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Last Dance for Helio and Fiancee!

11/28/2007 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Helio may have waltzed into winning "Dancing With the Stars" by doing a Paso Doble ... but the Paso Uno is what he's doing now!

TMZ has confirmed business executive Aliette Vazquez has broken off her engagement to the "Dancing" winner. Vazquez and the race car driver had been dating for more than six years and have been engaged for a year. "There have been a lot of rumors and a lot of misinformation out there," Vazquez's rep Howard Bragman tells us, and she "wanted to set the record straight."

Bragman told us, "This is a personal decision and I ask the media to respect the privacy of Miss Vazquez and her family. She has no plans to talk to the media, but reserves that right if she needs to clarify misinformation or defend her reputation."

Let's get ready to Rumba!

UPDATE: More good stuff! We've learned that the two have not spoken in weeks. And so you know -- this has nothing to do with partner Julianne Hough. It's just between Helio and Aliette.


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HELLLLLLLLLLLLO, that was NOT a sensual kiss last night on Dancing.
HELIO did a TOTAL face on face with Julianne, NOT a kiss. It was ALL part of the act. Julianna doesn't want that dude, no matter how good she taught him to dance. She has a brand mew contract with a recording company and starts work on a vocal album. She is branching out, not settling into a romance with an OLD LATIN dude!! WAKE UP!

2418 days ago


I knew this was coming. I never saw his fiancee at any of the shows. It's so obvious he has a major crush on Julianne. If I were her, I'd grab him in a minute. I'm in love with him myself!!!!

2418 days ago

Mary C.    

Here are my two cents. I do not remember the girlfriend at any of the dancing shows.
I don't think anything happened between Helio and Julianne it was just dancing and a lot of chemestry....That is all. Some people like to make-up things to keep themselves busy.
Thanks. Mary

2418 days ago


That Julianne is hot. Anyone would forget they had a fiancee. But that guy Helium (sic) IS GAY ANYWAY.

2418 days ago


First of all Julianne was scheduled to marry Zach Wilson in the Salt Lake Temple this past August but they postponed it. Secondly, if you haven't guessed from the first statement she is LDS and her religion is very important to her. She plans on marrying in the temple one day and the only way for that to happen is if her spouse is Mormon. I don't see Helio converting anytime soon.

2418 days ago


Well, I never saw her at the shows either. Meanwhile the Osmond clan was there, family of other stars were there. Where was she? I think he's better off with someone else. On the other hand, maybe this will boost Indycar racing, since Tony George is doing his best to kill the series.

2418 days ago


I read an article the first week of the season that they had broken it off before the first dance even took place. Looks like TMZ is in it for sensationalism, trying to make a story where there is none.

2418 days ago


They all kiss and hug each other. Get over it! It's a competion. I think he had a right to be excited/ He never danced and I think the win was rightly deserved. If she loves him enough she will be around. Mel was kissing Mac every night and her husband was in the audience. Totally rediculous. Maybe they had aproblem to begin with.

2418 days ago

AZ Intelligence    

6 years together? No way....marriage wouldn't last. Besides, this pic of her on this EXCLUSIVE shows features of a woman looking like a man during the "menopause". Or maybe there is something suspicious.....whatever. Life has just begun for this DANCING STAR.....y el paso doble? No vale la pena, mijo! Vasquez ended your book, Son; time to start a new book of only YOU! Helio is a lovely name has a slight definition meaning succeed. You have only just begun, Dear One.....SMILE!

2418 days ago


If he was a true gentleman he would have never disrepected the woman he claimed to love and wanted to marry by kissing another woman that way. It was wrong and shows how little respect he had for her. If he did it to her he most likely will do it to the next one. Julianne is to good for him. He is not what he would like people to believe. Behind that smile is nothing more than an uncaring man that thinks nothing of women.

2418 days ago


That's probably why he kissed her! His girlfriend dumped him and he showed her! That's okay sugarpea, this ole woman will take ya home anyday!

