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Donna to Nikki:

Keep Your Money!

11/28/2007 11:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex.

Despite the fact that the judge expressed concern for Donna, both parties waived their rights to financial support.

The former couple did reach a settlement agreement on the rest of their finances, but that was not immediately released. The judge assured both parties that all matters related to their daughter, Frankie, would be kept confidential.

Afterwards, Donna told TMZ that she was just happy it was over and that she was in the process of writing an autobiography. Can't wait.


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#66 I knew you would have to respond. Also, I knew you would try to change what you so obviously said in your previous comment. If you sincerely believe no one should believe everything Donna D'Errico might write about in her book, how about if I don't believe everything you comment or write about in your posts to this article. So, if you are not a groupie, then you still remain a woman living somewhere lusting after a man she will never meet. Plenty of women out there just like you, die hard fans of Nikki Sixx. He is so cool and so sexy. Whatever! The woman who just divorced him and DID "hang out" with him just walked away from a lot of money. She is just glad it is all over with. What exactly does that say to you, honestly? Would you "have what it takes" to do that? Don't bother replying to my comment here. Your comments are lame and defensive. I still say the woman shows class and strength and so much more dignity than your comments about this article.

2516 days ago


Are you totally blind? How do you not see I am completely on her side? OMG

My previous comment SAID: " (tho I do hope no one ***buys*** everything she's going to write "

BUY .. as in BELIEVE. GET IT NOW?! Where ya from? You never heard "I'm not buying that" when someone tells ya something?

Which is how I corrected myself with my second post. "As in I mean I hope no one *****believes***** everything she's going to write",

How about you read better? I started this off complaining about blind loyalty and, quite obviously defended Donna through the entire post. You took ONE sentence out of all that, that you read wrong, and fixated on it.

And you can reply back if you want to, but no, don't expect me to be back to keep this going. THAT is what would make me lame.

2516 days ago


#68 how can you be "completely on someone's side" yet say don't believe everything she writes in a book? Go take a cold shower, you must be lusting again or something. (and I am waiting for your next comment, after your cold shower) You contradict yourself in every other sentence in your comments.

2516 days ago


lay off #68--she is one of the few who isn't suckered by the Nikki blinders like the rest. She even admitted to being a fan of his, yet still sees what is really going on behind the image he is currently putting out there for his adoring public. She sees the injustice of what was done to Donna after everything that woman did for him and his children. Now, if only the rest of these clowns could take off their blinders long enough they would be able to see him for the narcissistic jerk he is and support our fellow woman/mother, Donna....she is like so many of us women who have been screwed over in our divorce after devoting a lifetime to their husband and children. And 3 of the kids she devoted a lifetime to weren't even hers!

He stopped letting her see those kids when she filed for divorce? He rejected her son after raising him and that little boy calling him daddy? Whoa. I'm seeing red now. I'm sorry, but that dude is a hypocrite and an ass.

2516 days ago


#70 well said

2516 days ago


#68 I apologize

2516 days ago

Nikki Sixx is hot    

Nikki is the classic bad boy that every woman wants to change, hell he is THE bad boy. Donna probably married him thinking that her love would transform his rock star ways and he'd do a complete 180 for her. This is always a mistake as it never really happens with men who aren't rock stars, I can't even imagine it happening with a man who has drugs and women available on demand.

Nikki is super hot no doubt, but I wouldn't want to marry him. Screw his brains out, hell yeah, but marriage, no.

2515 days ago


I wanted to come back and comment on somethings that were said to me because I still feel Donna doesn't deserve any spousal support. I have been married for 15 years and am in my mid 30's. I am an independent woman and work hard for a living. I would NEVER expect my husband (if we got divorced) to support me financially. Its not who I am. I am very capable of making a living on my own and am to independent to whine for my ex to support me the rest of my life. I think the only thing wanting money from your ex shows is that you're selfish and want to get back at your ex by screwing him financially. And that to me is childish. I suppose only in Hollywood that is expected though. Any of my friends who have ever been divorced haven't gotten any kind of support from their ex husbands, its not even an issue, and they too have raised kids and some have put their careers on hold too to raise their family...its not that big of a one even mentions "they deserve " it....but maybe thats only in Hollywood again.

And one thing as I was reading through these comments is the people who are defending Donna so much are also calling Nikki a loser etc....but yet Donna wanted this "loser" to be her sons father and was married to this "loser" for 10 years. So why did she stay married to him for so long if he was such a loser and want him to be her sons father if he is such a loser? Was it only so she could get child support from him for her son?

And to those of you who say we are blinded by Nikki cuz we are in lust with him is not the case here either. Nikki may be an ass for all I know.....and so could Donna be for that matter. Those of you who are defending Donna so loyally the same could be said about you to then I suppose. But my comments have nothing to do with if I like Nikki or Donna. I was just trying to make the comment that I think its a good thing she walked away and took a more independent move. Maybe its the law in CA that the spouse is entitled to half but to say she deserves it is another story.

