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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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Winky Vitalic    

sorry folks, but Love has let herself go. she seems like a lovely person in interviews, but this bikini's gotta go! i wonder if kitson sells miraclesuits?

2458 days ago


There's no one in hoolywood id love to bang more than JLH. She is still smoking hot. I wonder if she goes brazilian

2458 days ago


THAT'S A STRINGY STRAIGHT HAIRED HO FOR YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2458 days ago


She's not a Hollywood "Barbie-In-A-Box".

And, you know, that's real O.K. too.

2458 days ago


Are there any more pics? I've never seen her look better, this is what a women should look like, Damn I want that big ass

2458 days ago


*shrugs shoulders* she looks like a real woman curves and ass anyone hating is because your ass don't have curves or your a pedophile that like woman looking like starving flat chested 12 year old boys and should kill yourself.

2458 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Hello again OCD - sorry, but if you're a Hollywood celebrity, it's not ok to let yourself go.

Now, have you gotten out that jumper cable to zap yourself with yet? If not - get going!

And let me guess - you this is what "real" women look like because you also have a weight problem - correct?

2458 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

The only people who think this looks good is someone who is also fat. Curvey is fine -cellulite is not appealing. And JLH has too much cottage cheese goin' on.

2458 days ago


To # 16 Mrs. Kovachs, 4th grade teacher

*yawn* Nope, I'm still nodding off over the TMZ posts today.

So I take it that you feel everyone in Hollywood has to meet the stereotypical mold, huh?

Sorry to disappoint, but I would think that if they didn't want "fat" people, then "fat" people wouldn't be getting parts. Here's a few to think about.......and yes, I do realize that some of them are deceased.

Kathy Bates
Camryn Manheim
Elizabeth Taylor (yes, she had here Teletubby years also)
Queen Latifah
Delta Burke
Mae West
Missy Elliot
America Ferrera
Oprah Winfrey
Shelley Winters
Jack Nicholson
John Belushi
Jack Black
Marlon Brando
John Candy
Drew Carey
Brian Dennehey
Chris Farley
James Gandolfini


2458 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Actually those saying she is normal and those saying she is fat are both right. Look around at your neighbors. Americans are fat fat fat. That doesn't make being fat a good thing. I have to laugh every time I see a teenager wearing midriff bearing clothes with a spare tire hanging out. That must be what they consider attractive today. It does not bode well for the future.

2458 days ago


I heard that she had that behind put in by one of Hollywoods most famous cosmetic surgeons. She was tired with that little size zero butt that she was born with and wanted a more rounded out American look instead of that Hollywood sculptured look.

Well I think she got her moneys worth! Cudos to the surgeon! You are a master!

2458 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

OCD - And just who on that list is a Hollywood star today? Belushi,Winters, Farley and Candy are dead, and none were considered A listers (well, Belushi for a while - but hardly getting those blockbuster movie roles). Shelly Winters was ONLY a hot actress in her earlier years when she was thin, honey. Monique, Missey, Latifah, and Oprah are hardly Hollywood stars, Elizabeth Taylor is another one who was ONLY at the top of her game when she was thin & beautiful, and Kathy Bates, Delta Burke, and (!) Cameron Manheim - do you honestly consider them "Hollywood" Stars? Nicholson is the closest you have to a real star on that list who is still active - have you watched his latest movies? Except for The Departed (for which he wasn't leading man material) his latest ventures have hardly been increasing his star power.

Why I think you've been watching too many reruns of Hollywood Squares from 1975 - honey, this is 2007. Perhaps this is why you are having so much trouble staying awake?

Now, I'm still waiting for you to get those jumper cables out...

2458 days ago


To # 20 Lydia

Yes, thank you for adding her.

Nell Carter
Mia Tyler
Kate Winslet
Della Reese
Lindsey Hollister

2458 days ago

Winky Vitalic    


I can't restrain myself from laughing - Nell Carter (dead and never an A Lister), Mia Tyler (who has been getting fired from modeling jobs for being TOO fat for a plus size model!), Kate Winslet (who would NEVER wear a bikini like JLH - and I'll give you a half point since she's almost an A lister, but hardly a box office draw), Della Reese (surely you're reaching on this one...) and Lindsey Hollister - yep, her name is #1 on everyone's lips.

Face it - your logic just doesn't hold any weight. Pun intended.

Now face it - you're either a chubby chaser or overweight and feel that you have to justify it. And you're also a liar - I am waiting for those jumper cables to come out any time now.

2458 days ago


To # 22 Mrs. Kovachs, 4th Grade Teacher

For some reason, I'm beginning to feel like you have a huge *pun* problem with non-Barbie/Ken physiques.

I've never really had a problem with anyone's size. I don't find obese people attractive, but then again, super skinny people make me want to put a mirror under their nose to check for lung activity.

To each their own.

And yes, I am ignoring your personal attacks. The fact that you are so insistent upon knowing my pant size just makes me want to keep it a secret even longer.

I will tell you that my shoe size is a 7. Does that help? : )

2458 days ago
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