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Celebrity Lawbreakers

11/29/2007 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The following stars may not be getting away with murder like some celebs, but they are definitely no strangers to breaking the law. Have a look at our video gallery of celebs who flout the law!

Barbara Walters was spotted jaywalking on Robertson Blvd., it's pwetty obvious she doesn't care.

Larry Birkhead also hopped across the Blvd. with Dannielynn in tow.

Julia Roberts and her husband parked in a handicapped spot at a supermarket in Malibu. Not very pretty, woman.

Melanie Griffith traipsed across Robertson with her daughter on a recent shopping jaunt.

Paris Hilton tossed a ticket into her backseat. Oh those pesky things!

Britney rolled through stop signs in Beverly Hills near the Four Seasons hotel. I's in a hurry, y'all!

Gary Dourdan popped an illegal U-turn on Sunset Blvd., got pulled over -- and let off!

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Celebs jaywalking?????? WHO CARES! (Although I'm disappointed in Julia Roberts' behavior.)

2498 days ago


"Jaywalking"? U-turn? Throwing a ticket in the back seat? Rolling through a stop sign? Are you serious? That's the best you got? Just give up now on the head celebrtiy news. You do a garbage job.

2498 days ago

A regular person    


These are minor infractions, normal people do them every day, are we to expect our celebrities to have more morals that every day people do just because they are celebrities? I would expect the opposite, and not because they are celebrities; more that they are constantly harassed by these low-life's with cameras called paparazzi who feel it is their right to infringe on anyone else's privacy for the almighty buck. When anyone is under pressure and being harassed, they will commit minor infractions because they are so distracted by the idiot with a flashing camera.

I am glad I am not a celebrity, because I would beat those cameramen to a bloody pulp with their own equipment is a frenzy of rage. I would go shooting (I happen to live in TN where that is still legal) and if they got to close to my loaded rifle, their problem, perhaps they should back off.

2498 days ago

Jane Doe    

I find it rathr funny that people just eat this stuff up. Yet regular not so famous people do this daily. But we don't see their pictures in the tabloid news. Ironic, isn't it?

2498 days ago

Sugar Plum    

What is the world coming to? Do people have nothing better to do w/their own life's than to take dumbass photoes like these of normal people like us doing the same things most of us do everyday.

2498 days ago


This exact kind of crap news is a waste of everyones time! Every single solitary person who had a hand in getting this out to the public should be "FIRED"! Completely done with inadequate imagination for slamming out a deadline for dead news.

2498 days ago


I am disappointed in Julia Roberts' behavior, too. I really don't understand what's wrong with her since people talked about her joining sugarcupid, the ad*lt online service for rich men to seeking affairs. i never know what 's her purpose to be one member in that club, What a fool girl

2498 days ago


maybe if it wasn't for those insane paps they wouldn't be running from them and wouldn't have to (minorly) break the law....
I agree with "who cares?" that they are probably distracted by the paps and flashbulbs....

the paps need to lay off.
especially with babies and children around....

2498 days ago


You guys need to find a hobby. Pretty sad.

2498 days ago


Jaywalking is no biggie in my book.However,Julia Roberts and her husband should
know better than to park in a handicapped zone.That is one thing that irritates the
hell out of me.I can't understand a person who is physically able taking away a space that is meant for someone who may really need it .I really hate it when these people say "I'll only
be a minute"I

2498 days ago


Im so tired of hereing what these celebrities do, its gotten out of hand by the media. I think we should just leave brittanyspears alone, if you like her music buy her album, If not let her live her life the way she chooses

2498 days ago


there all a bunch of a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s

2498 days ago


OH my God that's freaking sick, I hate any butt hole that parks in a Handicap Parking space, how rude, lazy and callas.

2498 days ago

Dr. K. Skala    

Give them about a week in jail at hard labor for something like "disturbing the peace" (which it is, by infuriating everybody else) plus some days of community service plus a hefty fine for each case, and consider a way to pin a label of habitual criminal on them. Some smart lawyer should be able to devise it. The traffic fines are not enough for them but society should be able to protect itself from their contempt.

2498 days ago


You know, there was a time not so long ago where most people respected the laws of the land. These days, the attitude is "So what?" and sometimes that attitude is deadly. How many people will be killed this year by people tailgating, exceeding the speed limit, rolling through stop signs, running red lights, lane-hopping, driving on the shoulder, cutting through private property to avoid a light, etc.? And that doesn't even count the people whose lives and property are destroyed but are fortunate enough NOT to be killed. In general I find intentional lawbreaking arrogant, selfish and just plain wrong. (P. S. As a good citizen of this great country, you are supposed to do your best to obey ALL laws, even if you don't like them or agree with them. If you DON'T like a law, work within the system to change it; don't flaunt it, OK? (Thanks!) Submitted with no filthy language.

2498 days ago
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