2418 days ago


Well, let's put it this way. She lost him, The Green Eye Monster has coming out of her, If it happened now, all that money has been saved on wedding, and divorce. He is a charmer, and maybe, Julianne is the star of his eye now, a least be good friends. Heck, I want Marie. She's HOTTTTT.

2418 days ago


I'm sad it's all over. It was a show everyone could watch. No violence weapons sex. I love the music. I love all the costumes and I think it's great how much they learn in such a short time. I would love to do what they get to do. Do you know how hard Ballroom dancing is especially for someone who has never danced. I think that's why Sabrina and Mel did not get the votes. They are both dancers. It supposed to be a show where the actors have no experience in dancing. I think the right person won. Congratulations to all of them! Can't wait until next year:)

2418 days ago


He stopped talking to his fiance. His fiance is devasted. She went out for the first show and hadn't seen him since and he wouldn't talk to her during these past two months. All the women on here that defend him and trash his fiance, you are all whores. Stop defending men who abuse women. His fiance was with him before all this "fame" happened. He's with WHOREianne who cheated on her own fiance and left him for Apollo. Now she's with another dance partner and has destroyed a relationship. She's using him as her new sugar daddy and as publicity for her new country album. He'll cheat on her too and she'll cheat on him as well. They are both trash and deserve all the bad karma coming their way. Hope both of them rot in hell. And his fiance has every right to come out saying what a dog he is. The women out there have the right to know.

This is from E! Online:

Just hours after Dancing with the Stars' resident charmer quickstepped his way into the winner's circle—getting cheered on by family and friends but not, rather tellingly, his fiancée—Aliette Vazquez confirmed to Michael Yo's Yo on E! satellite radio show that she and the race car driver have put the brakes on their betrothal.

"I haven't talked to him in two months," Vazquez said. "I am devastated."

While Vazquez, a Cuban fashion designer, did not give a reason for calling off the engagement, she hinted that the nuptials nixing was a long time coming.

"I came out for the first episode of Dancing and haven't seen him since," she said.

Castroneves himself confirmed the split.

"I can confirm that Aliette Vazquez and I have called off our engagement and are no longer together," he said. "At this time, I would prefer to keep my private life private."

Rumors of premarital discord first hit the couple last month, when Castroneves told Entertainment Tonight he and Vazquez had tentatively pushed back their wedding date to January 2008.

"Everything is happening so quick," the professional speed demon said at the time. "The [IndyCar Series] championship is over, the dancing started, and basically, I was like, 'Ali, let's take it easy. Otherwise, we will be divorced before we get married!'"

At the time, Castroneves also said he planned on enlisting his professional partner Julianne Hough to teach Vazquez to dance in preparation for their wedding. Hough, who called off a wedding of her own to dancer Zach Wilson last spring, said she would "absolutely" be on board for the lessons.

While the vow cancellation is unfortunate, it's not wholly surprising, given the cursed track record of the private lives of this season's Dancing with the Stars contestants.

This year's unlucky batch of dancers suffered parental deaths, wildfire evacuations, rehab-bound children, on-air fainting spells, betrothal busts and, in the season's final moments, brief hospitalizations.

Mark Ballas, one of the show's professional favorites who was long thought to be a frontrunner for the championship title before his and Sabrina Ryan's upset elimination, was notably absent from the latter half of last night's Dancing finale, getting whisked away from the studio by an ambulance after dislocating his shoulder in his final performance.

During rehearsals for the finale show, he complained of shoulder and back pain, and halfway through his live cha-cha, he refrained from performing several of the dance's signature moves, instead keeping his left arm close to his body for the remainder of the boogie.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said after the show that Ballas had even passed out in the studio corridor prior to his performance.

The last-minute drama was par for the course for the season. Not that ABC—or the viewing audience—seemed to be put off by the controversies.

The live results show averaged 24.9 million viewers during its two-hour filler-filled broadcast, marking the network's largest draw for a Tuesday night in more than seven years.

2418 days ago



2418 days ago
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