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Andy Garcia -- Taylor Saved My Niece!

11/29/2007 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Garcia is hailing NFL star Sean Taylor as a "hero" who lost his life trying to protect Andy's niece Jackie, who was Taylor's girlfriend and the mother of their baby. Yes-- that Andy Garcia.
Andy Garcia/Sean Taylor
Garcia tells the Miami Herald that Taylor's "heroic action" saved Jackie and daughter, also named Jackie, and called the incident "a testament to his humanity and courage." Taylor was shot when he grabbed a machete to confront an intruder, while Jackie Garcia reportedly hid in the bedroom with the 18-month-old baby. Until now, Andy and his family had not given any public comment on the killing.

"We will always remember him as a caring and loving individual, especially to his new family," says Andy. The couple met at Gulliver Prep School in Miami-Dade county.

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Andy, so sorry about your family's loss, Sean is in my prayers

2464 days ago


My son die, the same way saving his brother life that went into shock, and the 3 cowards friends that got out of the window.

My baby is my hero, he kick ass until he slip on a coat and that when the coward got a chance to shoot him.

It was my son time to die, but let me say this when God leave a witness to tell the story you know that loveone is gone to Heaven.

Read the Bible and then ask yourself who wrote the stories? And then give the Lord Our God All The Glory.

2464 days ago


So sorry Love and Peace, my prayers go to you and Seans family.

2464 days ago


Sean did NOT have a handgun because he was on probation... I'm guessing the person who killed him knew this and that Sean was, subsequently, an unarmed sitting duck in his own bedroom!!

2464 days ago


Thank you #21,

I pray everynight that we can come together and stop the killing(s).

My heart goes out to everyone that have to deal with losing a loveone and to all that lost a loveone in the war on both side. Please understand that God hear our cries and he feel our tears. Don't stop believing in God and Jesus, just keep praying for strength and more stength, because God knows our pain. And never, never forget to forgive the killer(s). When you forgive then you start heeling, but your wound will never get fully heel. But you will start feeling well again.

May God get us through this tough time of the year.

2464 days ago


Very sad. My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. Tragic.

2463 days ago


Andy Garcia's niece and Sean Taylor??!!?? Hmmm.

2463 days ago


Has anyone considered the possibility that Sean Taylor's baby's mama might be behind the whole thing? After all, every single piece of info we have learned about this night has come directly from her (via her lawyer). Yet she never saw anyone?

2463 days ago


#13 Steve
You are so correct. I being from the Caribbean know that people in that region use machetes because guns are not widely available, so a machete is an effective weapon when defending yourself. When I heard Sean had a machete I was dumbfounded. America is the land of guns, a knife can NEVER match the speed of a bullet.

This makes me wonder if this guy was just a soft-hearted, naieve person with a body that belied his naievte about violence. His former lawyer, Sharpstein, said on CNN that the gun charge that he was brought up on a year or so ago was proven to be wrong. Someone else in the group had a gun, not Taylor. I know his father is a Police Chief in Florida, I'm thinking maybe this kid never viewed guns as lightly as some do,so, having one in his home was not a casual choice he'd make.

2462 days ago


Jackie Garcia had nothing to do with his murder. They were very happy, things were good. Look again at the guys pictures. Just more bad ass dudes screwing up and destroying people's lives.

2462 days ago


I went to highschool with those kids, what a shame it is to have 4 posers like that ruin a great mans life and carear. I was completly shocked when I found out who did it. I mean i saw all of them at wal-mart the night before the news broke out. Where are there parents, they should be locked up too, for letting there kids run wild. there stupidity inadvertantly caused this situation and now a young girl will grow up without the father she should have had.

2462 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Did I blink while Black and Cuban relations actually normalized in South Florida? It doesn't seem so long ago these two communities were very polarized, yet these two (Sean and Jackie) managed to work through all that. A boy and a girl met at school and fell in love... what could be simpler? His death is a tragic loss, and I feel for his family members. May his daughter grow up to be healthy, loved and protected. R.I.P., Sean Taylor. It is appalling to lose your life at 24 years old.

2462 days ago


Sean had a machete, because when he caught a case for having a gun when some people tried to rip off his ATV; one of the conditions of his probation, is for him not to have a gun in his possession. We in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area will support the Redskins today, as we hope that they will win the game between the Bills in honor of Sean.

Sean, you will never be forgotten. My continued thoughts and prayers are with the Taylor, and Garcia families.

It is good news that the murderers are caught. Now, it looks like they will be "dropping soap", and being somebody's "girl" for a long time to come; until they get the death penalty.

Like the good book says, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." - Deuteronomy 19:21

RIP Sean! We love and miss you...#21 - Redskin for Life

2461 days ago

r.i.p #21    


2461 days ago


This is a tragedy. We all need to take at moment and take a look at our minority males and teach them that quick money is not the only thing in life. Stealing and packing guns only leads to minority men in wheelchairs with colostomy bags, and even death. There were 5 lives lost here. Sean Taylor and the 4 males now in jail. SO STEP UP PEOPLE TEACH YOUR KIDS!!!!! IF we had as many males in college as we do in prison maybe this tragedy would have never happened. Finally the major facor in this is greed- work for what you want in life it didnt happen for me ,overnight so dont steal from those of us who had to eat top-ramen to get to where we are at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2458 days ago
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