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Oprah Backs Obama -- Will It Help or Hurt?

11/27/2007 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She has more power over women than George Clooney, has sold more books than Barnes and Noble -- and now Oprah Winfrey is throwing every ounce of her spectacularly influential and fluctuating weight behind Barack Obama.
Obama and Oprah
It marks the first time in her life that Oprah is breaking tradition and endorsing a candidate for president. But will support from Oprah improve Barack's chances?

Star support in politics isn't all that it seems -- remember Al Gore? Just about every star in Hollywood backed Al -- and all it got him was an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize and a role on "30 Rock" -- but no work in the Oval Office.

Should Barack tell Oprah "Thanks, but no thanks!" or should he be as thrilled as one of her "Favorite Things" audience members?


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TMZ, I love you but your staffers do not know how to cover politics so they shouldn't do it. Stick with what you are good and means sticking your nose out of politics.

2488 days ago


I can't stand Oprah. Personally I do not think this world is ready for a female or a black president. We say we are but I truly don't think so there is still too much prejuidice and there are still those who think woman should stay at home. Until those voices are gone we are better of sticking to the same old boring standards.

Oprah, needs to go away. She is one of the most prejuidice people I have ever seen. A school for all black girls does she not think there are white girls that need help? I will never forget her one show where there was an abused black and white woman on. The white woman had it 10 times worse than the black and went to hug Oprah and Oprah stepped back and shook her hand with disgust. The black lady came up and Oprah cried and hugged her for at least two minutes. She is a hypocrite!!

2488 days ago


How ignorant you are. Blacks do not make up the majority in this country, and since hardly ANYONE in America is registered to vote, much less actually votes, Black registered voting persons (such as myself) make up even less numbers.

Oprah does not automatically equate with black - she has superseded color. Not a feat that many can do, such as Jimmy Carter. She is endorsing the candidate because she feels that strongly about it. As for the comment she should stay out of politics, I think that she has paid a hell of a lot more in taxes then you or I ever will, so why should she stay out of politics? She is an american citizen and cause she is Oprah makes no difference.

Will i take into consideration that a powerful American woman who is educated about our country and business and HAS ACTUALLY MET AND/OR KNOWS INTIMATELY ALL OF THE CANDIDATES and is mega successful is paying attention to one in particular? HELL YES! If you had any sense, you would do.

Leave the idiotic comments in your idiotic heads...most of you probably don't even vote anyway!

2488 days ago


When he is elected pres. I can hear Kane saying. " i wish moma wuz here ti see dis"

2488 days ago


I can see her taking some female votes away from Hillary--but, I don't know too many men who would be convinced. Don't believe many men watch Oprah.

2488 days ago


I guess many do but why would ANYONE care what Oprah says? She's a t.v. personality. So what? For all of her misty-eyed female followers' devotion, the big O. has really done more to unempower women than they all seem to realize. What with all of the patronizing, weepy, female/sisterhood issues and the whitebread, bourgeois themes she flogs, we have here nothing more than the formulaic housewifey crapt that's been always been around. I can't say that stategy is very admirable. She's a shrewd business person but I wouldn't count on any trenchant political analyses from her.
I think Obama better split---fast.

2488 days ago

Click HERE please.    

The president of the USA will always be a WHITE MAN.

2488 days ago

Funny Answers    

Because people don't know the real Oprah, they will follow her. Those who do, have not minds of their owns. Her ego is bigger than Trump. There is no one she likes better than herself. If find it strange that after all these years, she backed a black man. Never has she back anyone. She has courted them, given money to them, and if the papers were right, she even had a crush from the start on him. Yes, I am black, so don;t get your anger up. I do like that she is following up on helping those young ladies in Africa, she kept her word, because the World was watching her. Thats good. But now she has stepped over the line, backing anyone,, as she knows those people watching her show will follow like sheep. People need to make up their own minds, but won't. Shame on her!! And Oprah never does anything without getting something back. Bad move, but fear will keep people from speaking against her.

2488 days ago


who gives a sh_t. I'm sick of her

2488 days ago


She backed that Dr. That operated on Mrs. West and She is now dead. She founded that school which ended up molesting Young girls. Now she backs Obama. Please? Oprah does everything for money. You don't get to be this rich unless you are sleeping with the devil. I wouldn't believe anything she supports she s way overrated.

2488 days ago


I like Oprah but I have a mind of my own. Who in their right mind would vote for someone because a celebrity tells us to.

2488 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Oh too easy! Did she do a background check on Obama?

2488 days ago

Melsg's Twin    

Honestly, why do these ultra rich celebrities think we can relate to them? I'm quite certain billionaire Oprah can't relate to the fact that we are strapped and will remain so if W's clones ups OUR taxes to pay for that damned war!!

2488 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

Traditional Black neighborhoods in L.A., Oakland, Houston, Miami, Washington D. C., Baltimore, Detroit and other U.S. cities are being destroyed by the non-stop influx of illegal aliens. Blacks in L.A. are being targeted by Latino illegal alien gang members, public hospitals are closing, public schools are war zones and the babies of illegals ( anchor babies ) are gaining citizenship by using Article 14 of the Constitution. The sick irony is that Article 14 was designed to help the children of freed slaves. Now a country that is run by people that hate dark-skinned people- Mexico- uses this to escape responsibility for the care of their citizens. The list goes on and on but Obama wants to give amnesty to all illegals and open the door for anyone to come here. Oprah and Obama need to spend some time away from their sheltered lifestyles and see what is happening in the real world. Snobs, hypocrites and sell-outs come in all colors. The truth hurts !

2488 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Oprah has those WIDE set eyes that tranfix anybody looking at her to do what she says. Except for her gay boyfriend who won't go straight and marry her. Oh wait........she's fugly. She'd send anybody to the "dark side"!!

2488 days ago
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