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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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B. Taylor    

Ever noticed when most of these "beautiful" people are taken out of there comfort zone of cameras, stage and make-up, they look pretty normal? So why is many of you lowlife maggots hang on every word with these fools? Hollywood is the lowest form of life and the most stupid.

I can show you five hundred woman with large butts and big boobs at any water park on a summer day and they can probably make asses of themselves, enter rehab, and bad mouth America better than many Hollywood airheads if they set their mind to it.

2499 days ago


She is natural and sexy We hear all about J Lo and Beyonce's butt's I am sure they look just like Jennifers in a bikini!!!!!

2499 days ago


Perfect, wish more women were like her.

2499 days ago


Fat?....Pffft. I prefer this rather than stick figures like Paris Hilton. Besides, how is someone supposed to look anyways? Anyone who's disgusted by this for whatever reason is obviously a robot to society.

2499 days ago


ohmygodinheavensheisafatbitch! Martin you are a loser for writing this. Why not get off your behind and get rid of that belly which is 10 times worse than JLH's butt.

2499 days ago


Everyone needs to get a grip...She is a real woman!!

2499 days ago

tommy virsttie    

she is still hot as ever no one compares she not anerixe like some other hollywood people ill do anything to to squezz that butt just once or see it in person yall know u liked it

2499 days ago


no way, she cant be that disgusting, that is gross that has to be photo shop

2499 days ago


Yes it is ok for celebrities to "let themselves go". Perhaps if more of them did just that, they wouldn't let themselves go straight to rehab for using drugs and alcohol. Jennifer seems like a woman who knows what is important......and no it's not for everybody to think she is a barbie doll. She is a good role model for millions of women and girls everywhere! Good for you! You are grown, and you are beautiful!

2498 days ago


Let it go people. Maybe she doesn't have a perfect backside but at least she has never been involved in any scandel or sordid Holytrash episodes. She is a sweetheart and gives quite a bit of her time to non-profit organizations helping others. Some things shouldn't be measured in waistlines.

2498 days ago

the lost    

Mrs. Kovachs, Do you teach your 4th Grade Girls to starve themselves? The United States has another problem if you are really a 4th Grade Teacher. Teachers who teach kids that not looking like a model means they should commit suicide before the first school dance. That's YOU, Mrs. Kovachs. I don't care how perfect looking YOU are, not everyone can or wants to be a shallow stupid a s s h*le like yourself.

2498 days ago

the lost    

I'm the first to admit that JLH's ass looks exactly like mine, actually better. Perhaps that's why my 6'4" 240 ilb boyfriend dumped me. In society Men are not fat, only Fat Women are fat. Again another equality problem. Then again, my ex boyfriend seems real cozy with a girl who makes both me and JLH look like we're a size 2. So maybe he's a chubby chaser. After all, he's fat himself. So anyway, leave JLH alone. She has guts to go out looking like that in Hollywood. I still think she looks better than Paris Hilton, who has NO curves or breasts to speak of.

2498 days ago

just me    

her body ain't a wonderland anymore, john mayer!!!

to the person who said marilyn monroe was a size 12...yes, that is true, but back then, sizes were measured differently, so a size 12 would be more like an 8 now. i've purchased vintage dresses, patterns, and i also sew, so i know this to be true. i also think that even writing about marilyn monroe in any comment about jennifer love hewitt is insulting to marilyn monroe. for one thing, i never saw her with any cellulite. another thing...jennifer love heweitt isn't that old, she doesn't have any children...there's absolutely no reason for this. if this is what "real women" look like, as many of you are claiming, i must be freakin' super woman! with comments like that, it's no wonder that 67% of this country is over's just nasty! people need to make a lot of changes in their life...

2498 days ago


Okay, JLH sez the papps ruined her engagement 'vacation' because of this 'bad angle' shot. AND, that she's a size 2...uh...I don't think so, on both issues!

It would have been better to say the pic was funky-monkeyed with...sorry Love, but it IS what it IS, and it ain't pretty.

2497 days ago


She is beautiful and real. Real boobs to go with a real ass. That is how nature puts on the curves. Bunch of haters and conformists!

2497 days ago
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