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Rampage Can Talk White, But Is He Right?

11/28/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UFC brawler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has never been afraid to go on the attack. And when the king of the octagon learned that NFL star Sean Taylor died from a gunshot to the leg on the Monday, Rampage went off.

"Shot in the leg and died," he asked our cameraman. "Where the hell was the ambulance? Flavor Flav was real when he said 911 was a joke."

Then, just like a pre-skankified Flav would have done, Rampage got racial. "Black folks, when you get in trouble [and you] call 911, please sound white when you call ... We all sound white when we need to."

Tough words from a tough man.

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you stated (and i am quoting you), "white people jump to help her". so YOU said it and i was expounding on your statement. another thing...it's Barnes & Noble. learn how to spell you illiterate thug. you've already threatened one poster with potential violence and then you come at me for restating what you yourself said. no wonder people reacte to you like they "supposedly" do. you can't possibly be making a better impression on them then you did us. ...and trust me...no one here is impressed.

2492 days ago

Get a Life    

Concerned Black Man -

No offense but did you see the house that he lived in. I would highly doubt that that is what they would consider an urban neighborhood. But I'm sure I'm missing your point.

2492 days ago

hell with them all    

Hell do not use the W word. Call Al and Jackson sorry Who do we get to call? NAACP I do not think so

2492 days ago

Prayers and good thoughts for Britney.    

Racism, in this situation? Seriously? I can see 911 responding to 'poorer' or more dangerous neighborhoods more slowly, which is a whole different problem and argument, but seriously?

Racism's a serious issue and it's so sad that people throw that term around like it's nothing because it's the easiest card to pull is f'ed up.

And yeah, I've know more people of color (black, asian, latin) who were 'racist' - meaning HATING people just because of the color of their skin, than white people. It's sad.
(I'm mixed black & asian and I feel more racism both sides of my family than white folks.)

2492 days ago


You are officaly a pissed off loser with a low I.Q.. I feel bad for your poor step daughter and her pathetic mother who obviously has REALLY poor taste in men.

2492 days ago

Semper Fi    

Perhaps there needs to be a Black Ambulance Company so they can respond to black people quicker. That way the whites won't get blamed.

2492 days ago


one more thing to all the white people posting in this thread........

race plays a part in everyday life for people of color so stop saying "stop with the race card" get a clue take a look at the "white" people that get in trouble with the law.search on this site whats the average time they do In jail? do they get to leave jail & go serve their sentence at home? (like paris) BECAUSE A DOCTOR SAYS SO? or spend a few hours in jail VS weeks (like lindsay & nicole)

2492 days ago

milwaukee rican    

sure race didnt matter in this case. He was living in a rich neighborhood. but u have to be downright gullable to think that some areas of a city dont get police or ambulances as fast as others meaning the ghetto. latin and black areas have to wait longer for 911 calls ive seen this with my own eyes. it might not be that way in your city but here in milwaukee it does and to tattoo thunder they cant see tattoos through the phone
and lastly he was robbed what does that have to do with being a criminal. nice with the ape comment you are racist yourself

2492 days ago



2492 days ago


to J

yes i spelled noble wrong *the world ends*

that makes me totally stupid
& yes i did say they jump to help her
but did i say falling over....ps i'll go back to school so post here & know my spelling is correct

2492 days ago

Eddie C    

lol.. i like Rampage.. that TMZ dude was just messing with him.. all he was trying to do is wire Rampage up and it worked.. lol.. he would of got me too if i was drunk..

2492 days ago


Tattoos are cool!

2492 days ago

Rockers Its Dangeorus    

Throw his poor judgment in with Imus, Dog and all other other Racists. Spare no color, creed or religion the right to have prejudice bredren and sistren. This pig could have expressed his disappointment for the delay in 911 rescue on half a dozen other reasons with validity. He lost all credibility with his dumb ass comment. What does he know,,,,, he has banged on the head for too long or maybe he is just slightly stupid.

Rockers Its Dangerous Crew

2492 days ago


Yoman, I'm sure you wouldn't get "weird" looks at you if you weren't all tatooed out and didn't speak like a gangsta thug. Nothing against tats, but don't get them on your face, neck and hands you dumb bastid!!

You probably look like an MS 13 gang member and with your threats of violence on this very discussion, you just might be!!

2492 days ago


He is a moron, if Taylor was hit in the femeral artery, large arteries that run down the inner thigh of both legs that feed blood to the legs, for those that don't know, he could have bled out in 3 seconds, even a nick to the femeral artery is fatal. Simple Biology, butt sniffer

2492 days ago
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