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Donna to Nikki:

Keep Your Money!

11/28/2007 11:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex.

Despite the fact that the judge expressed concern for Donna, both parties waived their rights to financial support.

The former couple did reach a settlement agreement on the rest of their finances, but that was not immediately released. The judge assured both parties that all matters related to their daughter, Frankie, would be kept confidential.

Afterwards, Donna told TMZ that she was just happy it was over and that she was in the process of writing an autobiography. Can't wait.


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he sure is CREEPY.

2521 days ago


Frankie is a girl you idiots!!! i see TMZ really did their homework on this story

2521 days ago


#15 - I can't agree with you more!!! When have you ever seen a "celebrity" wife walk away from money? Almost NEVER!!! Give the woman some credit - she could have taken him for everything he had - but all she wants to do is walk away.... As for the book - not sure I'd read it, not all that interested - but I'm sure there is a market for it - and at least she's gonna make HER OWN MONEY instead of living off of his - like the rest of the HOLLYWOOD hoochies that give women a bad name!

2521 days ago


Nikki shame on you. He & Donna D'Errico were married for along time and she always seemed like he was her world. I am sure she put up with more crap than most of us would with all the drug addictions, women, alcohol, right in her face. For him to offere nothing is bull, didnt she represent herself because she couldnt afford an attorney? This girl put her life on hold when they got married and what money she had made is gone. Nikki and the rest of the Crue are old and worn down they havent made a good album in years. The fact that she is still going to be raising his daughter should have factored some kind of settlement offer. Child support ends at 18 and hes probably got it locked down so that the kid gets nothing after that. Theres definatly something deeper in their reason for divorce if shes willing to walk away.

2521 days ago


Nikki's book is one of the most fascinating books i've ever read .. Good Luck Donna "D" is for Douche Bag

2521 days ago


WOW! I think that # 17 & #18 has a few issues! The Heroin Diaries is a good read but who really cares if she got anything in the divorce or not. Is it really news worthy?

2521 days ago


Ummmm... they named their daughter Frankie??

2521 days ago

Dawn Day    


Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself. WTF people, she's leaving the money on the table. She really must be 'done' with his ass....I know the feeling and I've done the just want it over and done with so you can move on.

I'm sure her autobiography will most definitely be her 'pay back'.

2521 days ago


It's called 'waived' their rights, TMZ. WAIVED.

Do you have a proofreader?

2521 days ago


Shes a whiney brat and hes HOT HOT HOT!

2521 days ago


maybe he doesnt have anything to take.. Ever thought of that people??!!

2521 days ago


if all she wanted to do is be done with the divorce, and for nikki to keep his money, why the hell didnt she say that 2 years ago when they first started getting divorced? what is supposed to be said is "i cant make a living by myself, and im tired of trying to sue you for your millions that you made form your hard work, so that i can keep my celebrity / princess lifestyle, so i finally give up..."
a book? what has she done in the last 10 years? this book cant be more than how to be a housewife and help raise the kids of an 80's rock star...
instead of trying to sue her ex for his millions, she shouldve been trying to make a living on her own for the last 2 years.
true, she called it quits, good for her! about time she stopped trying to sue someone else to make a living, and get on with her own life. this autobiography isnt going to be a stephen king best seller, so im wondering how she plans to make a living now?
both of them already have someone on the side ready to date them anyway, lol!

2521 days ago


Nikki... now that your single..... wanna date?? I've always been in lust with you!

2521 days ago


I like how everyone always talks about her putting her career on she was some oscar nominated actress. She is/was/ and always be a B actress so I don't think by her being with Nikki had any hinderance on that. And when you sign up to be married to a rockstar who has a past with drugs and womanizing, then I think you have to expect this. Nothing lasts in Hollywood. Yes I understand she was a stepparent for 10 years as I have been but there are consequences to divorce and splitting money and hurting the children are always involved. He was making millions well before she tramped her way in and just because she was married to him for x amount of years doesn'tr mean she should be entitled to half. It's not like she is an divorcing woman who now has to think about surviving on her $13.00 an hour job and trying to raise two kids. I'm sure she could call up Hef and flash her goods for a couple of thousand to get back on track!

2521 days ago


no matter what sleazy comments people can come up with on this article, donna got the shaft, she settled, yes, but not for what she is entitled to and richly deserved. never mind that this is good juicy stuff to read, another woman has had to settle for much less in a divorce than she was entitled to and NEEDED. it is far more important, though, for her and her son and daughter to have a happy, healthy future, and for her NOT to be connected any more than necessary with that narcissist ex of hers. she is to be admired for her strength and integrity throughout this nasty, one-sided (who has the money for lawyers and to pay others to lie for him) divorce. I, for one, wish her health, happiness, a great future, and hope. hope that she may meet someone who actually appreciates what she can contribute to a relationship.

2521 days ago
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