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New Driver Can't Handle Britney's Heat -- Drives Off

11/27/2007 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears finally wised up and hired a driver to help, er, curb some of her recent mishaps behind the wheel. Good move! Except that just days later, he is already "on his way out."
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that the chauffeur/driver Spears hired to drive her, the kids and a court-ordered monitor around town is quitting -- because driving for Brit Brit is a "liability." Obviously! A source close to Spears tells TMZ, that the driver and a monitor both had very close calls with paparazzi and other vehicles while driving Miss Britney.

A close call is an improvement over running over photog's foot.


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2519 days ago

just me    

Get me a pill and a gin and tonic. I'll drive!

2519 days ago


LOOK AT Brittney's parental greed terrible childhood, clueless how to be a Mom,
as her Mom wasn't one to her! Her parents don't attempt to help their daughter (or former cash cow kid) and have now turned on her. This woman needs guidance and gentle
help=certainly hadn't learned/seen it from her parents.

They created the monster and are not trying to retrain or help her now-they are the
problem. The kids are their grandkids, do they care or visit?

Got Brittany into showbiz and showslutting to profit make/take for themselves. She needs
healty people to role model, or move in and teach her.

Definitely she needs to drop out/avoid the media-maybe they're causing a lot of these
car problems by getting in her way (what idiot would let her roll over his foot and sell
his shoe and sock on - the paparrazzi have become her enemy not her
friend-inc. the one who'd photo'd her running a light. Get a good bodyguard/chauffer
Britt, like Frank Sinatra did.

Perezhilton slams her 1-2x (or more) daily. Can't they have a heart and suggest people
who can help her - instead of just putting her down constantly. She needs good
people to hang with and be another healthy type mother figure. She just doesn't
know how to mother - shame on her Mom- and her money grubbing hypocritical
book on being a Mom - ha-look at the results 15 years later. Shame on her Mom
and Dad....sadly like a Judy Garland tale....

2519 days ago


why doesn't BRITNEY GET TINTED WINDOWS. That would discourage those getting close to ther car, but I think she's addicted to the paparazzi. She has the money to have a driver drive her kids in a different vechicle. And with such little time, with the children, why take them out and terrorize them. Just stay home and spend quality time. Poor kids. Tinted windows might also make the kids feel safer. Britney sucks as a mother.

2519 days ago


Kiddos are down. Hallelujah!

2519 days ago


Why, for the love of God, doesn't this girl hire a limo service with tinted windows, as others have suggested? The paparazzi wouldn't break their necks to get pictures of a black window. And it would even help disguise who is in the limo. As it is, she certainly makes SURE everyone knows where she is. Why does she keep popping in and out of Starbucks and gas stations and convenience stores every damn day? The only time I have EVER seen anyone frequent convenience stores as a hangout has been a group of young teenagers who had to hangout somewhere within walking distance of their homes. She reminds me of a teenager, scared to death that she's going to miss out on some kind of action or some big, cool, excitement going down at the local gas station. Sad. And what's even more pathetic is that she'll whine and complain about how she just "don't understand why people keep following her around, invading her privacy, when all she did was go out 10 or 12 times with no panties, flash everyone and make sure that the WORLD got the perfect shot". Puhlease.

2519 days ago


Hey "Just admit you want visitation." Too wordy. Try again, it's late!

2519 days ago


She is trying to do the right thing and if a professional driver can not take it then how is she expected to? She is running red lights, stop signs, and driving over toes because the paparazzi are out of line. Leave the girl and her kids alone!

On a side note, this "Ding Dang" thing is like a bad joke that your senile grandfather tells over and over. Give it up!

2519 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I wish a few of the paps would get run over. They are a stupid and disgusting bunch of illegal immigrants. The Police should arrest them and put them in jail.
The most amazing story today: K-Dud being named an "Influential person" by some sleazy magazine. He has good PR people. Britney should hire his PR people since she's paying his bills anyway. K-Dud should get a job - maybe as a Pimp, since he looks like one. As nutty as Britney appears, K-Dud is still a lowlife, deadbeat money moocher with no talent and he always will be.

2519 days ago


Not quite as wordy, keep tryin. Did ya know my Cowboys Quarteback Romo is now dating Jessica Simpson? lol.

2519 days ago

tax junkie    

get some more BOTOX BITCH...hey Brit , Brit,....your sooo NOT ..GIMMEE MORE of your broke back ass...your ugly....What Happened to you...???? soooo sooo SAD...Freeze your face some more and get a real Job .... Guess what... the bank is running are a female MICHAEL JACKSON.....Go NEVERLAND... Your soory Brit Brit...your going very ugly , and your the cherry on the top...can you smile??? Snort some more does wonders for your have GREAT PIMPLES!!!

2519 days ago


Not workin Christy, try another name and less wordy. Thanks.

2519 days ago

tax junkie    

why would you be 's true...she will loose everything in the next few years

2519 days ago


I'm not a fan of this woman but some of the stuff about her is over kill.
TMZ posting her every driving infraction for her former husband to use against her is just some of the stuff that should stop.

Let him pay for an investigator to follower her around!.

She is running reds to avoid being surrounded, But must stop I agree.

Surly there is a driver with balls enough to handle Britney, her kids, a court monitor and the paparazzi? lmao

Maybe she should advertize for a driver on a military base.

2519 days ago

Such nonsense    

According to TMZ, Britney never does anything right... I'm sure that this Harvey has lived a spotless life.. I guess there is money to be made in gossip and lies.. Speaking of which - you need to grow a clue and start removing posts from that Bill person (# 3 on this post ..) he posts on EVERY blog that same ad..posting ads if I recall is against TMZ's posting rules..and I know there are others besides me sick of his crap.. speaking of the morons who post "First"..who cares? Are you some hero or something because you are first? STUPIDITY....Even MORE stupid is this one on here...TMZ should also be removing smut posts like his as offensive posts are too,also NOT supposed to be allowed here (that's what the posting rules state - WHY are they not enforced??) and I for one am VERY offended by his SMUT! Harv - leave Britney alone, clean up your blog boards, and get a clue that Britney doesn't have to be stalked by your minions day in and day out.

2519 days ago
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