine spread. The shear insanity!
Madonna Sheep
According to The Sun, Madge claims that they were just paying homage to photographer Cecil Beaton. The animal groups aren't buying it, calling it an "irresponsible publicity stunt." The RSPCA is sticking firm to the idea that the whole ordeal is sending the wrong message to others -- who might copy the stunt. It's unlikely Madonna's losing sleep over this one.



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She seriously needs to save the cash and opt to get some work done. She is starting to look like Leona Helmsley (current day). Didn't she realized that she could have bought 4 more third world rats with that money and been just that much closer to Angelina's collection? tsk tsk!

2487 days ago


She's such a fool! I can't stand that pretentious bitch.

2487 days ago

cee chick    

This broad needs to go back to the hood cause her roots are showing. And now she speaks with this phoney accent. Get real Madonna your a has been, The kids aren't paying attention to you and your audience has moved on to fresher meat.

2487 days ago

5 cent    

I thought she was dead. Oh, that's just her carreer. Sorry.

2487 days ago


Madonna is a nasty phony. She puts out a pornographic book entiled SEX or something like that where she poses every nasty way she can, including with animals. Then later she writes childrens books, hope she doesnt get the 2 books mixed up when reading to her children. Hope she doesnt try to dye her innocent adopted child a different color when she tires of trying to be Angelina Jolie. Whoever gave her a child to adopt should be put in jail for life and forced to watch Madonnas nasty videos where she attacks religion and shows her almost naked crotch and anything else she is selling. Foul woman, poor excuse for a mother.

2487 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Its unlikely that Ms. Slutco will ever loose sleep over anything that doesn't cost her money.

2487 days ago

the lost    

Dying sheep isn't harmful. They have woolly bodies. What about all the poor little dogs Paris and Britney are toting around as trendy accessories? That's what the Animal Rights should be complaining about!

2487 days ago


Why did it take the animal rights group so long to respond to this? Have they been spending all their time trying to get booster seats for Britney's chihuahua?

2487 days ago

Sophie Bleu    

I can't believe this is even an issue in this day and age. Have they never heard of Photoshop??

2487 days ago


Madonna used to be cool. Now she is just a nasty bitch. She used to be a spokesperson for PETA now she wears fur. What a loser! the only thing she's got that I want is her bank account.

2487 days ago

Mr D    

If I had sheep I would dye them.

2487 days ago

Flea Dip Sucks    

This happened a few years ago so why is it new now? Anyways TMZ just HAD to pick an unflattering photo.

2487 days ago


Those sheep have never looked better in their lives!

2487 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Perhaps she could return to her roots and give back to the community by sponsoring an annual running of the multi-colored sheep through the streets of Pontiac.

2487 days ago

alan brickman    

those animal rights groups are sad...

2487 days ago
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