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Donna to Nikki:

Keep Your Money!

11/28/2007 11:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex.

Despite the fact that the judge expressed concern for Donna, both parties waived their rights to financial support.

The former couple did reach a settlement agreement on the rest of their finances, but that was not immediately released. The judge assured both parties that all matters related to their daughter, Frankie, would be kept confidential.

Afterwards, Donna told TMZ that she was just happy it was over and that she was in the process of writing an autobiography. Can't wait.


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FIBiker is Nikki Sixx himself---hi there Mr. Suxx!

2513 days ago


After reading a lot of these comments, plus hearing news here and there, and also seeing Nikki Sixx on tv, I must say that he may think he has won really big in this second divorce of his, but it surely seems to me that he is a loser, but, more than that, he has lost a great looking, classy, intelligent, caring wife, and will most likely lose any respect and admiration that he may have won recently through so much attention of the media of late. He may have lost some fans, respect and acceptance of many friends, but most of all, he is setting himself up to lose what most counts, when his children reach adulthood and really learn what their dad is really about, not just being a rock star, but a person, and what this person has done to others, that they knew, when you lose what your kids think of you, you cannot get that back. So, guess he is a loser after all.

2513 days ago


What is the deal with that video???? I mean what was the point in even showing that? To show us all how much they both wanted the camera man to go away!!!!

2513 days ago

florida mom    


2461 days ago


#88 old friend in Florida! isn't that where the former Hollywood Madam who was Nikki Sixx's friend lives and was recently arrested? Good ole "Nici's Girls" or something? Yeah, HI FROM FLORIDA NIKKI SIXX! lol

2460 days ago


I used to love Nikki Sixx. No more. I was in a relationship with a narcissist like him, too. Not a rock star, but just as big a narcissist. I know all too well how they can destroy someone's life with lies. They are very convincing and seem to draw people to them and away from the real victim. If I hadn't been through it myself I might continue adoring Nikki and buying into this new image he has created, and bash Donna. But I see straight through this guy--he is amazingly like my own ex in many ways. Truly skillful at deception, but evil to the core and heartless. I know, I know..his fans will never ever believe anything bad about him. And by the way, Donna posed for Playboy, like almost every other well known actress, one time like 13 years ago. She doesn't "take her clothes off for money". She has raised a family fulltime including 3 kids who weren't even hers for the last decade, giving up any career she might have had in order to do so. She's never involved in scandals or photographed going out clubbing or anything else unlike Nikki. She stays to herself and seems to keep to herself. My support is going to Donna on this one.

2460 days ago
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