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Goofy Worker Wants Mouse to Pay Up

11/28/2007 12:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A worker at Disney's "Goofy" restaurant says that the company has been playing fast and loose with the wages there -- and she's suing the Mouse House -- with all kinds of claims. M-I-See you in court!
Disney lawsuit
TMZ has obtained this class action lawsuit filed by Amber Galloway, which alleges that Disney Worldwide Services (Disney) ignored California labor laws when they didn't permit breaks, overworked the staff and made them toil "off the clock" during lunch breaks. Some of the workers dress like Disney characters -- one patron described it as, "Cinderella, Goofy, and Chip and Dale came over to our table during brunch."

Amber also alleges that the cartoon hash house didn't keep an accurate count of hours worked by employees, and further claims that Disney "injured" her and was "unfair, unlawful, and harmful." Sounds like a total Mickey Mouse operation.


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2486 days ago

Is that ture??

2486 days ago

Sam Walter    

Last time I was at Disney Goofy grabbed my butt and rubbed on me while a photo was being taken. Creepy.

2486 days ago


Mickey mouse recently filed for divorce, said Minnie is Fecking Goofy

2486 days ago


Walt would hate this!

2486 days ago


Good luck suing Disney ... I'm sure they violate a lot of labor laws, but believe me, their attorney's will NOT be side stepping and this girl should have filed with the LABOR board not filed a class action law suit.

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2486 days ago


Ever wondered why people who work at the Disney parks are call "Perfomers" or "Actors"? Thats how they get away with paying LESS than minimum wage! Disney is CHEAP!

2486 days ago


The characters dressed up at Disney aren't employees. They're real. It's a magical place, remember?

2486 days ago


I believe this is true. I did a college 'internship' program with Disney and became a cast member for a semester. We had to work really long hours and were paid minimum wage. We couldn't have two days off in a row either. They put us up at apartments called Vista Way - 6 people in a 3 bedroom apartment. We had to pay rent out of our minimal paycheck. It was the 'expierence' i guess, but they know what they are doing! It's a whole different world behind the scenes! Needless to say i left after a month.....didn't make it through the whole semester!

2486 days ago


Why do people pick on good wholesome Disney??

2486 days ago


My husband and I took our 7 year old son to Disney World this past June. We went to Magic Kindom the second day. While there, I stopped by a Java stand for a cup of coffee and struck up a conversation with the young girl behind the counter. She said the same thing this person is saying. She said they recruited/enticed her to Fla and once she was there, they were working the hell out of her and the other "kids" staying in the Disney housing. She said they don't pay well and they made her and the other's work lots of overtime and they didn't get paid for. Oh yeah, she said they took a good chunk of change for rent and food. We paid $197 for the three of us to enter that park and spent an additional $100 dollars on food and "trinkets" for our child. Disney has to pull these antics? Aren't they making enough?

2486 days ago

L.A. Hoxie    

This is soooo lame. I worked at Disneyland, and in Goofy's Kitchen a bunch of times as a --uh, "Pageant Helper" and there is PLENTY of breaks. 1/2 hour on set, ALWAYS followed by a 1/2 hour break. You get paid for the full hour and it's always waay above minimum wage (I was making $10.15 per hour).
Plus I have a permanently injured wrist from signing autographs and as soon as I told Disney about it they paid for all my medical bills and set me up with a physical therapist immediately.

Emily, I don't know where you got your info. from that performers are paid less, but that's completely false. "Pageant Helpers" have a base pay around $8.75/hr and then a show pay that raises that to around $14/hr. You're ALWAYS paid the regular pay ($14) and only get the base pay for something like a mandatory meeting or paid vacation.

Get the facts straight before you start pointing your finger.

Chaucer said it best, your lips and teeth were meant to cage your tounge from speaking before thinking.

2486 days ago


i worked for disney too doing the college program and they pretty much told us straight up that we would be paid minimum wage and that our rent would be taken out of our paychecks. there was no secrecy about that if you just paid attention during the informational meeting. and they also told us that we'd be working over 40 hours a week and over 60 hours during the holidays....but everyone i knew got at least one day off and everyone that wasn't in a tipped role got at least a 1/2 hour break. and as far as disney not keeping track of hours....i dont know where this girl is getting her info from but not only does disney have an electronic clock in but you also write down in a log what time you came in what time you clocked off and if you took any breaks.....they are the most organized company so i doubt they botched her hours. and also characters get more breaks than any other role switching out with at least one other cast member in the same costume so this girl is on crack or something.

2486 days ago
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