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NFL Star Taylor Dies After Gunshot

11/27/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins safety who was shot early Monday at his home in Miami, has died, according to a family friend. He was just 24.

The Pro Bowl safety had taken a bullet in his upper leg, reports the AP, damaging an artery, causing serious blood loss and loss of consciousness. According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse's hand late Monday night, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attack, which occurred when an intruder apparently entered Taylor's home, in what the cops are considering a possibly burglary.

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My thoughts and prayers are with his family. There is just to much senseless violence in the world today we all risk our lives driving to work . The man was in his home with his family not out doing anything wrong, and his house broken into 2 times in a week and nothing taken" except his life". I hope the number 21 is wore by all players for the rest of the season.

2522 days ago

I know    


Don't be DETERRED you are right on the money

I feel sad, and this a tragedy




Am trying to hold back and wait for more details, but anyone can see this was more of a hit.

Nothing was taken from his home, and he was the only one shot. That doesn't sound like a ROBBERY, the person was SO BOLD, they didn't even take the time to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A ROBBERY.


2522 days ago


Tonight On CNN Nancy Grace had a guest host who was phone interviewing a detective who is from the town where this murder took place in Florida.
He was trying to tell her the rumor has been going around about the knife left on the bed during the previous break in did not happen but she cut him off!
She didn't want him to say that! why? if it is not true and is only a rumor lets hear it!

2522 days ago


To #67, this isn't the time or place for this discussion (though you DO raise some valid points). At this point, who cares if he brought it on himself. That's another topic for another time.

Again, you actually do make some great points. Still, now isn't the time for it.

2521 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Yesterday Florida law enforcement said this was being investigated as a "possible armed robbery" . Some reports also called it a "possible burglary." By definition it was a burglary because his home was intruded upon, and clearly it was armed. I want to see this case investigated aggressively and solved. It was cruel and heartless to murder this young man in his abode with his girlfriend (some reports upgraded her to "fiancee") and young daughter right there. There had been an earlier home break-in and disputes over stolen/missing vehicles. This crime doesn't appear on the surface to have been random. Let's hope that someone starts talking. Rest in peace, Mr. Sean Taylor. May the police's efforts lead to the apprehension of the killer(s).

2521 days ago


Don, evidently your reading comprehension is as poor as your social analysis. I said, I think you're a lilly white guilt ridden limosine liberal or in this case the Euro version thereof. I also stated you know nothing about the impact of African American culture on either blacks or whites in the US because you dont even have enough in your culture to merit an opinion.

My heart breaks for this guy. It is the fact that yet another talented black man gets mowed down in his own home that is so astounding. We all have a suspicion that the cause has something to do with his past thug life or some sort of "warning" that was sent to him due to his past or present associations. Or just a warning, "dont get too far from your roots, 'bro." This strikes me as yet another black on black crime.

Did they mean to kill him? I dont know. But if you think that black culture doesnt need to hold a mirror to itself (just as all of our cultures have been forced to do) you are out of your mind. In fact, worse, you jepordize yet another black person because of your patronizing, ridiculous infantilization of the black race. Maybe you can't take it but they can and they should. No, they must.

2521 days ago


Sean will truly be missed. I send my heartfelt condolences out to his family. I hope this wakes up the celebrity world by showing you that rich or poor you're never safe. RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP Sean Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2521 days ago


I watched Sean Taylor play when he was at Miami, not only was he a great player but he was a devoted father who died protecting his family. Sean will be missed by everyone and my prayers go out to his family!

2521 days ago


Oh please in that little paragraph were you trying to seem sincere? Anyway do not care.

R.I.P Sean. And I will pray for your family to make it through this.

2521 days ago


Sounds like someone was playing around with someone elses girl. Dude broke in and left aknife on his pillow, then comes back later the next week kicks the door down and takes two shots at his balls (not upper leg), no robbery, nothing was taken. Dude was down with OPP!

2521 days ago


You are right Anne. We as blacks do need to hold a mirror to ourselves and hold everyone accountable.

I have no idea if it was black on black crime or not, but many will assume that it is.

I am watching the news daily, I really hope they catch the person who did this. It was just wrong all the way around.

2520 days ago


sean was in my opinion he franchise player on the redskins team. I hope the people who TARGETED HIM get caught real soon. Rest in Peace Sean we will miss you. my prayers t his family and girlfriend. REST IN PEACE

2519 days ago


You know, for all of you who are so negative and want to label a person a thug and say that he died the life that he lived, you can talk only because you are the ones who don't get arrested when you break the law. The favorite saying for your group is "boy will be boys" and you know exactly who I am talking to. If you had been held or arrested for all the crimes that you have done, of course the jails would be more intergrated. Look in the mirror before you down someone you know nothing about. JUST ME

2518 days ago


This post is for #12 the one that said you if you live the life of a thug......
Just wanted to know why you said that he was a thug.....there were 3 charged and 1 almost charged fools that broke into this man's home to rob him...they didnt expect him there...they were startled and reacting foolishly taking this mans life.

So, If some young misled idiots break into my house to rob me that makes me a thug or wanna be thug? I'm confused, please help me understand..

2516 days ago
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