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NFL Star Taylor Dies After Gunshot

11/27/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins safety who was shot early Monday at his home in Miami, has died, according to a family friend. He was just 24.

The Pro Bowl safety had taken a bullet in his upper leg, reports the AP, damaging an artery, causing serious blood loss and loss of consciousness. According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse's hand late Monday night, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attack, which occurred when an intruder apparently entered Taylor's home, in what the cops are considering a possibly burglary.

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Back in the day he did not attend the NFL's rookie symposium. Every drafted rookie was and still is required to attend an annual event designed to prepare the players for a wide variety of issues they would soon be facing as highly visible professional athletes. Consequences was the theme of the day. Everything you do has consequences, and even more so when you are young, rich and a highly visible professional athlete.

2519 days ago


@ #23.....you are speaking nothing but the TRUTH!

2519 days ago


Here's what's messed up, Don. Is when a black pro-athlete gets shot up in his own home our first thoughts are retribution for the thug life- or no doubt someone who surrounded his inner circle set him up for a hit.

Maybe if blacks spent as much time polishing up their image as guilt-ridden limosine Liberals do making excuses for their cult-ish behavior blacks will have to actually take responsibility for what happens to their best and their brightest.

2519 days ago

ding dang y'all    

How sad.......prayers to his family.

2519 days ago


He had told his couch there was a earlier attempted break in also, I believe last month.
Because of the noise that woke them up, in such a large place The burglar didn't care about being quite at all, He went right up to the bedroom. Not quietly snuck in and stole items.
Sad but glad the baby and her mother were spared.

2519 days ago


My condolences to his family for this senseless loss.

While this young man made some mistakes earlier in his young life (who hasn't?), he really seemed to be maturing into a fine person. His maturation off the field only made him a better player on the field.

He will be missed by many people, most painfully by those closest to him.


2519 days ago


Was he a thug? Judge for yourself. Do get the facts. He surely wasn't the kind of guy who would be found picking daisies down at the local pansy field. Pimping around the projects in new ATV's, flaunting your possessions, bullying local guys, threatening to kill them, starting a fistfight, getting hit in a drive-by......Role Model? For who?

NY Times, April 15, 2006

With money from a seven-year, $18 million contract, Taylor bought a pair of all-terrain vehicles. Four-wheel A.T.V.'s are popular in West Perrine. They can be seen on weekends buzzing down side streets and traversing the yards of housing projects.

On May 31, 2005, after cruising West Perrine with a friend, Taylor parked his new A.T.V.'s at McFarlane's house. Taylor left the vehicles overnight, though he did not stay at the house himself, according to Carhart.

The narrative of what followed, including Taylor's arrest, is laid out in the felony records room of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building in Miami. Two folders bulge with the incident report, lawyers' motions and a dozen depositions of witnesses and police officers.

When McFarlane awoke June 1, he discovered the A.T.V.'s were missing, according to Carhart. He and a friend, and then eventually Taylor, drove around the neighborhood looking for the vehicles, according to the police report.

The reports said that Taylor's blue Yukon Denali cruised several times past a house where Ryan Hill was hanging out with friends. Hill approached the vehicle to ask Taylor what he wanted.

"He started talking nasty and stuff, talking about how: 'The police can't touch me. I own this town,' " Hill, 22, said in an interview on the stoop outside his mother's public-housing apartment in West Perrine, where he lives with her, a brother and a sister.

According to Hill and other witnesses, Taylor exited his truck, pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at Hill and a couple of his friends. Witnesses said another man pulled out an M-16 and demanded that Hill return Taylor's A.T.V.'s. When Hill denied stealing the vehicles, Taylor and the other man left in their cars. Both vowed to return and kill everyone present, according to depositions from Hill and other witnesses.

Ten minutes later, Taylor did come back, this time with what has been labeled in the police report as "a posse" of men in other cars. He confronted Hill and his friends.

Hill, a 6-foot-3, 273-pound former high school football star, said in the interview that Taylor was "just jumping up, like in a football game. He was just jumping up, like hyped. Then he just swung at me when he got across the street. I fought him back."

