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Orlando's Japanese Guilt Trip

11/27/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cher Coulter -- of "fractured her neck when Orlando Bloom crashed his car and tried to leave the scene" fame -- was spotted sans her neck brace as she made her way through LAX with the freshly shaven Orlando yesterday.

Cher, who is Orlando's friend and stylist, was headed to Japan with her quick-to-flee friend. Nothing says "Sorry for fracturing your neck and leaving you behind" like a trip to the Orient.


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Too bad, TMZ. Orlando is still gorgeous, Cher knows the paps caused her neck injury, and you guys need to recognize that jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing.

2521 days ago


you know , japan is good place.

2520 days ago

the lost    

He's so thin - it's really unattractive. He seems sweet until he tries to act and it's just unbearable. I guess if you play an elf in Lord of the Rings, you can get cast in anything, and he's living proof. I keep waiting for him to disappear entirely since LOTR is so 5 years ago and Orlando is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. And what do I know about acting, you might ask? I studied the performing arts for three years, which is apparently more than I can say for Orlando. If he ever did study acting, he must not have been paying much attention in class because he sucks.

2520 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

so , by the lost, have you ever gotten cast in anything? I ask because I've watched his acting and he's actually very good. He shows a range of emotions and development of character that many cannot. I think you are speaking from jealousy. And I also studied acting although I decided not to pursue it as a career since I have a basic objection to starvation and cold water walk-ups.

2520 days ago

Ellen Armstrong    

You can take any picture and assign the most vile meaning to it.

Cher has taken many trips with Orlando. (She was last seen surfing with Orlando and Sebastian in Hawaii.) She's a friend. He values her friendship. End of story.

Your story says a whole lot more about your character than Orlando's.

2520 days ago


Where is Orlando's luggage? Guess they're both traveling very light!

@by the lost, I think Orlando's natural frame size is somewhat small and thin. That's how he was early in his career. As for his acting, he's had some good moments in some films, but the REAL problem seems to be a lack of consistency in his performance levels, in addition to lack of extensive acting experience PRIOR TO BEING TURNED INTO A MOVIE STAR/CELEBRITY. I think he bit off more than he could chew. His people (and his own ambition, perhaps) pushed him too far, too fast and too soon. What's happening now is the end result. I'm not surprised. There was also far too much hype surrounding him for far too long.

@Boston Belle, I wouldn't assume that the other poster is jealous merely for expressing a negative opinion about Bloom's acting. I've read negative opinions about his acting before, and not every person who dislikes an actor is automatically jealous of that actor. I also don't think that a person must have a degree or training in acting, writing, photography, dance or any other art or performing art in order to have a perfectly valid opinion about that art form. The bottom line for Orlando Bloom is that his films have not done well at the box office when they relied on his name as the leading man . He's had more success in his supporting roles. His agent and manager would be wise to accept that fact and work with what they have.

As for my own opinion on his acting, I think he has good moments, but right now, he needs more experience and needs to learn to relax, focus, be less self conscious, and gain more self confidence in himself. All of that will come in time, provided he makes the effort to improve. More time spent taking private acting lessons from revered acting coaches, and LESS time spent in paparazzi ridden places would be a good start!!! There has been far too much emphasis on his personal or love life than there should be, and his work may be devalued as a result. Orlando himself must accept some personal and professional responsibility when it comes to some things in his life and his career.

2520 days ago


Well, I guess if they are leaving the country, the DA must have assured them that they have everything they need to file charges against TMZ. Wonder if Cher will sue TMZ for pain and suffering before, or after the paps are convicted of felony hit and run?

And with Pierce Brosnan getting off for kicking that pap's arse, maybe the illegals that you folks have hired to stalk Orlando will think twice about mouthing off. Remember, he trained as a boxer for one role, and went through training at Army Ranger boot camp for another. And as my Dad always told me, the guys that you had to watch out for in a fight are the skinny ones. Fast and dirty, he always said. Get 'em Orlando.

