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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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wyo cowgirl    

She's still beautiful! As if most of you guys out there wouldn't sell your mother for a few minutes alone with her!

2520 days ago


Honestly, it does matter. Healthwise.
But recent studies have shown that people with up to thirty extra pounds over the average AND have an active life style can be healthier then a crash-dieter or someone who starves themselves to be like the "norm". my opinion: In my mind is the fact that she gets paid, how much? The same ludicrous ammounts all of the industries stars get paid. So should she keep up these appearances? Well heck yeah. She gets paid a grip to be enjoyable to look at, she should actively work at it.

And as for the fourth grade teacher. I think some of her opinions are biased against fat-folks, but hello, this is america.

And I say, God Bless Jennifer for having her big ol' juicy butt and being proud.

2520 days ago

Gipsy princess    

To #13 'Mrs. Kovachs, fourth grade teacher' that is why you became a 4th. grade teacher! You are not smarter than a 5th. grader and you need to get a life! JHL looks fantastic, she is a lovely young woman, talented actress, and if that is indeed you, Mrs. Kovachs, you are a narrow minded, ethnic-pathetic figure. I have, almost, forgotten, try to spell your name properly. Go above 4th. grade!!! For the rest of the JHL haters, if you are women, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You need to stick together not bash one, another! Good luck in cultivating beautiful thoughts!

2520 days ago



2520 days ago


She's a size 2, what all of us would LIKE to be. Give us women a break, you jerks!!!! No wonder all of the young girls are skeletons!!! Stop making women feel like they need to do plastic surgery to feel beautiful. Let us be what we are, and love us for that. Jennifer is beautiful, just the way she is!!!

2520 days ago

Gipsy princess    

All the best to you, OCD, and others that are considerate, thoughtful and kind in nature, and gave what she deserved to that inconsiderate moron, 4th. grade teacher! We need to be kinder to each other for the simple reason that we are connected, like it or not!. I am glad that you (all) took a stand against this person, Mrs. Kovachs, what a pompous ass, I am a teacher of foreign languages but I resent the addressing with 'Mrs' formula! One can have access to all the education available in this world, but, when one is a MEAN SPIRITED individual is very painful because it does not go away like fat, cellulite, extra weight or some other anatomical criterion. She should be ashamed of herself!

2520 days ago

Woman Lover of Men    

Before you write a comment on JLH's body look at your body in a mirror from all sides. How does she look now?

2520 days ago


I challenge every one of you who writes for this site to publish close-ups of your own unlovable behinds. I've seen you in the "newsroom" on TV. You are definitely not the sort of guys that girls would take notice of, and there's quite a bit of extra flab among you. Maybe the reason you take such pleasure in pointing out flaws of the feminine physique is that you're so tragically unattractive.

2520 days ago

Bob Dole    

Up tight, outta sight, finger-lickin good.

2520 days ago


Why do people make negative comments about other people? I really don't think snomadd or swiss jen look any better...probably FAR from it. Get lives and worry about your own FAT a--es!

2519 days ago


One of my nephews saw he on Maui 4 or 5 years ago and made the comment she was not a small woman. She looks in good shape she is just pear shaped.

2519 days ago


Alright after reading alot of these comments I think I am going to commit suicide...I am just about her size and if people say such nasty things about her I can imagine what they would say about me. Thanks TMZ...goodbye.

2519 days ago


Well, big breasts and big butts often go hand in hand, so to speak so it's only natural. I had imagined her to be totally perfect though so...little disappointed.

2519 days ago


My husband is in LOVE with JLH, so I showed him this picture and said, "Look at this picture. Do you think her butt is gross?" When he said yes I said, "Well, guess what. It's your gf, JLH." Hmm..interesting.
I still think she's beautiful, and that was just a bad picture from a bad angle. And whoever said anybody over a size four is unhealthy and fat you are freaking ridiculous. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Face it, some "skinny people" are actually less healthy than some people who weigh 50 pounds more than them! ...btw, I'm a tiny size 2, almost a size 0.

2519 days ago

Jennifer D MD    

I'm sorry, I can't believe the pety comments being made. She isn't a 10 anymore, but she is not "fat" and not disgusting. Let me tell you right now.... I am a size 0, I have a nice figure--however, I still don't find JLH looking awful. Someone said-- look around, America is a fat country. She is still thinner than any girl located in my community aside from myself. Lighting can give you the cottage-cheese like appearance and gossip rag mags aren't above creating it. I weigh 95 lbs and I have a photo from me in Jamaica where I look like a pig, photos are not always flattering.

And again, who cares. If you like you, great, if you don't, please stop posting such rude crap.

Half the reason I'm as thin as I am is because of those attitudes. I'm finally just accepting my body and I might plump to a size 5. I just think it's awful to say such hurtful things. Celebrties do come here and read this. I think many people need to grow up before her ass shrinks.

2519 days ago
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