2515 days ago


There is an economic reason for spousal support. It has nothing to do with "screwing" a spouse out of anything. There is a value to the community (being the husband and wife) for what one has done that allows the other to grow their career. In this case, Donna provided care for the children - Nikki's children. This time allowed him to enhance his career and the monies that came with it. If she had not been primary caretaker for the children a nanny could have done so, but the result would not have been the same. Nannies come and go, and Nikki would have had a lot less free time to work on his career. This enhancement of his career means he has earning capability a lot higher than hers. Her efforts contributed to his increase in ability to ean an income.

This is true for any marriage - one spouse's efforts cause the income of the other to rise. Should that spouse be harmed by that? At the end of a 5 or 10 or 20 year period one spouse has an earning ability of hundreds of thousands and the other has to flip burgers? To those NOT being compensated for loss of income, I say, read the family code in your state and find out why you are cheating yourself out of what is yours.

2515 days ago


just a thought on reading all these comments. So Donna walked away. She was worn out from trying to defend herself in court, having to flee a fire, having to deal with Nikki's "dream team" of lawyers, having to deal with defending herself with Nikki's lies (the father of their child), having to deal with her son being forgotten by a man he called daddy, having to try to get a career going again, having to deal with what she is going thru being in the public eye. Nikki has been married before, had children by a previous marriage, manipulated his first wife during their divorce, trying to manipulate his second wife the same way, at the same time, trying to show the public with his new book what a "turned around, now clean" guy he is. I am sure she did help in many ways to enhance and build back up his career during their marriage. My thought is this, and this is what came to my mind. Nikki has said in different interviews, and thru his wanting to help runaway boys, that his dad left him, that he had such bad memories of his childhood, his father leaving, etc. What about the little boy of Donna's? If he looked to Nikki for ten years as a father, ended up calling Nikki daddy, Nikki was going to adopt him, where did all of that care go? Is this a "like father, like son"? Nikki? Haven't you done what you hated your own father for doing to you? Didn't it bother you for years and years? Just wondering how Nikki can go on tv and say that one-fourth of his earnings from his new book will go to help runaway boys when he turned his back on a little boy who lived with him in his own home and called him daddy. Is that all there is? Just wondering about those five kids, Donna and Nikki's. In a few years, they will be older and out on their own. Just wondering what memories they are bringing with them to adulthood and what kind of adults they will be, after living thru this breakup of their parents. Maybe Nikki can write a book about it. Or, maybe he can do something about it right now, instead of waiting to see the outcome like the rest of us will see in a few short years.

2515 days ago


Imagine that, a celebrity that isn't a little narcissistic. It's usually attention whores that go into that line of business. Now I tend to try and see the good in everyone. Nikki is not normally a judgemental person(which explains why he has surrounded himself with people that were not neccessarily good for him i.e. hanger ons, users, etc.) but he is cutthroat in his honesty. How many people would have admitted to even half of what he admitted in his book. Upon psychoanalyzation, after reading his book, he is definitely what one would call a "survivor" and this would definitely have led to some deeply imbued negative character traits. Nikki has even characterized himself as prone to "selfishness and arrogance". Nikki seemd genuinely sorry about having cheated on Donna and it seemed like they both wanted to make it work, initially, and she was well within her right to change her mind, of course. Nikki claims that when he came off tour she had already filed for divorce. I have no problem with Donna writing a book about her life(which naturally would include Nikki as they were married almost 10 years) but it is pretty slimy for her to publish private letters that he wrote to her while he was in rehab. I guess she knows that no one is going to want to read about her as much as they are going to want to read about Nikki (I've always been a big Nikkis fan since I was like 10 or 11 and I want to know absolutely everything about him) so she has to exploit her relationship with Nikki in order to sell books. I think she should write a book about her life(including her time with Nikki) but I do not think she should publish Nikki's letters to her.

2435 days ago


highcottonquinn----when is it going to sink into your brain----donna is not publishing the contents of the letters that nikki wrote to her from rehab. she is publishing a book consisting of her feelings about this said letters and about the family left behind when nikki was in rehab----do you understand yet?

2434 days ago


I just exchanged thoughts with Donna D'errico's mother and she herself said the working title of the second book is very misleading. I've stated before that I'm fine with Donna writing a book and even talking about her relationship with Nikki, I was just opposed to the idea of publishing word for word the letters Nikki wrote to her at a time in his life when he was going through rehabilitation for a serious drug problem i.e. a time of weakness. As I told Donna's mother those letters were written to Donna and what was in those letters should remain between Donna and Nikki; it is a privacy issue. I will read Donna's book if only to understand why Donna changed her mind after they both showed an initial desire to make the marriage work even after the infidelity.

You need to calm down, Samatha.

2433 days ago


donna's mother is a very sweet person.

2433 days ago


Ok, I am a huge fan of Motley Crue and read the Dirt, etc, etc. But I will say that Nikki did this girl wrong. He wrote in his book how he loved her, how he never had something so wonderful. Yet, he cheats on her while she is pregnant and walks out on her when she comes home from the hospital recovering from a C Section. The thing that really got me, was Donna had a small son and Nikki adopted him as his own and when they spilt, he would not have anything to do with this kid. Poor kid was suicidal. It makes me mad, b.c he was left by his dad and should know how it felt. Donna also raised Nikki's children from Brandi, so sorry, I am with Donna on this and SHAME on you Nikki!!

2513 days ago
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