2520 days ago


Leave him alone. He made a bloody mistake, and it's none of anybody's business. He's a nice person, and he didn't mean to hurt anyone. If the damn paparazi would leave people the hell alone it wouldn't have happened in the first place.

2520 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Andromeda 77,
I suggested jealousy as a motive for by the lost because of the way the opinion was expressed. You are quite correct that people can disagree without having negative motives. I also agree that movies where he is the star have lagged at the box office but having watched them I think that may have been a problem with marketing. I did not start out as an Orlando Bloom fan but watching his acting has turned me into one. I think that one reason why films that had other big names as stars (Troy, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean) were bigger draws as much because of the storylines as the particular acting involved. After all Troy had Brad Pitt and still did not do as well at the box office. Almost any film based on one of the best-loved fantasies of all time or a Walt Disney ride has a ready made audience. Of course, I also watch anything with Johnny Depp since he is a FANTASTIC actor.
As to your final paragraph I agree completely. He was asked to carry too much too soon. I would also rather see him try some more supporting roles in quiet films for the experience. I've read of too many actors who flamed out because they became famous too early and started living the fast life. I won't list names since I'm sure you have as well.

2520 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I don't think anyone was denigrating Japan, Kazuhiro. I've never been to Japan but I have read about it. Your culture and history are fascinating and the islands, themselves, are beautiful.

PS: I like your baseball players. Can you send some more over?

2520 days ago

Lee Woods    

Orlando is tagged by some media outlets as one of the most "sexiest men", yet he can't carry a love scene.

Case in point...
In the movie "Haven", his acting was descent...but his love scene with Zoe Saldana was lifeless...Why?

Let's just note the obvious, bad acting is bad acting is bad acting...


London's calling!

2519 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Lee Woods, I haven't watched Haven yet but his love scenes in Troy and Kingdom of Heaven were just fine.

2519 days ago


I strongly disagree with you regarding his love scenes in "Troy" and "Kingdom of Heaven" Baseball Junkie. In both films, Orlando completely lacks any believable onscreen chemistry with his leading ladies. Good looks is one thing; believable love scenes and strong acting are something else entirely. He was rumored to have been consided for the role played by James McAvoy in "The Last King of Scotland." If you saw that film, you would understand why the director considered Bloom for the part (physical similarities to McAvoy), but there is NO WAY that Bloom would have been able to handle the strong sexual content in the film, not to mention the intensity and focus of the acting required for that role. James was ultimately the perfect choice, and it's just as well that Bloom was busy on "Elizabethtown." Orlando would not have done the role justice. I also get the feeling Orlando isn't too keen on graphic or intense love scenes or nudity. His love scenes have been pretty chaste so far.

2519 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this subject,Andromeda 77. I enjoyed his love scenes. I don't care for very graphic sex scenes.

2518 days ago


I don't think Orlando did a good job in Troy. But the whole movie sucked, so it didn't really matter. Don't get me wrong: I'm an Orlando-fan,yet I don't hype every movie just because he plays in it.

Andromeda77, what's wrong withy not wanting to play graphic love scenes? There was one in Kingdom of Heaven, but its been cut out. It's a bit longer in the Director's cut edition. Actually I wouldn't want to play a graphic love scene, either. Maybe it's thins one part of himself he just doesn't want to expose, which is totally fine with me. You make it sound like an actor has to do graphic scenes to be good, and I disagree with that.

Lee Woods: His acting in Haven was pretty good. He had to put quite a few emotions across and I think he did well. But then again: The movie itself is really good and since it's an episode-film the movie didn't depend on his acting too much.

as for you TMZ: Could you please just let it go? Damn it, everbody makes mistakes. His friends don't blame him for the accident, so why do?? What makes you think you have the right to judge about other people? The police had an alcohol and drug test, Orlando was sober. That doesn't make it right, but it makes it an accident. Those things happen. He's human, not some kind of supernatural being that's free from all failure.Orlando is not some kind of public property that you can fight about.
You should keep in mind that it was the paparazzi who caused the accident in the first place. And that was not the first time. Same thing happened with George Clooney. I won't mention Princess Diana. When does it stop??

2510 days ago
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