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Last Dance for Helio and Fiancee!

11/28/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Helio may have waltzed into winning "Dancing With the Stars" by doing a Paso Doble ... but the Paso Uno is what he's doing now!

TMZ has confirmed business executive Aliette Vazquez has broken off her engagement to the "Dancing" winner. Vazquez and the race car driver had been dating for more than six years and have been engaged for a year. "There have been a lot of rumors and a lot of misinformation out there," Vazquez's rep Howard Bragman tells us, and she "wanted to set the record straight."

Bragman told us, "This is a personal decision and I ask the media to respect the privacy of Miss Vazquez and her family. She has no plans to talk to the media, but reserves that right if she needs to clarify misinformation or defend her reputation."

Let's get ready to Rumba!

UPDATE: More good stuff! We've learned that the two have not spoken in weeks. And so you know -- this has nothing to do with partner Julianne Hough. It's just between Helio and Aliette.


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2491 days ago


Man can that cat drive and climb a fence!

2491 days ago

Cali Queen    

Oh can't win everything and everyone! His dancing was not good imo, Melanie was the best but I know this is America and we still have a lot of issues to overcome.

2491 days ago

Licka Lotta Puss    


2491 days ago


I'm not at all surprised. I watch Dancing with the Stars every week. I'll be waiting for the appearance of him with Julianne dating. There was a lot more all season between the two of them than just the finishing kiss. C'mon! The room full of balloons? He was definitely hot for her!

2491 days ago


I voted for Julianne & Helio from their 1st dance...they have the chemistry from the Julianne will always be my pick...

2491 days ago


Julianne Huff...has just signed a begin her music country music, actually...I don't think Helio and Julianne..intend on starting a can 'love' a friend ..and not be..IN love....and of course..these dancers do....form deep bonds with each'd have to have NO soul...NOT to!..we... even form bonds..just watching them on TV!!! LOL!!! IF..these 2 had real chemistry?..i think, with their careers.they both have enough common realize they are going in opposite directions...and she IS kinda young for him..even though she is very mature~ it WAS..a GREAT season, wasn't it, folks????*** Merry Christmas to ya'll..and a Blessed and healthy new Year!!***

2491 days ago


wow,The Hogans break up after 23 years of marriage...Amazing...Maybe its the steroids!

2491 days ago


I recall they said Julianne is 20 years old now, not 19. And she was supposed to get married, but she called off her engagement this past year. She is now working on a country music singing career, and just started recording in the studio recently, for her first CD. Helio originally said, a couple of weeks ago (?), that he was so determined to win DWTS (he is an athlete, so he said he was just as focused on winning the dance, as he would be winning a car race) -- He said he was so determined and focused on winning, to the point where he and his fiance, had been planning to marry soon, but he had asked her if they could postpone the wedding until "a year from now" and she agreed, according to him. Now, I heard he said late this afternoon, that he and his fiance had broken off the engagement, only he didn't want to announce that while the DWTS was still on, because he didn't want to be "disrespectful" to the other performers by drawing unnecessary drama/attention (unlike the kind of drama that one cannot have any control over, like food poisoning, or death of a loved one, etc). HOWEVER, when he was on the View this morning, he was still talking about his (now former) fiance as if he was still with her. It was only by the afternoon that he stated they had cancelled the engagement.

If the woman wanted to get married, she should not have spent 6 years going out with him. If he wasn't going to get married to her after the first year, and if marriage was what she really wanted, she should have told him as much, and made it clear that if he didn't want to marry her, she would move on. Thats what all the relationship experts always advise also.

I am not sure that there is anything at all between Julianne and Helio except friendship -- Remember, they were saying the same rumors of romance when she was dancing with Apolo Ohno last season, and there was nothing going on between them except platonic friendship as a dance teacher/pupil. Just because people are tiny and dance well together, doesn't mean they are involved...And it doesn't mean they can't be involved either, depending on the people or the situation. When Julianne was dancing with Apolo, she was engaged to her fiance at the time, and very much involved. REMEMBER -- She is also a Mormon, and comes from a religious Mormon family, so I HIGHLY DOUBT she is a "loose woman" sleeping with her partners, and stealing them away from their fiancees. She and her brother Derek have been dancing professionally for MOST of their lives on this earth, remember.

2491 days ago

emmitt pettrey    

Helio and Julianne look great togther, even if he is much older than her,they should hook up!!! They are wonderful together

2491 days ago


Helio knows he doesn't need old hamburger when lots of lovely steaks are waiting on the grill.

2491 days ago


Regarding the comment from Steve, posted at 9:56PM on Nov 28 (as copied below), STEVE, THE WOMAN YOU SAW IN THE AUDIENCE IN THE FRONT ROW WAS HELIO'S SISTER, NOT HIS (NOW FORMER) FIANCEE!!! And neither his SISTER nor his former fiancee are unattractive women. Here is your post that I am referring to (see below)...

76. After seeing HELIO CASTRONEVES girlfriend sitting in the front row while HELIO CASTRONEVES was dancing with partner JULIANNE HOUGH, I think most viewers were asking What The Hell
is HELIO CASTRONEVES doing with that piece of crap.
Posted at 9:56PM on Nov 28th 2007 by Steve

2491 days ago

C. Robertson    

Without knowing he was engaged, I could imagine a Latina clawing at the television screen everytime Helio and Julianne were together. Now, after the fact, knowing it was probably the case, it's almost laughable. Boo hoo, you'll find another athlete to latch onto. If she was waiting by the phone, that's HER fault, and if nothing ever really DID happen between Helio and Julianne..what a waste!!

2491 days ago


Gosh, I watched the same show and felt the sparks between Apolo and Juliana were much more than those with Helio. The dancing was better as well. Having said that, I thought that Helio deserved to win; he has no experience as an entertainer but he entertained us completely. I'd like to see a DWTS competition with Patrick Swayze and John Travolta as celebrity contestants. Wouldn't that be hot!

2491 days ago


The fame always tears them apart and they can't seem to not have sex with people they work with... and realtiy shows have proven over & over again its not good for there long term out come of the relationship to have cameras point out your every short coming....

2491 days ago
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