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NFL Star Taylor Dies After Gunshot

11/27/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins safety who was shot early Monday at his home in Miami, has died, according to a family friend. He was just 24.

The Pro Bowl safety had taken a bullet in his upper leg, reports the AP, damaging an artery, causing serious blood loss and loss of consciousness. According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse's hand late Monday night, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attack, which occurred when an intruder apparently entered Taylor's home, in what the cops are considering a possibly burglary.

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to BigLNVA
You are SO missing the point in all of this. This is not about forgivness. He never did anything to me so I have nothing to forgive him for. And arent you doing the judging if you assume that I know nothing about forgiveness just because I am looking at the facts in this case?
NO ONE is saying that he should not be forgiven for what ever he did at least I am not saying that, and for the last time I am not saying that he deserved it or that this situation is not tragic. But part of the tragedy is that it probably could have been prevented if he had not made certain choices about who he associated with. Those choices may or may not have been criminal in nature, like I said before, it could have been a jealous lover situation. It does not change the fact that there is more to this than meets the eye. It saddens me when any child looses a parent. I am a parent and I would not wish this on any child.

And yes the holidays will be difficult for the family from now on. You talk about opening presents, well I am sure that presents are the LAST thing that the family is thinking about right now. If you are focused on Christmas time being about presents then you are already unqualified to speak on matters of Christianity and forgiveness. How about the fact that the little one will have to go through her teen years without her daddy to protect her, much less not being their for the opening of presents? Get your priorities straight. Which is why the whole situation makes me even more upset because it did not have to happen.

And you talk about forgiveness. Its the family that will show what they are made of when it comes to forgiveness. Because they are the ones who will have to find it within themselves to forgive this intruder for what he has done to their loved one. Can you wrap your mind around that? Why dont you ask YOUR pastor about forgiving someone who has murdered someone you love. Jesus did die for everyones sins past and furture INCLUDING the murderer. We should be praying for this person as well as for the family.

Being a Christian does not mean that I should have a blind eye to why things happen. And just because I am a black woman it does not mean that I wont hold our black athlethes and entertainers accountable for the way they live their lifes.

Being at the top of you game in sports or entertainment does not automatically make you a role model.
And for the record all "thugs" are NOT of the black race. I have never said he was a thug.

2522 days ago

Right On    

Camille, you are too bright for this board. Please leave before the rest of the uneducated drag you down to their level.

2522 days ago


Snoopy Dog-

So what if he had a kid without being married! Have you looked around lately? Obviously not because you made that ignorant comment. And by the way his home had been broken into before and the people left a knife on his bed. Obviously this wasn't "random". Before you start typing make sure you get your facts straight!

2522 days ago


STOP being an azz hole.

2522 days ago


Roz, what is your definition of a "THUG"?

2522 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

I bet he was one of those "hey look at me" players when he made routine tackles and knocked down possible receptions by the other team. I bet he even had his own little dance when he did those things. Or he shook his head no no no no. Or he looked at his own teammates with the "where you you" look when he blew a coverage for long yardage.

RIP dude!!

2522 days ago


Why is it?

As long as the "thugs" are making tackles, touchdown passes, home runs, shooting threes and dunking they are heros and ya'll are walking around in their jerseys. But as soon as a smudge appears on their uniform they are not worth breathing.

Please teach your children that the same people that build them up definitely TEARS them down. You reap what you sow.

Also, when you attend your family or friend funeral/memorial do you discuss the candybar stolen out of the cornerstore, the drugs that shot up or the neighborhood friend that he/she beat up.

RIP Sean. (I don't know him from Adam, but I do know if he was a thug, I honestly don't think he would be playing football. Despite what you heard, it is hard work)

2522 days ago


You know the world has become a messed up place when a person that is the victim of crime is blamed for their own death. WOW! And this is America? If this site was in UK they would have been shut it down with all the nasty racist comments. Americans seems to tolerate this. Maybe showing their true colors?

2522 days ago


Life is something we should appreciate and adore
because there comes a time in life our services are not needed anymore.

A time in life when we are the next step closer
and if you have done what He asked, the struggle is over.

A time when one passes from this world to another--
a time when we lose a family member, friend or lover.

This has been happening long before our existence,
but some think it's a joke until they are convinced.

A time in life that we rejoice and have sorrow, so we
must change our wicked ways,
because that time can come tomorrow.

To have on pass away can leave you emotionally scarred,
but you must maintain your composure and keep your faith in God.

So we must stop the hate and seek forgiveness for our sins,
because whether you know it or not,
death is what we must face in the end.

Written by my son Joseph Lee Alexander/ aka: Lil' Joe
Murder on December 27, 2005, his age at that time was 22.

May God keep the family strong.
He is one of God favors; don't forget.
We have more generations in Heaven then on earth.

2522 days ago

Alana Perrilox    

Ann.... What does balck on black have to do with anything?!?!? Some of us non-black people really have NO clue!!!!! Black Minorities are not the only people who are criminals... Look at Columbine, MOST serial killers, unibomber, MOST child kidnappers and rapist, MOST teachers sleeping with students, MOST school shooters are WHITE MALES!!!!! Get over it people this man has died show respect or shut up!!!!! SO tell me why is it now that he is a thug... Save your comments for the real "THUGS" or im sure they would just be called mentally ill by you!!!!

2522 days ago

skeptical at best    

so let's say a family member of yours has a heart attack and dies and happens to be overweight/obese. would it be ok for someone to say,"well, since they wanted to eat so much this is what happens." the same can be said for the smoker who dies of lung cancer. how would that make you feel? all i'm saying he may have had a spotted past. i don't know b/c i don't know him. but even if he did, what's the point in bringing that up the day he dies? that's just callous. and it lacks all sorts of tact.

2522 days ago


skeptical at best,
It could not be stated any better. It's nice to hear an from an adult on this tragedy!

2522 days ago


Stupid Effs- THe only thing that is OBVIOUS is you talking out of your azz without
knowing A THING of what you speak.

2522 days ago


Some people on here are really cold hearted. No one was saying ANNA NICOLE deserved to die when she overdosed on pills HERSELF (God bless her soul). But everyone is throwing rocks at this young man and it is senseless. Just shows how we still do have a double standard.

2522 days ago


Wow!! People need to understand that this young man just died and his family is hurting! Leave negative comments and judgments out! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. This should not turn into a racism thing.

2522 days ago
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