The fight broke up when Hill and his friends scattered. Taylor returned to his Yukon and drove back to McFarlane's house, several blocks north. He parked the truck in front of the house, which he entered. A silver car pulled up. Hands poked out of the car's windows. From inside the house, McFarlane noticed guns and dived to the floor, according to depositions given by witnesses to Taylor's lawyers.

The Yukon was struck at least 15 times, and the police recovered 27 bullet cases, according to the police report.

Taylor was not at the house when the police arrived. McFarlane and others refused to allow the police to search the house, according to officers.

2519 days ago


Is it too much for some of you just to show a little class at the death of this man? Apparently it is.

If you have to be so nasty at his passing, then maybe you aren't any better than you claim he was. All this other junk just doesn't matter right now.

2519 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Damn, Camille...Feeling loquacious today? At 22 don't you think some people may not be as 'informed' or 'mature' as you are? Have you never made a mistake, hung out with the wrong crowd etc? Of course not you live a pristine life. You never knew this man yet you have this beef about how you think he should have lived his life. I hope when your time comes people are much more forgiving than you are being

2519 days ago


I guess the facts of this tragic story will emerge in time.

We really don't know anything for fact other then he was sleeping in his own home.

Prayers to his family, friends, teammates.

2519 days ago


Wow as a UK man it is a shame that you as I presume an American thinks that way but I am also not surprised by the nasty comments people like you leave on this site daily. You sit here and want to call out Blacks but you talk as if other races do no wrong. If I am not mistaken in your country many as I am estimating three or more republications have been caught in GAY sex scandals (And these are suppose to be people who are examples of you Americans morals WOW!) but do I judge you American republications for their behavior? No, so why should Blacks be at fault for what people do as individuals.

And how exactly is he a thug? Give me a prime example of what a thug is. Because if a DUI makes you a thug then hmm many of our celebrities can fit that category. And what about the neighbor in your country that shot the robbers who were not robbing his house but HIS NEIGHBORS but you all praise him but oh no let a man get a gun to shoot whoever STOLE HIS CAR not his neighbors and you are ready to crucify him. What a wonderful country you live in haha.

2519 days ago


Camille43, this is what happens when you ASSUME! My husband was killed on Easter Eve 2005 leaving me with a 2-year old son and a 3-year old daughter to raise! My husband was in a recording studio in NYC laying down tracks with a known RAP artist! My husband's killer has been brought to justice and YES I can say I forgive him because at the time he was high on Crack and was paid $500 to shoot the person my husband was with.

My husband had never committed a crime that I know of. He worked at a bank and wrote music and was trying to do what he wanted to do with his life when it was taken.

And yes I do have my priorities straight! How many times have you explained to your children why their father isn't there to open presents. I could be really mean and say some really nasty and hurtful things to you. But I'll just consider that we each experience different things in our lives and maybe today and our communicating is a way for both of us to realize life is short and precious and no man has the right to judge another.

I will pray for you and yours.

2519 days ago


RIP Taylor...I did read some articles on Taylor and incidents that unfortunately occured with him invilvoed. I can say that that is all part of maturity and from my understanding he has of recent smooth out the wrinkles in his attempt @ a new attitude adjustment. The maturity level of the very individual who committed such an horrendous act as to burglarize and kill is not so comforting...Once again RIP Taylor!!!!!

2519 days ago


Once Your gone aint button to push to start again,,and once you kill you can rest assure youll have blood on your hands. Karma Folks KARMA Believe that!

2519 days ago


Umm my post was referring to Anne so you might want to mind your business before you jump on my post. And another thing a thug is not a person who gets in trouble so stop watching BET and HIP HOP videos because those images are obviously fake and because it has been proven that suburban kids are Hip Hop biggest buyers your society is playing into it. And like I sad before Americans tolerate NET RACISM which is sad and shows how much your country lacks respect for others.UK would have had this site shut down within one day. And once again next time if no one is talking to you let it stay that way.

2519 days ago
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